7 Of The Best Electric Scooters Under $400, In-Depth Review-2023

Electric scooters are rapidly gaining popularity, owing to their portability and overall convenience. After all, it’s a fun way to replace boring commutes while also saving you a lot of gas money in the process.

Additionally, budget e-scooters come with state-of-the-art features that boost their performance. and also ensures a smooth and stable ride that you’ll surely enjoy.

But let’s face it – feature-packed electric scooters usually come with an expensive price tag.

best electric scooter under 400

While there are affordable options available, it’s hard to tell if it’s going to be a good performer or one that’s cheaply made.

Lucky for you, we tested and reviewed budget-friendly units to help you find the best electric scooter under $400 price range.

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In A Hurry, Here Is Our Top 3 Picks Of Best Electric Scooter Under 400 Dollars

1. iScooter 1S, Best Electric Scooter For Adults Under $400

Whenever we think of the best electric scooter under $400, the iScooter 1S is the first thing that comes to mind. With its stable performance, sleek design and durable construction, you’re bound to get your money’s worth with this device.


  • Scooter’s weight: 29lbs
  • Frame material: Aluminum alloy 
  • Deck dimensions: 27/6 inches
  • Deck to handlebar height: 42 inches
  • Max Range: Up-to 17 miles per charge
  • Max Speed: Up-to 18 mph
  • Max weight capacity: 264lbs
  • Motor:  350W brushless hub motor
  • Battery: 36V 7.5AH Li-ion battery
  • Charging time: 3-5 hours
  • Brakes: Front electronic regenerative and rear disc brake
  • Ground clearance: 4.5 inches
  • Suspension: Rear dual spring suspension
  • Tires: 8.5 inch honeycomb style solid rubber tires
  • Lights: LED headlight+ tail light
  • Cruise control: Yes
  • Display: Bright LED display that shows current speed, battery level and other statistics
  • Additional feature: Minirobot app through which you can lock your scooter
  • Foldable handlebars: no
  • Ingress protection: IP54

Thanks to its aluminum frame, the 1S is one tough unit that won’t fall apart while you’re in the middle of your ride. We also love that it only weighs around 27.5 pounds, making it a lightweight unit that you can easily travel with.

While we’re on the subject of portability, the iScooter 1S boasts a foldable design. In just seconds, you can get a folded unit that’s compact and easy to carry – perfect for small storage spaces or if you don’t own a garage.

Aside from its construction, we love how easy it was to operate. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, you can conveniently control the scooter through your phone. This makes it easier to control, especially in terms of speed and riding modes. We also found the app quite intuitive, so even beginners won’t have a hard time using it.

The 1S Foldable Electric Scooter also has a large display screen that keeps us updated on the scooter’s statistics. This feature made it easy to monitor everything, even when we were riding under the bright sunlight.

Thanks to its 350-Watt upgraded motor, the 1S can reach top speeds of up to 18 miles per hour. We were even surprised when it was able to climb uphill without hearing the motor struggle. That makes it the fastest electric scooter under 400 dollars – which is an impressive feat considering its price.

For our safety, the iScooter 1S is fitted with a dual braking system. It provided a smooth yet responsive stopping action that didn’t cause us to trip or feel out of balance. It also comes with a headlight and a rear light to ensure illumination in low-light areas. With these features, you can have peace of mind when you’re cruising at any time of the day.

Finally, this electric scooter comes with a rear suspension system that provides a smooth and stable ride. 

All things considered, the iScooter 1S deserves to be recognized as one of the best e-scooter under 400 dollars. If you’re looking for a powerful unit that can be used as a commuting alternative, then this e-scooter will be perfect for you.

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2. Kugoo S1 Plus E-Scooter (Full Review)

Another top contender for the best electric scooter under $400 price range is the Kugoo S1 Plus Adult Electric Scooter. With its guaranteed comfort and ease of navigation, the Kugoo S1 Plus is a scooter that you should look into.


  • Scooter’s weight: 21.78lbs
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Fork: Steel with plastic fender
  • Max speed: Up-to 15.5 mph top speed
  • Max rider weight: 265lbs
  • Max Range: 15.5 miles on a single battery charge
  • Motor: 350w, brushless hub drive
  • Brake: Hand operated EABS and rear foot brake
  • Speed modes: 3 different speed modes
  • Height adjustable handlebar: Yes
  • Foldable handlebars: Yes
  • Throttle: thumb throttle
  • Battery: 6AH Li-ion battery
  • Wheels: 8 inch inflation-free solid rubber tires
  • Cruise control: Not available
  • Kickstand: Retractable
  • IP Rating: IPX4

One of the first features we noticed about this entry-level scooter is how comfortable it is. Thanks to its 8-inch tires, this scooter offers impressive cushioning and shock absorption to ensure a smooth-sailing ride. Kugoo also added its signature anti-rattling technology, so riding through rough roads won’t feel like it at all.

Additionally, the Kugoo S1 Plus Adult Electric Scooter boasts having a high-torque 350-watt motor to ensure an efficient performance for a longer range at better speeds. For its price, this e-scooter can reach top speeds of up to 15.5 miles per hour, which is still fast enough as a commuting alternative.

For improved navigability and control, the S1 Plus boasts a front-wheel-drive to help you get through obstacles with ease. It also helps with climbing uphill with minor angles, although it certainly dominates the urban landscape.

In addition to that, we want to emphasis on how lightweight it is. Thanks to its aluminum frame, the Kugoo S1 plus Adult Foldable Electric Scooter is lightweight and easy to manage. The entire framework is also sturdy, so you know that it’s bound to last for years.

To make things even more convenient for us, this electric scooter also comes with one-step folding design that makes traveling easier. It also helps save up on storage space – making it perfect for small homes, offices, and dormitories with limited parking spaces.

And finally, the S1 Plus Adult Electric Scooter is really easy to operate. With its electric throttle and thumb-activated paddle, accelerating to your desired speeds won’t be a problem. Without a doubt, you’ll have full control of this electric scooter – and that makes every ride more pleasurable.

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3. Megawheels S10 Foldable Electric Scooter Review

If you’re looking for the best electric scooter for adults under $400 price bracket, look no further than the Megawheels Electric Scooter. With its powerful motor, 3-speed system and extended range this e-scooter is the perfect alternative to your boring workday commutes.


  • Scooter’s weight: 27.3lbs
  • Frame: Aluminum alloy frame
  • Max Range: Up-to 17 miles per charge
  • Max Speed: Up-to 15.5 mph top speed
  • Max rider weight: 265lbs
  • Motor:  350W brushless motor
  • Battery: 36V,7.5AH  battery
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Brakes: Front electronic regenerative braking and rear drum brake
  • Riding mode: 3 different riding modes
  • Suspension: Doesn’t have any suspension
  • Tires: front 8.5 inch honeycomb style pneumatic and rear solid tires
  • Lights: LED head light and rear brake light
  • Waterproof rating: IPX4

Thanks to its 350-Watt brushless motor, this entry-level electric scooter boasts a top speed of 15.6 miles per hour. We find this to be a decent speed to help you get to your destination while still being safe enough to keep accidents away.

To prove how powerful the Megawheels Electric Scooter is, we tested it while riding up and down a slope with around 15 degrees. Surprisingly, this electric scooter didn’t even show signs of struggle – and that goes to show how powerful it is.

The Megawheels S10 Electric Scooter has an aluminum frame, which makes it lightweight and maneuverable.. Even if it’s your first time riding an electric scooter, you won’t have a problem with learning how to control its movements.

Speaking of control, this electric scooter comes with 3-speed settings. This feature allows us to choose the best speed we could use for specific purposes, keeping us safe and very much in control of how we want to cruise – wherever we may be.

For our safety, the Megawheels Electric Scooter comes with a dual brake system to ensure a full stop in case of emergencies. This system is also responsive, and that will surely give you peace of mind during the ride.

It also includes a headlight and a rear light, making you visible to everyone within a 4-meter radius. This feature makes it safe to travel in foggy and other low-light conditions.

Furthermore, with a maximum range of up to 26 kilometers (about 16 miles), we are bound to admit that we are rather impressed. It’s not difficult to see why this model is considered one of the top contenders for the title of best electric scooter for less than $400.

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4. Gyroor HR9 Electric Scooter (Full Review)

The Gyroor HR9 Electric Scooter is another top choice for the best scooter under 400 dollars price bracket.  With its stable construction, compact design and superior travel range, it’s easy to see why it’s a crowd favorite.


  • Scooter’s weight: 37lbs
  • Frame: Aluminum alloy frame
  • Max Range: Up-to 23 miles on a single charge
  • Maximum Speed: Up-to 19 mph top speed
  • Max rider weight: 265lbs
  • Drive type: Front wheel drive
  • Motor: 380w brushless hub motor
  • Battery: 36V,10AH LG Lithium-Ion battery
  • Charge time: 3-4 hours
  • Brakes: Front electronic regenerative and rear disc brake
  • Tires: Front and rear 8.5 inch pneumatic air-filled tires
  • Lights: Ultra bright LED headlight and rear brake light
  • Display: Digital LED display that shows battery life, current speed and speed settings
  • Hill grade: 15-20 degrees
  • Cruise control: Yes
  • Waterproof rating: IPX4


If stability is what you’re after, the Gyroor HR9 Electric Scooter has a strong construction, owing to its aluminum frame. This guarantees lasting performance, making us feel confident with every ride.

Also, aluminum is known for being a lightweight metal, so portability is not an issue, either. And to make it even more convenient, its folding design will surely help you transport it faster – making it perfect for those who love to travel and explore new places.

Thanks to its 380W motor, this budget electric scooter can travel at speeds of up to 19 miles per hour. It can also take on hills with an angle of 15-20 degrees with ease. This proves how much thought and planning were involved in its design and engineering.

We also love the dual braking system on this device. It was so powerful that we didn’t have a problem with putting it to a stop even when we were riding at its top speed, that assures you of how safe you can be when riding this electric scooter.

Another impressive feature of the Gyroor HR9 Electric Scooter is its 23-mile range. Despite its 10-Ah battery pack, this unit is equipped with a Smart Battery Management System that helps optimize its performance to deliver the best mileage.

It also features an LCD screen where you can monitor its speed and battery life to make the most of your ride. However, we must be honest and tell you that it is quite tricky to operate. That’s why we recommend it to more experienced riders.

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5. Turboant M10, Fastest Electric Scooter Under $400

One of the most impressive item on this list is the Turboant M10 Folding Electric Scooter. It has the most intuitive system that we have tested, along with impressive speed and range that puts all other budget-friendly scooters to shame.


  • Scooter’s weight: 28.9lbs
  • Frame: Aero-space grade aluminum
  • Max range: Up-to 20 mile range per charge
  • Maximum speed: 18 miles per hour top speed
  • Maximum rider weight: 220lbs
  • Ground clearance: 4.1 inches
  • Handlebar: Ergonomic design handlebar
  • Foldable handlebars: No
  • Motor power: 350w brushless hub motor
  • Charging Time: 5 hours
  • Battery capacity: 36v, 7.5ah lithium ion battery
  • Wheels: 10″ inflatable tires
  • Brake: dual braking system (Electronic throttle control and rear disc brake)
  • Driving modes: 3 driving modes(Beginner mode: 6mph, Eco mode: 9 mph, Sport mode: 18mph)
  • Cruise control: Yes
  • Lights: LED headlight + tail light
  • Ingress protection: IP54
  • Max climbing capacity: 15 degrees
  • Display: Large Digital LED display which shows all the necessary information


The first feature that caught our attention is its four operating modes – this includes three speeds and one cruising mode. You can choose between the Beginner Mode when you’re learning how to ride, the Eco Mode if you want to make the most of the battery life, and the Sports Mode to ride it at its full speed. All these options guarantee that we can make the most of this comparatively long range scooter.

The Turboant M10 Folding Electric Scooter comes with a powerful quiet motor that allows it to go as fast as 20 miles per hour, as well as a 7.5-Ah rechargeble battery pack that can give you a range of up to 18 miles. That ensures you of a powerful performance that’s ideal for various purposes – as a commuting alternative, as a leisure scooter, or as a gift.

To ensure maximum control of the M10, this rear wheel drive powered scooter comes with an ergonomic throttle that makes it easy to change speeds while still keeping your eyes on the road. Aside from being comfortable and in control, this feature also helps keep us safe.

Speaking of safety, the Turboant M10 Folding Electric Scooter comes with a dual braking system. This responsive system ensures a smooth yet powerful stopping action to prevent accidents and injuries. It also comes with a bright LED headlight to help illuminate your path. It also serves to make you more visible to those around you, thereby keeping you safe during nighttime travels.

Undeniably, the Turboant M10 Folding Electric Scooter is a powerful, efficient, and reliable device. All of these impressive features make it hard to believe how affordable it is.

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6. Megawheels A5, Best Electric Scooter For Adults Under $400

Megawheels proves itself to be the master of budget-friendly electric scooters with another Megawheels unit added to this list. With its undeniable performance and comfort, the Megawheels A5 Electric Scooter is surely one of the best electric scooters under 400 dollars price range.


  • Scooter’s weight: 27.5lbs
  • Frame material: Aero-space grade aluminum
  • Max range: Up-to 17 miles of range on a single charge
  • Maximum speed: Up-to 15.5 miles per hour top speed
  • Maximum rider weight: 220lbs
  • Ground clearance: 5 inches
  • Foldable handlebar: No
  • Motor power: 300w motor brushless
  • Charge Time: 4-6 hours
  • Battery: Premium 36v, 7ah quick charging Lithium -Ion battery
  • Wheels: 8.5″ flat free airless solid tires
  • Brake: Double braking system (Front electronic regenerative brake and rear disc brake)
  • Riding mode: 3 speed modes
  • Cruise control: Yes
  • Lights: LED headlight + tail light
  • Water protection rating: IP54
  • Hill grade: 15°
  • Drive type: Front wheel drive

This electric scooter comes with a 350-Watt upgraded motor that’s ideal for cruising through urban landscapes with ease. It can reach a maximum speed of 15.5 miles per hour with a range of 19 miles, making it true to its name – the ideal commuting alternative.

It also has a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds. This means that whether you’re a teenager on your way to school or an adult on your way to work, this electric scooter is sturdy enough to ensure your safety. It’s also fast-charging, so you can charge it while at work or during your classes.

If you’re worried about parking, you’ll be pleased to know that the Megawheels A5 comes with a foldable design. When folded, the frame becomes a compact unit with dimensions of 15 inches by 44 inches by 6 inches, and that allows it to fit easily under your desk or workspace. It’s also quite lightweight, which adds to its portability.

We also love how this electric scooter is designed with our comfort and safety in mind. It features large 9-inch pneumatic tires with deep lugs to ensure excellent traction, even when you’re plying slippery or smooth roads. These. Tires also offer added cushioning, so we rarely felt the bumps on the road during our commutes.

As for safety, the Megawheels A5 comes with a dual braking system and a bright headlight. It’s also easy to maneuver, so you’re guaranteed to have full control throughout the ride.

This electric scooter also has a convenient digital LED display. It displays the status of your unit as well as its battery and performance, so you can take a quick peek without having to stop your scooter.

Overall, we find the Megawheels A5 Electric Scooter to be a beginner-friendly unit that truly lives by its name.

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7. Isinwheel S9 pro Electric Scooter (Full Review)

And finally, we have the Isinwheel S9 Pro Electric Scooter. Fortunately, this electric scooter is not all about aesthetics – it also comes with impressive features that could be at par with more expensive units.


  • Scooter’s weight: 28lbs
  • Frame material: Aluminum alloy 
  • Deck dimensions: 18/7 inches
  • Deck to handlebar height: 33.5 inches
  • Foldable handlebars: No
  • Maximum Range: Up-to 17 miles of range per charge
  • Maximum Speed: Up-to 18.6mph top speed
  • Max rider weight: 264lbs
  • Motor:  350W brushless motor
  • Battery: 42V,7.5 ah Li-Ion with smart battery management system
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours
  • Brakes: Front electronic regenerative and rear mechanical disc brake
  • Cruise control: Yes
  • Ingress Protection: IP54
  • Tires: 8.5 inch solid tires
  • Lights: LED bright headlight and rear reflector

One of its most impressive features is its 350-Watt brushless electric motor, which allows it to go at maximum speeds of up to 18.6 miles per hour. It’s also capable of climbing uphill, even at its maximum load capacity of 264 pounds. True enough, the motor on the Isinwheel S9 Pro is one powerful beast.

Aside from its motor, this electric scooter also comes with a 42-Volt, 7.5ah battery that allows it to travel at a decent distance of 17 miles when fully charged. While this is not the most impressive mileage, we find it good enough for short-distance travels and leisurely cruising.

The Isinwheel S9 Pro is also designed to ensure a stable and comfortable ride. It has a pair of large 8.5-inch solid tires and rear dual spring suspension that promises stability and shock absorption. It also offers added cushioning to ensure a comfortable ride.

We also love how easy it is to operate. It has a built-in LED screen that displays the battery and performance status for added convenience. It is also fitted with mechanical and disc brakes to ensure a full stop whenever necessary. That’s guaranteed to steer us clear from any potential danger.


For our convenience, the Isinwheel S9 pro comes with a built-in Bluetooth connectivity. That means that you’re not only riding in style – you’re also well-entertained throughout.

Additionally, this electric scooter is meant to be very portable due to its foldable design. That makes it a powerful yet functional unit that can be enjoyed by all riders regardless of age.

All things considered,  the S9 Pro is a versatile scooter that will surely make heads turn. If you’re looking for an urban scooter for your daily short-distance commutes, we believe this unit will be perfect for you.

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How To Choose The Best Electric Scooter Under $400?- Buying Guide

With the options narrowed down, you’re bound to find the perfect one. But, if you’re still left undecided, here are some factors that you should consider before you buy.

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1. Ease of Use

First and foremost, the electric scooter has to be simple to operate. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, an ideal e-scooter should have features that will make riding a breeze.

It should have an intuitive control panel where you don’t have to guess what each function does – which largely helps with navigating and keeping you safe from harm.

2. Motor and Battery Power

While the scooter’s ease of use is ideal, you should also look into the motor and battery power of each unit. This will help you gauge how well it will perform in the long run.

The e-scooter’s motor will help you determine how fast it can go, and whether it can be used to ride uphill. While an e-scooter with a powerful engine seems ideal, it’s not the practical choice if you will always be using it to ride urban areas.

On the other hand, the battery helps you determine how far it can travel before it runs out of power. An electric scooter under $400 with at least an hour of battery life is good enough for its price.

3. Safety Features

The utmost priority when looking through an electric scooter’s specifications is its features. These will help keep you out of harm’s way, so every ideal electric scooter should at least have the basics.

Among the basic safety features that an e-scooter should have include powerful and responsive brakes, a reliable suspension system, superior traction on tires, and lights for added visibility.

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4. Extra Features

You should also take a look at the features that you will need to ensure that every ride is joyful in order to choose the electric scooter that is perfect for you.

Examples of features that you should consider are the size of the wheels, pneumatic tires, whether it’s meant for all-terrain riding or not, cruise control for constant and stable performance, Bluetooth connectivity, and foldability for assured portability.

Frequently Asked Questions On 400 Dollar Budget Electric Scooter

Electric scooters under $400 come with different motors and batteries, and these components determine their range and how fast they can go. On average, these budget scooters have a range between 10 to 20 miles and speeds of around 13 to 18 miles per hour.

On average, you can use a $400 electric scooter for as long as an hour. However, some units are fitted with better batteries, and they can last for up to two hours.

Since electric scooters do not run on gas, they are a lot cheaper to maintain than other motorized vehicles. However, there will be times when you have to shell out a lot on battery replacement, but it’s not a regular occurrence. On average, expect to pay around $50 to $200 on maintenance costs per year.

An electric scooter that retails at $400 is considered a budget-friendly unit. But despite the affordable price tag, you can still expect a decent performance that can give you a good 15-17 miles range and workable speeds of 13 miles per hour or so. You can also expect it to have basic safety features such as disc brakes, headlights, and a reliable suspension system.

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Generally, even a cheap electric scooter comes with basic safety features to keep the rider protected. But, remember that not all affordable e-scooters are made equal, so it’s still best to check out its features before you buy one.

In general, you can legally ride an electric scooter in bicycle lanes and other designated spots. However, various localities have strict ordinances when it comes to riding e-scooters and other similar vehicles. In this case, it’s best to check your local laws first as to where you can legally drive your electric scooter

Like any other device, some electric scooters can be cheap while others can be quite expensive. This variance in price is determined by different components, such as the quality of the materials, how powerful the motor is, how lasting the battery is, the safety features, the built-in technology, and other similar features.

Out of all the items we’ve listed, the Turboant M10 Electric Scooter stood out from the rest. For its price, it boasts a top speed of 19 miles per hour and a decent 15-mile range – features that rarely come by for an affordable unit.

Thanks to its aluminum frame, the M10 remains lightweight yet sturdy, making it durable and highly maneuverable. Whether you’re using it for fun or as a commuting alternative, you won’t regret getting this electric scooter.

Final Verdict On Best Electric Scooter Under $400

Electric scooters certainly do not come cheap. But if you have the patience to sift through your options, you might be lucky enough to find the best electric scooter under $400.

Fortunately, we have already narrowed down your selection to eight. As long as you already have what you need in an e-scooter in mind, choosing the perfect unit will come easy.

And if you’re completely clueless as to where to begin, you can always consult our buying guide for more information.

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