Are Electric Skateboards Safe? Few Tips on How To Ride Them Safely

are electric skateboards safe

The safety of electric skateboards is the primary concern of its users. The majority of people wonder, “Are electric skateboards safe?” It has risen to the forefront of people’s minds as a result of its high speed and a new mechanism that most people are unfamiliar with.

You’ll be glad to know that premier electric skateboards combine high speed with safety technology. However, for inexperienced riders, this can be a problem. Because skateboards are open to the elements and if you are riding on a rough roadside, a fall can result in serious injury.

That is why you must improve your riding skill. In this article, I will discuss everything there is to know about electric skateboards as well as tips on how to ride skateboards safely.

How dangerous are electric skateboards?

In the market, motorized skateboards are very popular. Despite the fact that there are numerous misconceptions about its danger. Skateboards, according to some, are not only dangerous for the riders, but also dangerous for those around them.

They forget that accidents can happen to cars, bikes, or any other type of vehicle. Skateboards are not particularly fast. So it’s not as common as car or bike accidents, and it’s relatively easy to avoid.

Are electric skateboards safe?

Yes, skateboards can cause accidents and even death to their riders. Lithium-ion / Lithium-polymer battery skateboards are difficult to handle. To handle it safely, you must be proactive and skilled.

That is why riding on slick roads is dangerous. Furthermore, skateboard technology has a significant impact on ensuring a smooth ride. Advanced technology is used in high-quality skateboards to ensure the rider’s safety and consistency.

Skateboarding carries far too little risk. As a result, we can conclude that it is sufficiently safe in comparison to other vehicles. You can certainly give it a shot. You can start by practicing in the park or while walking down the street.

You can avoid street crossings and climbing as a beginner rider. These require advanced skill, and practice. Wearing safety equipment is required when practicing climbing or crossing roads on skateboards.

Electric skateboards do more than just add speed to your life. However, it helps to elevate your life and allows you to step away from your smartphones and laptops for a while. High-speed skateboards assist in avoiding heavy traffic. The best part is that it some models waterproof.

Yes, it is a great tool that you can have and that will help you in your life.

1.No Gas

When you use electric skateboards for commuting, you save money on gas. It can only be used again after it has been recharged.

The bill for charging is extremely low. You can travel for miles on your skateboards without difficulty. There are no extra costs, no traffic, and you can breathe clean air.

2.Do Exercise

Riding an electric skateboard necessitates maintaining focus and body balance in order to be safe. It’s good for both your brain and your body. You will not tire after riding for miles. Riding electric skateboards keeps you fit and active. It’s a clever way to make your commute fun also.

3.Save Parking Cost

Finding parking and purchasing a ticket is always inconvenient and costly. However, you are not required to park your skateboard. It is extremely portable and lightweight. You can take it to your workplace or the mall. This saves you money and time on parking.

4.Snow Season

Electric skateboards make it easier to get to work while it’s snowing. With the help of skateboards, you will be able to unite with your friends in snowy times.

5.No more wait

You are not required to wait for a public bus or train. You are free to go out whenever you want. There is no need to rush to catch a bus or train.  It solves your difficulties of time management and lets you enjoy your time.

It’s a lot of fun, good for your health, good for the environment, and it saves money. All of these features combine to make it an excellent purchase for you.

How To Ensure Safety While Riding an Electric Skateboard?

How Do I Ensure Safety While Riding an Electric Skateboard

It doesn’t matter what kind of skateboard you’re riding; the most important thing is to stay safe. Skateboards have a substantially higher top speed. As a result, because you are dealing with high speeds, you must exercise caution in order to ride safely.

To begin, put on your protective gear, which includes gloves, a helmet, shoulder pads, and elbow pads. These will help you from serious harm if you fall on the road.

The following step is to choose high-quality electric skateboards. Several brands sell various types of e.skateboards on the market. They vary in size, weight, speed, and braking technology. You must find the most comfortable and sophisticated technology skateboards within your budget.

If you choose a small deck in comparison to your height, you will not be able to have a comfortable ride. As a result, choosing the right skateboards is critical.

Finally, before you begin your adventure, you must gain some riding basics. To ensure a safe and fun ride, practice riding skills on your skateboards at home.

It’s time to start riding skateboards once you’ve mastered the ability to balance your body at rapid speeds while maintaining control.

Do electric skateboards have brakes?

A wireless remote controls the electric skateboard. As a result, there is no way to add a switch to the board. The remote control for the electric skateboard includes a braking system.

You can use the remote to control the speed as well as the brake. Despite the fact that the remote’s brake is incapable of stopping the skateboards instantly. However, it slows it down and allows you to stop it with your shoe.

Do electric skateboards have brakes

The most important aspect of your safety is the braking system. When you are concerned and wonder, “Are electric skateboards safe?” The most important aspect is to concentrate on the brake. Brake failure can result in serious accidents. As a result, before you do anything else, you should inspect the brake mechanism. To ensure a safe skateboard ride, select a skateboard with an excellent braking system.

How To Ride an Electric Skateboard In the Proper Way?

Electric skateboards have a high top speed. Before you begin riding on it, you must first practice. To avoid accidents, you should practice in an open field. Wear protective equipment and practice with it.

You don’t need to push it forward with your feet. You can enjoy your ride by pressing a button on the remote. Simply place your foot accurately on the deck and stand comfortably before pressing the button. You must place two feet on the board’s two corners. Riding one skateboard is simple and easy.

Can You Ride Your Electric Skateboard Normally without Any Trouble?

Yes, you can ride a skateboard in a normal manner. No gimmicks are required. All you’ll need is some practice, some riding skills, and some safety equipment.

It’s fun and easy to use a remote to control it. If you use it without a remote, it may cause damage to your motor. It is best not to use it as a regular skateboard.

How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go?

Premiere skateboards now have top speeds ranging from 15 to 26 miles per hour. Some high-end electric skateboards can travel at speeds of up to 32 miles per hour.

Skateboard’s speed is determined by their battery capacity. SLA batteries, which can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour, are used in faster and higher-quality skateboards. Premier skateboards have Ah LiFePO4 batteries and can reach speeds of up to 32 miles per hour.

how fast do electric skateboards go

Common injuries in Skateboards

As it’s an open ride, injuries can happen pretty frequently. Let’s take a look at some of the common injuries that you might have to deal with if you ride an electric skateboard.

  • Hand, wrist & shoulder injury occurs when the rider loses balance.
  • Injure at the head is the major accident.
  • Ankle & knee injuries when you jump off the board due to balance issues.
  • High speed causes abrasions & bruises.

How Do Electric Skateboards Crash?

Have you ever wondered how crashes take place for an electric skateboard? The most common reasons are listed below.

  • Beginner riders ride on high speed & above their skill.

Many inexperienced riders have no idea what they’re capable of. They see a YouTube stunt or someone else riding and decide to try it without first learning the skills.

Electric skateboards accelerate quickly and provide a high speed. However, an inexperienced rider is incapable of dealing with such a powerful machine. They lose control of their skateboard and crash.

  • Move-in mid directions into other cars, boards, or walls.

Another issue to consider while riding is street traffic signal. If you ride in a hurry without paying attention to the road signs, you may end up going in the wrong direction and slamming into other vehicles.

You should avoid riding on busy roads. Avoiding traffic is an excellent way to ensure a safe ride. In some cases, if you are stuck in heavy traffic, keep your speed low to avoid a collision.

  • Skate on terrain surfaces.

Riding on an obstacle road is quite difficult. It is also possible that it will crash.

  • Ride on a wet surface.

On a wet surface, the e.skateboards are dangerous. The road’s flaws and fissures go unnoticed. This can lead to serious injury. As a result, you should avoid riding at high speeds on wet roads in order to keep yourself safe.

  • Too much speed acceleration on the uphill track

If you drive too quickly, you may cause an accident. It is highly unsafe to ride faster than 20 mph uphill. Maintaining stability uphill demands a substantial amount of skill. Because stopping takes time, avoiding collisions necessitates slowing down.

  • Remote connection.

The remote is used to control electric skateboards. As a result, if the remote connection is lost, you will be unable to control it. As a result, it will come to a halt.

  • Braking damages.

Often your braking system won’t respond. This can also crash your e-skateboards.

High-speed dangers

When you skate fast, your physical input increases as well. You will stumble along with the board if you lack the skill or ability to keep it straight. Your board is moving quickly, but you will lose control and balance. Speed wobbles pose a greater risk of flying off your boards and severely injuring you.

Tips to avoid high-speed dangers

You can choose one direction roads to achieve more stability.

  • Moorish over the front foot & gradually decrease the throttle speed until you can balance the skateboards.
  • Rigor the kingpin on the deck.
  • Practicing on several rides will improve your muscles. Your ankles & legs will be capable of expelling the problem.

The back of the deck is where the perils of speed are found. Keep your back foot firmly placed on the deck to maintain control of the skateboard. By moving your weight to the front deck, you can lessen the dangers of speed..

Safety Tips

Let’s take a look at some of the safety tips that are going to help you to be safer on the road.

  • Oil your bearing

You should apply oil on the skateboard bearing. In case you are riding on a soggy road, you need to spin the wheel carefully. Otherwise, it can seize on the road & you may fly off from the board.

  • Choose a biking pat

Avoid heavy traffic & keep a distance from cars, bikes & other vehicles.

  • Wear safety gear.
  • Don’t try above your skill.
  • Practice regularly.
  • Maintenance is essential

You need to do some maintenance of your e-skateboard regularly. Suspect the wheels, decks, remotes, battery & tightness regularly. Also, check the screws to ensure a safe ride.

Final Thoughts On Electric Skateboard Safety

I hope that after reading this post, you will be able to answer the question, “Are electric skateboards safe or not?” It is entirely up to you whether electric skateboards are safe or dangerous. If you follow my advice and guidelines, I am certain that you will have a safe and enjoyable voyage.

Your safety is dependent on your ability. So, work hard, get skill, and then have fun with the skateboard. You are safe when you skate according to your skill level. So, go on a ride and disconnect from your phones and laptops for a while.

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