Are Electric Skateboards Worth It? : A Detailed Discussion To Help Your Purchasing Decision

Many people say electric skateboards are fun to ride. They love the skateboard for its riding easiness, portability, and fun. On the other side, some people say electric skateboard is not worthy of their expensive pricing. They think the e-skateboard is mainly for fun riders, and it can’t be an alternative to daily commuting.

Henceforth, these two schools of opposite thoughts bring an important question: “Are electric skateboards worth it? Also, do electric skateboards work?” These are the common questions you would know the answer to when you plan to get the e-skateboard.

are electric skateboards worth it

Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with a straightforward answer on the worthiness of the e-skateboard. It combines your riding necessity, purpose, benefits, and disadvantages of the skateboard. Also, the budget for the vehicle and your expectations from it, these facts regulate the worthiness of the e-skateboards.

So, let’s dive deep into finding the answers to these skateboard-related questions. It will help you know whether or not to buy the skateboard. Also, we will discuss the common mistakes to avoid while buying the sophisticated commuting medium.

What Is An Electric Skateboard?

As the name suggests, an electric skateboard is a traditional skateboard with an electric battery and motor. The battery provides the necessary power for the motor to run the vehicle. The e-boards also come with remote control. Yes, the handheld remote and wireless control lets you adjust the speed of the skateboard with ease.

On top of it, the tilting and weight shifting method remain the same as a conventional longboard. So, the only difference between the electric skateboard and longboard is their motor and battery.

How Does Electric Skateboard Work?

 The electric skateboard has a motor, as we have already mentioned. It drives the e-skateboard forward. You will need to open the throttle of the e-board to drive the vehicle. Also, you can control the brake and speed with the handheld remote. Since you can control the speed and brake with the cordless remote, it provides you with more accuracy. It reduces the chance of tumbling and clashes.

You will find the motor under the deck or inside the wheels. And the battery is almost always located under the skateboard deck. There are three key features of an electric skateboard. These are:

  1. Electric skateboards are lightweight. They will weigh 20 pounds to 25 pounds, mostly.
  2. The speed of the e-board varies from 10MPH to 30MPH. It depends on the battery capacity and motor power.
  3. The battery range will be between 10 and 31 miles, depending on the battery capacity.

The main purpose of the electric skateboard is to provide local transportation facilities to the riders. Also, teenagers choose it for fun rides.

Are Electric Skateboards Worth It?

We have discussed the definition and working procedure of the electric skateboard. So, it’s time to answer the real question. Should you buy an electric skateboard?

We will highlight the top benefits and setbacks of riding the electric skateboard. It will help you know the answer to this important buying question and decision. Also, we will show you the mistakes to avoid when buying the e-skateboard and the top facts to consider.

Benefits of an electric skateboard

An electric skateboard with a remote brings multiple advantages to your feet. When you ride the remote control skateboard, you will enjoy its commuting convenience. The added speed and mileage with the least sweating make the e-board a go-to option for daily commuters.

benefits of an electric skateboard

Eco-friendly riding experience

When you use an electric skateboard, you are riding an eco-friendly commuter. It doesn’t emit any carbon or harmful gas. Yes, the same thing is true for regular skateboards. But that doesn’t wear off the eco-friendliness of the e-skateboard.

However, people debate that the use of maple or oak tree to make the skateboard deck is harmful to the environment. Similarly, plastic or TPU skateboards are even more dangerous. If you are concerned about it, you may choose the bamboo electric skateboard. The bamboo electric skateboard’s deck is made with the fastest-growing bamboos. So, it is 100% eco-friendly.

Fun and smooth-riding

There’s no doubt that electric skateboards are super-fun and smooth to ride. Yes, you can choose the board for your daily commuting and transportation. It will surely help you go to offices or schools on time without getting trapped in traffic.

Nonetheless, when you are free and want to enjoy a relaxed time, riding the e-skateboard for fun is always preferable. We have seen many adults going to fund rides with their electric skateboards. You can take it to your neighborhood or nearby parks and ride lazily. Also, you can easily take it to beach paths or slight off-roading.

The fun and joy of passing the joggers and walkers as they stare at you are incomparable. Therefore, a fun ride on the electric skateboard is preferable for good mental health. It will help you relax without the worries of your offices, schools, work, and life.

On top of it, an electric skateboard with an inclining facility will help you ride hills also. The motor and battery will help you greatly in riding the small hills as you need less physical stress for it. You can easily control the speed with the handheld remote to ensure safety during the hilly rides.

Go further and faster

One of the best advantages of riding an electric skateboard is that you can ride faster and further. Yes, the battery-operated skateboard will always help you go faster. Many electric skateboards can be as fast as a regular bicycle or e-bicycle. So, you will enjoy the faster riding experience for sure.

What’s more, the improved battery performance of the electric skateboard helps you go further. We have told you that the battery range of these commuters varies from 10 miles to 31 miles, mostly. Many new e-boards will allow you to go as far as 40 miles with a fully charged battery.

Therefore, you will surely appreciate the improved speed and range of the battery and motor of these skateboards. Also, the constant improvement of the lithium-ion battery technology means the battery performance will boost further in the next few years.

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Fast-charging capacity is useful

Since we are talking about the battery range, mileage, and performance of electric skateboards, we must mention an important fact. Recent years have seen the insane development of lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology. You now see fast charging capacity on many of these batteries. So, it has affected the electric skateboard battery too.

You can charge the electric skateboard battery pretty fast now. On average, electric skateboard charging time is 2 to 5 hours. With the faster-charging facility, you can charge it less than 3 hours. So, you won’t have to wait too long to charge the vehicle. Plus, many cities are preparing charging stations for electric vehicles. 

Surely, you will be able to charge your electric skateboard from these outdoor charging stations within the next few years. So, it will be an even better investment worthiness for these commuters that you can’t ignore.

Avoid traffics and reach your destination on time

Many cities are so jammed with traffic that you may even reach your destination faster with your feet. If you are from a city where you need to wait for hours in the traffic, the electric skateboard can be your perfect solution.

With the e-board, you won’t have to wait in the traffic. The compact design and shorter moving space allow the electric skateboard to ride through the tightest space easily. It will be useful to reach the destination on time. Thus, you will never be late to your workplace or school with the electric skateboard.

Pocket-friendly riding option

One of the best advantages of an electric skateboard that most people overlook is its pocket-friendliness. Yes, it is an expensive investment initially to get an electric scooter. However, once you get the e-board, you won’t have to pay for gas or petrol to ride your traditional vehicles.

On average, the charging cost of an electric skateboard is around 2 cents to 18 cents in the US. It is way cheaper than the gasoline or petrol pricing in America. Of course, the actual charging cost to charge the battery fully will depend on its battery size and motor capacity.

As the information suggests, a 200Wh electric battery will help you ride approximately 11-12 miles. Since it will take around 4 cents to fully charge the 200Wh electric skateboard battery, you can get 300 miles of battery range with $1 for charging the battery.

Given that you ride for 10-12 miles per day, the average monthly cost to ride your electric skateboard should be more than $1 to $2. It’s less than the average price of chicken breast in KFC. Thus, riding an electric skateboard is way cheaper than riding vehicles that run with petrol or gasoline.

Have you ever thought of the facility of buying an electric skateboard?

Less sweat and more comfort

Last but not least, you will surely appreciate the riding comfort with the electric skateboard. You won’t have to spend physical power as the motor drives the vehicle forward. Thus, it can be a great idea during the summertime.

You can reach your workplace comfortably with the electric skateboard on time and without sweating. It will be useful for school and college students, workers, and office goers. You can enjoy the fun ride and still be as good-looking while leaving home.

Safer riding

The handheld remote helps you control the speed and brakes of the e-board better. You won’t have to depend on your feet’ responsiveness when using the electric skateboard with remote control settings. So, you will enjoy safer rides without collision. Also, the recent improvement in the brakes of the electric boards has made them even more competitive.

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The disadvantages of electric skateboard

As you have read about the benefits of electric skateboarding, you may think that the e-commuter is all about fun rides, pocket-friendliness, faster reaching to destination, etc. Thus, you may overlook the setbacks of the electric skateboard.

But, as your premium partner for electric skateboards, e-bikes, and e-longboards, we must show you the disadvantages of electric skateboards. So, let’s dive deep into the drawbacks.

disadvantages of electric skateboard

Expensive investment

There’s no denying that electric skateboards are expensive. The average cost of a good-quality electric skateboard is around $400 to $500. So, when you buy an electric board, you can get one with cheaper pricing.

That’s why you must put your electric skateboard to good use when you get it. You can’t just choose it for fun rides. Yes, buying an electric skateboard or $400 to above only for fun rides is never recommendable.

You should consider getting the e-skateboard when you buy it for daily commuting. Otherwise, it may not be a worthy investment.

An electric skateboard from reputed brands such as Evolve or Boosted will cost you around $750. On top of it, the expensive models from these top brands will cost you $2000 or more. You may even get a used car or go on a weekend trip to the Bahamas with that money. So, consider it.

Not street legal everywhere

Another key concern about electric skateboards is their street legality. Thus, many people ask, “Are electric skateboards legal?

Unfortunately, in many states, electric skateboards aren’t street-legal. So you can’t ride the skateboard on the streets to go to offices or schools. Thankfully, many American states have already legalized the e-skateboards on the road, including California, Texas, Florida, etc. So, you can use them as daily commuters in many regions. Also, many European countries have permitted the riders to ride their electric skateboard on roads, including Iceland, Finland, etc.

Not the safest riding option

Although the safety features of electric skateboards have gone a long way, it still isn’t the safest option to ride. Thus, you need to be always attentive to riding the electric skateboards. When looking at the electric skateboard accidents case, you may be overwhelmed with the numbers.

Injury Facts reported that in 2017 alone, there were 130000+ cases of e-skateboard accidents. The report also suggested that more than 50% of these injuries had to visit the emergencies. So, it is an alarming rate of accidents for the e-skateboards.

Thankfully, you can easily avoid accidents by following the electric skateboard tips for safety. You should wear a helmet and protective gear.

Some models are heavy and awkward

Although electric skateboards are meant to increase portability and mobility, some of them are extremely weighty. Thus, you will find these skateboards tough to move. Also, heavier electric skateboards will be tougher to control.

Thus, many teenagers may not find electric skateboards useful for them. If you plan to gift it to your kids, be aware of it. If they aren’t still grown up, they may not handle the electric skateboard properly. It increases the danger of electric skateboards even more.

Should You Buy An Electric Skateboard?

We have discussed the benefits and setbacks of electric skateboards as elaborately as possible. So, it should help you know the answer to the question, “Are electric skateboards worth it?” Yes, considering their advantages, it appears that electric skateboards are worth the investment.

But should you get one in real life? To know whether or not you should buy an electric skateboard, you need to consider a few key facts.

What’s your intent to get an electric skateboard?

Before buying the commuter, you need to ask yourself a few questions. It will determine the actual worthiness of the commuter.

  • Will you use the vehicle for daily commuting?
  • Do you want the e-board only for fun rides?
  • Will you choose it as your outdoor activity partner?
  • Where do you live, and is the skateboard worth it there?
  • Will you buy it for your use or someone? If you buy it for someone else, you must consider his age and interest.

When you have the answers ready, you can decide if the electric skateboard is worth buying. Usually, the e-board is a great option for daily commuting to schools, colleges, or offices. Also, it is a good deal for city people.

When is it worth getting the electric skateboard?

Undoubtedly, buying an electric skateboard is worthier than your investment. But, the worthiness is for a few specific reasons and locations.

  • If you want a commuter to go to colleges or offices without the traffic jams, an electric skateboard will be a great deal. Also, you can ride the board inside your college and university campus.
  • The electric skateboard is an even better option if you live in the cities or suburbs. The smoother pavement will help you ride the e-board with fun. Also, you can skip the traffic nightmare with the skateboard.
  • Finally, buying the e-skateboard is recommendable if you want a better daily commuter. It is eco-friendly and also less costly than riding your cars or motorbikes.

When is it not worth buying the electric skateboard?

There’re some situations when you should never buy an electric skateboard. The reasons include:

  • If you live in the countryside and rural areas, we don’t suggest you get an electric skateboard. Rural areas are too big to ride and cover with the normal battery range of the vehicles. Also, you may not ride through the country roads with the vehicle.
  • Many people choose the electric skateboard because they think that it looks cool. If you want to get the vehicle as part of your fashion statement, it may not meet your expectations.

Top Facts to Consider And Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying An Electric Skateboard

We understand that you are now convinced to get your first electric skateboard. But you can just pick the one that looks good. Instead, you need to consider its battery ranger, motor power, safety features, etc. Also, you must avoid a few things.

Top electric skateboard buying considerations

  • First, consider the motor types. Previously, belt-driven motors were preferable. Nowadays, hub motors have become popular for e-skateboard. These motors need the least maintenance and last longer.
  • Next, consider the motor wattage of the e-skateboard. Usually, an electric skateboard with less than 250W motor power will be not so worthy. Also, for hilly regions, the motor capacity should be above 1000W, with 1500W preferable.
  • Next, consider the battery capacity, range, and expected top speed. For this, determine your daily riding distance and buy the skateboard accordingly. Also, the actual mileage and battery range will be slightly lower than the numbers shown on the product label. So, don’t get misled by them.
  • You must also consider the deck design and material. Mostly, e-skateboards are made of either bamboo or fiberglass. The deck should be stylish and durable. Also, bamboo skateboards offer enhanced flexibility.
  • Finally, you must check the weight of the board. If it feels too weighty, you will find it hard to control—also, heavier e-skateboard results in less mobility. You mustn’t overlook the weight-bearing capacity of the board too.

Common mistakes to avoid while buying an electric skateboard

  • You should never choose an electric skateboard with low battery capacity and motor wattage power. If the motor is underpowered and the battery has low capacity, the vehicle will fail to meet your expectations.
  • Avoid electric skateboards made with cheap materials. It will reduce the lifespan of the commuter. Also, you will not get the performance you want from the electric skateboard, and it can be frustrating.
  • Finally, don’t buy electric skateboards with cheaper and inappropriate wheels and wheelbase. Or else, the wheels will need frequent maintenance and repair, which can be costly. Also, the wheels shouldn’t be too small.

You should also avoid electric skateboards with inconvenient controls, poor after-sales support, and less warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, electric skateboards are definitely worth the money. They are con-friendly, quieter, and need less fuel cost for charging the battery. Also, the remote control functions make it a super-convenient riding option.

Both electric skateboards and regular skateboards are easy to ride. You can learn the basic riding techniques on both the regular and electric skateboard within a few sessions.

Whether or not you can ride an electric skateboard as a normal one will mainly depend on the motor design and type. If you have a hub motor for the skateboard, it will create less drag, and so you may ride it without the motor power. On the contrary, for the belt-driven motors, it’s hard to ride these e-skateboards without any motor assistance.

Yes, electric skateboards are truly useful and practical. They are eco-friendly, easy to ride and help you go faster without the traffic. So, you will find them useful for daily commuting.

Electric skateboards reduce your cost of gasoline or fuel pricing. Also, you will find their easy maintenance and riding fun worth any investment for daily commuting convenience.

The lifespan of the skateboard depends on its deck, motor, and battery. The deck should last for 2 to 3 years with proper maintenance. Also, the battery will lose 750 to 1000 full charging cycles. But, you may need to replace the wheels once every couple of months.

Yes, electric skateboards are safe to ride. However, it is suggested that you wear a helmet and protective gear to ride the e-skateboard safely.

It’s not so hard to learn to ride an electric skateboard. You can learn the basic techniques to ride the e-board within a few days and a few practice sessions. It is as easy as riding a bicycle.

Yes, a 14 years old teenager can ride an electric skateboard. Although he may not be permitted to ride the e-board on the streets, he can ride in the neighborhood. Also, many regions allow 14 years old people to ride electric skateboards with a helmet.

Parting Words

Are electric skateboards worth it? Yes, electric skateboards are worthy of your investment. Although the initial cost of an electric skateboard seems pretty high, its battery efficiency, lower cost to charge the battery, riding convenience, and eco-friendliness make it a good deal. You can ride it to explore your college and university campus, and go to offices and workplaces, and may even go on a fun ride. It will help you reach your destination faster and remove boredom with the riding fun.