Top 12 Best Affordable Electric Skateboard/Longboard Under $500,Unbiased Buying Guide-2021

With the rise of technology, our vehicles tend to get a lot crazier in new features and operations. So it’s not a surprising thing that most people go head over heels after having their first encounter with an electric skateboard.

An electric skateboard gives you all the pleasure you get from a regular skateboard except for the sweat, which is great if you’re going to class or work and don’t want your appearance to be ruined.

Budget electric skateboards are a good investment if you find the right one that suits you. Many options available in the market have different features in terms of motor power, strength, speed limit, battery life, remote control etc.

best electric skateboard under $500

So, we have compiled an ultimate guide to show you the ten best electric skateboards under $500, from budget boards to premium high-end ones, and how you should be choosing them without breaking the bank account .

Without any further ado, let’s get started with the product reviews followed by a buying guide.

Electric Skateboard reviews under $500, Our Top 3 Picks

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1. Hiboy S22, Best Dual Brushless Motor Electric Skateboard Under $500


  • Skateboard’s weight: 8.3 lbs
  • Deck material: 7 layer of maple deck
  • Deck length: 36 inch
  • Maximum weight capacity: 180 lbs
  • Maximum speed: Upto 24 miles per hour
  • Max range: 12 miles on a single charge
  • Battery charging time: 2 hours
  • Motor: 350*2 dual brushless hub motor
  • Battery: 36V,4.4AH Li-Ion
  • Wheels: Durable PU materials and replaceable for all 4 wheels
  • Riding modes: 4 different riding modes
  • Brakes: 4 Different braking modes (Electronic regenerative braking)
  • Warranty period: 1-year manufacturing warranty


The first product on our list is this Hiboy S22 Electric skateboard that is a pretty good board considering its value. This is a must checkout product for entry-level skaters as it rides nice and stable, responding to the remote very well.

The Hiboy S22 is a sturdy longboard that features a 7-layered maple deck with U-shaped trunks. Before using it for the first time, don’t forget to tighten the trunks as it seems to be a bit loosely held.

This classic design board ensures a smooth and comfortable ride with little to no jerks when you’re riding on bumpy roads. The extensive deck is ideal for both beginners and advanced users and provides a stable ride for those with big feet.

The unique wood-covered black and red truck design is solid and lets you have safe turns without trembling over. With hundreds of 5-star ratings on Amazon, this e-skateboard is a very reliable product that will ensure you’re not wasting your money on some crappy product.

This road electric board features a 350 watt dual brushless hub motor and four riding modes that can reach up to 18.6 – 24 mph top speed easily. You get a 36-volt lithium-ion battery that you can charge in under 2 hours and gives Up-to 12 miles of range.

Side by side, you will also be able to ride up to about 13 miles after a single full charge. Even at low battery levels, the Hiboy S22 can go about 20% of inclination with ease.

The wheels are made of long-lasting PU material that you can replace when they wear off after rough use.

Overall, the Hiboy S22 is a great deal for beginners starting on a new skateboarding hobby but don’t want to have an empty pocket.

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2. SKATEBOLT Brisk, Affordable Electric Skateboard For Kids And Teens


  • Skateboard’s weight: 8 Lbs
  • Deck material: ABS + glass fibre
  • Deck length: 24 inches
  • Max range: About 6-8 miles on a single charge
  • Max speed: UP-to 12.4 miles per hour
  • Max weight capacity: 154 Lbs
  • Motor: 150W brushless single hub motor
  • Battery: 2.5Ah lithium battery
  • Battery charge time: 2 hours
  • Max incline: 10 degrees
  • Wheels: 2.87″ Polyurethane wheels
  • Warranty period: 90 days warranty

This is the most versatile board on our list that runs on an intelligent motion-sensing technology. The best part about this board is that you don’t need any remote to control the balance instead, you can just use your center of gravity.

The Brisk board comes in two colors – dark blue and green. The deck is about 24 inches long and 9.5 inches wide, which is a very adaptable size. The silicone anti-skid pad on this device gives children or newbies a good grip for holding their balance.

Under the board, you get a 150 watt motor (brushless hub) and a 2.5Ah li-ion battery that gives 6+ miles of decent range, the battery takes about 2 hours to charge fully. As the battery is pretty much hidden when you ride on top of it, the color and style really stands out.

This self-balancing board is very popular among people with a 5-star rating on Amazon. It comes in with two riding modes- Beginner and Advanced. It runs about 3 miles an hour on beginner mode, which is a good option for those just getting the hang of electric skateboards.

You can also switch to the advanced mode with the press of a button that will let you go up to 11 miles an hour. If you can learn the body posture on this device well, you’ll love this board, and you can go totally hands-free on it.

The PU wheels on this device are about 2.87 inches in size, which is pretty hefty than similar models. This will help you absorb shock on all different types of roads and pavements.

Overall, the SKATEBOLT Brisk is a good beginner-friendly e-board that also has a modern technology implementation that too at a very reasonable price.

Here Is a video of Skatebolt Brisk Electric Skateboard Under $500

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3. Maxfind Max2 Pro, Best Budget Electric Skateboard Under 500 Dollars


  • Skateboard’s weight: 15 lbs
  • Deck material: Nylon Fiber + Glass Fiber(Carbon Fiber Coating) Diamond cutting design
  • Deck length: 31 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity: 220 lbs
  • Maximum speed: Up-to 24 miles per hour
  • Maximum range: 12 miles on a single charge
  • Battery charge time: 2 hours
  • Motor: 600*2 dual  hub motor
  • ESC: Hobbywing
  • Battery: Samsung 36V,4.4AH Li-Ion
  • Wheels: 90mm PVC wheels
  • Riding modes: 3 different riding modes
  • Brake: Electronic regenerative braking
  • Ip Rating: IP 65 water resistant
  • Remote: Ergonomically designed smart remote
  • Warranty period: 270 days warranty


The Maxfind Max2 Pro is the best electric skateboard under 500 for those that like to exhibit their artistic minds on the skateboard and be a bit edgy.

The upgraded version of its predecessor, the Max2 Pro stayed on the best-seller shelf for a long time. The Maxfind brand’s superior build quality is immediately apparent in the board’s design. It has a lovely nylon fibre + deck with fiber glass coating that will cater to both kids and adults.

Two Hobbywing 600W powerful motors operate the Max2 Pro, enabling you to achieve speeds of up to 24 mph. You can expect 12 miles per charge in terms of range, which is very good for the money.

Unlike most models, this Max2 Pro device also has three modes- Turbo mode, Sports Mode, and Eco. With the sports mode, you can ride up to 12 miles, and the eco mode will take you somewhere around 15 miles.

The turbo was previously limited to only 30 seconds, but now you can turn it on for more extended periods if you have a charge of more than 50% and also get it up to 25 mph.

The most prominent upgrade on this device is the battery. The MAX2 Pro has a Samsung battery of 158wh, which is a lot more than the rest of the products on our list. But this big battery might take slightly more time to charge when it runs out of juice entirely.  

This powerful skateboard has fully sealed motors, so you can go skateboarding in all weather conditions without worrying about ruining it.

We would say this is a great board that confirms a smooth ride with the small PU wheels and curved deck for flexibility.

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4. MEEPO Mini 2, Affordable Motorized Skateboard With Wireless Remote Control


  • Skateboard’s weight: 16 pounds in weight
  • Deck amterial:  8 layers of canadian maple wood
  • Deck length: 30 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Maximum speed: Up-to 28 miles per hour
  • Maximum range: 11 miles on a single charge
  • Battery charge time: 2 hours
  • Motor: 540*2 dual  hub motor
  • Battery: 36V,144WH Li-Ion
  • Wheels: 90mm PU wheels
  • Riding modes: 3 riding modes
  • Brake: Electronic regenerative braking
  • Remote: Ergonomically designed with Smart LCD display
  • Warranty period: 6 months warranty for boards and 3 month warranty for parts

This is one of the most powerful skateboards that come in a very compact design. It is a great device for the regular commuters that are constantly running around.

The Meepo Mini 2 has a unique, minimalistic outlook, a must-have for all modern technology hoarders. In this monochrome board, you get a smooth deck that has a big Meepo logo at the center. You get a visually pleasing black/grey color on the deck where dirt won’t show up easily, making it easier for lazy people to clean.

Made from the 7-ply Canadian maple, the deck is concave, making it ideal to have a firm grip and let your feet be in a comfortable position. The deck is also a bit wide, about 9 inches that give you the stability to balance if you’re new to skating.

This board is run by powerful 540W dual motors that can easily help you climb hills at about a 30 degrees angle.

This compact e-board has crazy acceleration, giving you a top speed of 29 mph in just a couple of minutes. The battery on this little device is pretty amazing, too, as you get a 288wh battery pack. Once fully charged, you’ll be able to travel about 9 miles at a stretch.

The large 90mm wheels on this longboard guarantees that you get to navigate uncertain roads without any difficulty.

The ride on this product is smooth and balanced, but one drawback is the lack of recoil absorption. You can easily go through smooth surfaces and most of the city roads, but the rough terrain rides might prove to be a bit difficult to get through.

Meepo Mini 2 might just be the best small electric skateboard under 500, thanks to its high quality, classic design, safety, and ease of use.

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5. VESTAR V2 Pro, Fastest Electric Longboard Under 500 Dollars


  • Skateboard’s weight: 15 pounds in weight
  • Deck material:  6 layers of Canadian maple wood + 2 layers of bamboo and nylon fiber
  • Deck length: 38″ flexible deck
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250 Lbs
  • Maximum speed: Up-to 25 miles per hour
  • Max range: Up-to 22 miles on a single charge
  • Battery charge time: 4 hours
  • Motor: 600*2 dual hub brushless electric motor, you can choose the belt drive motor option also
  • Battery: 5.2 Ah Lithium-Ion battery
  • Wheels: 83*52 mm PU wheels
  • Riding modes: 4 riding modes
  • Brake: Electronic regenerative braking
  • Ip Rating: IP 65
  • Warranty period: 6 months warranty


The VESTAR V2 Pro electric skateboard is in fifth place. This is another lightweight  and heavy duty product that only weighs 15 lbs.

The versatile 38-inch flexy deck is made up of 6 layers maple wood and two layers of bamboo. It’s fun to ride, and it’s sensitive enough to let you sense the road. A good-quality grip tape is applied to the deck, ensuring support and security while making it comfortable to travel on any road conditions.

The users mustn’t surpass the company’s limits to achieve the estimated maximum speed. In terms of weight, this beast can bear up to 250 pounds, which is impressive for an electric board that costs less than $500.

This beauty’s wheels are made of a special PU material to provide additional resistance and a longer lifetime, as the 26-28 mph top speed might cause damage to the wheels in the near future.

The VESTAR V2 Pro, which is powered by a 36V Li-ion high-quqlity battery, can provide you with a max range of up-to 22 miles through one full charge.

This best budget e-board comes with two powerful and brushless 600 watt motor and regenerative braking that allows you to achieve speeds of up to 19 miles per hour consistently.

On full charge, the 5.2Ah 36V Li-ion battery allows you to travel twenty miles, which isn’t a lot but is adequate enough, given the price.

Considering how loosely the wheels on this board are held, you might need to have a backup pair at hand at a times. Having said that, this is not a very bad choice for an electric board thanks to all the other added features.

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6. Teamgee H5, Electric Motorized Skateboard 37 inch


  • Skateboard’s weight: 13.7 pounds in weight
  • Deck material: 10 ply canadian maple wood and 1 layer of fibreglass
  • Deck length: 37 inches flexible deck
  • Maximum load capacity: 220 lbs
  • Maximum speed: Up-to 22 miles per hour
  • Max range: 11 miles on a single charge
  • Battery charge time: 2 hours
  • Motor: 380*2 dual  hub motor
  • Battery:  36-volt Lithium-ion battery
  • Wheels: Polyurethane wheels
  • Riding mode: 4 riding modes
  • Brake: Electronic regenerative braking
  • Warrantry: 1 year manufacturer warranty against mechanical defects

For the daily commuters who need to be in different places around the city and want a board within their closely-knit budget, Teamgee has launched the heavy duty H5.

This motorized skateboard has a long 38-inch flexy deck that is made from a unique combination of 10 layers of maple wood and a single-ply of fiberglass. While going downhill, it has a fair level of versatility and a U-type curved shape, making your ride more responsive and efficient.

Since the deck is just 3.1 inches off the ground, you’ll have a lower center of gravity. This makes for a very relaxed ride, and you’ll feel totally in control even when you are going at full speed.

This electric skateboard is powered by 380W dual hub motors, which can generate a speed of 22 mph. One full charge will take you up to 11 miles, which is not bad given the longboard’s price range.

The device also has two modes that the rider can switch up using the Seahorse remote that is included. The 90 mm PU wheels on this board are worth mentioning because they vary from standard skateboard wheels. In fact, they are very less likely to degrade over time, unlike regular skateboards.

The Teamgee H5’s battery is housed within the deck in an ultra-thin compact design. As a result, it is protected from damages, earning an IP54 waterproof rating for the board as a whole.

The Teamgee H5 also features a regenerative braking mechanism, which turns kinetic motion into a charging station when you slow it down. If you’re moving downhill, this will significantly extend your battery life.

In case if you’re looking for solid power in your board that doesn’t cost much then this will be the best electric skateboard under 500 that you will find.

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7. SKATEBOLT Tornado II, Best Budget Electric Skateboard For Heavy Riders


  • Skateboard’s weight: 19 pounds in weight
  • Deck material: 8 ply maple wood
  • Deck length: 38 inches long
  • Maximum load capacity: 280lbs
  • Maximum speed: High speed of Up-to 25 miles per hour
  • Max range: 22 miles on a full charge
  • Battery charge time: 3 hours
  • Motor: 250*2 dual brushless hub motor
  • Battery: 7.5AH Li-Ion
  • Wheels: Durable PU materials and replaceable for all 4 wheels
  • Remote: Ergonomically designed wireless remote with LCD screen
  • Warranty period: 90 days warranty

For a number of different reasons, the SKATEBOLT Tornado II is among our favorite electric skateboards. For instance, given the board’s actual power and amazing features, it comes at a rather excellent deal.

If you’re hunting for a new electric longboard to jazz up your daily commute, the SKATEBOLT Tornado II should be at the top of your list.

Its shiny black style with red LED lights resembles something from a science fiction film giving you all ‘The Matrix’ vibes.

The SKATEBOLT Tornado II features two powerful 500watt brushless hub motors. When fully charged, these motors have enough power to propel you at a speed of approximately 25mph.

The wireless remote has a few more features than the average skateboard. For example, an LCD screen displays your current velocity as well as the remaining battery life. There’s also a speed mode toggle and a cruise control/LED button on the remote.

The Tornado II’s upgraded 36-volt lithium-ion battery has a 7.5Ah capacity, allowing for a 22-mile range on a single charge.

Even at high velocities, the average ride quality is exceptionally smooth. The rather jerky braking systems, on the other hand, can significantly reduce this smoothness. It can be challenging to dial in the right level of power to be used on the brake pedals, resulting in some jarring stops.

This flexible board comes with taillights, a unique feature that you don’t get in many other e-skateboards. With the wireless remote, the tail light can be turned on or off. This will give ample warning to cars behind you that you will be stopping, significantly decreasing the risk of a collision.

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8. Teamgee H20 Mini, Best Mini Electric Skateboard Under $500


  • Skateboard’s weight: 16 pounds in weight
  • Deck material: 7 ply maple wood
  • Deck length: 31 inches long
  • Maximum load capacity: 286 Lbs
  • Maximum speed: Hogh speed of up-to 24 miles per hour
  • Max range: 18 miles on a single charge
  • Battery charge time: 3-4 hours
  • Motor power: 450*2 dual brushless hub powerful motors
  • Battery: 36-volt Lithium-Ion battery, capacity: 4.4 Ah
  • Wheels: 90mm Durable PU materials and replaceable for all 4 wheels
  • Riding mode: 4 different riding modes
  • Braking modes: 4 brake modes
  • IP rating: IP 54
  • Hill grade: 25%
  • Warranty period: 180 warranty

The Teamgee H20 Mini appears to be a robust all-around board with outstanding high performance and a surprisingly lightweight frame.

The Teamgee H20 Mini is a bit more expensive than most of the models on the market, so riders who are looking for a high-quality board but are not bound by a budget would be intrigued in what it has to offer.

This device exhibits an increased range of drive and a top speed weighing only about 16 lbs. The skateboard’s strong dual brushless motors account for its greater pace and weight. This miniature electric skateboard can reach 26 miles per hour speed and has a range twelve miles range.

The 7-layered maple deck surface provides a solid, textured board. This lightweight board bears a maximum weight of 286 pounds. The board is very easy to move from one place to another due to its compact size and minimal weight.

This feature of the board makes it ideal for use on university campuses as well as during light traveling. A special curved deck style is also included. The goal here is to withstand as much shock as possible, which is key for off-roading.

The concave shape uniformly disperses vibration around the flexible deck, making rugged terrain as seamless as possible, and the top-quality grip tape keeps your feet firmly planted on the surface. This helps to have a better control over the board.

Despite being marketed and listed as an entry-level skateboard, the H20 Mini delivers more than you would think. It has potent hub-driven motors which not only provide quick acceleration but also allow you to reach a satisfactory cruising speed.

Overall, we’re dealing with a true outlier if ever there was one. Despite this, H20 Mini delivers a surprisingly solid start that can easily compete with the stronger competitors we mentioned earlier.

Of course, certain restrictions are imposed as a result of the product’s form and design concept.

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9. Backfire Mini, Budget Electric Skateboard under 500 dollars


  • Skateboard’s weight: 12.8 pounds in weight
  • Deck material: Carbon fibre
  • Deck length: 31 inches
  • Maximum load capacity: 265 lbs
  • Maximum speed: Upto 26 miles per hour
  • Max range: 26 miles on a single charge
  • Battery charge time: 2.5 hours to fully charge
  • Motor power: 450*2 dual ultra high-torque hub motor
  • Battery: 175WH Li-Ion
  • Wheels: Durable PU materials and replaceable for all 4 wheels
  • Remote: Ergonomically designed wireless remote that displays battery status, riding statistics etc
  • Hill Grade: 20%
  • IP Rating: IP565
  • Warranty period: 6 months warranty on parts

This is the first carbon fiber deck on our list that is premium-looking and is of premium quality as well. A foam layer is placed on top of the tape to provide a slight increase in vibration absorption. The uni-body style is elegant, stealthy and is a sight to behold.

However, the style is also functional. To gain access to the electrical part, you’ll need to remove eight screws from the deck.

The Backfire’s Mini has dual 450W motors and a top speed of 26 miles per hour. With a single charge, you can ride up to 11 miles. Moreover, the 175wh battery pack will take about 1.5-2 hours before it gets charged to its full capacity.

Backfire Mini’s Hobbywing ESC offers clean momentum and braking in all three ride modes.

Turbo mode also has a 30-second duration and a 30-second cool down, but the transition out of it is now much smoother, and you won’t experience a sudden jolt of loss of momentum as the clock runs down.

A concave deck holds your feet in place, large trucks provide stability, a long chassis provides balance, and precise brake and acceleration are all features of the Mini.

The Backfire Mini is incredible! It has a pleasant appearance and functions well as a fast short board. It has reasonable numbers and is more powerful than you’ll ever comprehend for its size.

The Mini’s drawbacks include the fact that it is not the most stable board at high speeds, is very uncomfortable on rough roads, and is not weatherproof.

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10. Backfire G2 Black, Best Electric Longboard Under $500


  • Skateboard’s weight: 16.2 pounds in weight
  • Deck material: 7 layers of canadian maple wood
  • Deck length: 38 inches
  • Maximum weight limit: 240 lbs
  • Maximum speed: Upto 24 miles per hour
  • Max range: 11-12.5 miles on a single charge
  • Battery charge  time: 3.5 hours to fully charge
  • Motor: 400*2 high torque hub dual motors
  • Battery: 42V, 5.2Ah Li-Ion Rechargeable battery
  • Wheels: 96mm Durable PU materials and replaceable for all 4 larger wheels
  • Trucks: Front and rear 7″ trucks
  • Protection grade: IP65
  • Remote: Ergonomically designed hobbywing remote With bright LCD screen which shows battery level, speed mode etc.
  • IP Rating: IP55
  • Warranty period: 6 months warranty on parts

This is an excellent powerful road electric board for anyone on a tight budget. The Backfire G2 is also ideal for those that want to be in the e-skating squad but are not ready to spend a lot of money quite yet.

The G2-black’s deck has seven layers of canadian maple wood, making it more lightweight, flexible and durable. It will give you a more smoother ride as well as improved shock absorption.

G2-black uses a well-known 7″ MD truck with a custom-designed motor carrier and belt frame. The motor carrier allows you to change the load capacity. So you can make your own adjustments to the belt. The belt case is designed to be very adaptable, and it can handle a wide range of pulley sizes.

The Backfire G2-black has an improved Hobbywing ESC that allows for more torque and quicker propulsion. Hobbywing’s ESC is well-known for its acceleration and braking systems. Now you can also have a fantastic and smoother riding experience!

Inside and out, each G2-black is already equipped with a simple waterproof coating. Generally, it will be able to withstand the splatters of everyday life.

That being said, keep in mind. Water should not be absorbed or poured near the power button or charging port.

The hyper elastic PU wheels used in the G2-black are smoother and more durable, and hence offer improved shock absorption and a more comfortable ride.

Compared to most of the other choices on the list, it’s also a pretty pricey board. While it isn’t the most expensive electric skateboard on the marketplace, the price tag means that only serious buyers would want to take a closer look at this.

If you want fantastic performance and a large weight capacity, then this is a great choice.

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11. Vestar Mini, Best Portable Skateboard under 500


  • Skateboard’s weight: 17.64 pounds in weight
  • Deck material: 7 layers of canadian maple wood
  • Deck length: 27.5 inches
  • Max load capacity: 260 lbs
  • Maximum speed: Upto 25 miles per hour
  • Max range: 17-22 miles on a single charge
  • Battery charge  time: 3-5 hours to fully charge
  • Motor: 600*2 high torque hub dual motors
  • Battery: 5.2Ah Li-Ion Rechargeable battery
  • Wheels: 83*52mm PU wheels
  • Remote: Ergonomically designed wireless remote
  • IP Rating: IP65


The Vestar Mini is our favorite e-skateboard under $500 because of its small size, portability, and high top speed that is easy to handle. In comparison to several of the skateboards on the list, the skateboard has a longer battery life and faster speed.

With dual motors hidden beneath the robust deck, the skateboard appears to be quite powerful. As a result, it not only improves your commuting experience but also gives you a sleek and attractive appearance. If you value both appearance and utility, the Vestar Mini is an excellent choice.

The top speed is 27 miles per hour. In addition, its range of 12 miles (16 kilometers) is more than adequate for regular commuting.

The dual-cruise (hub) motors, each with 650W of power, provide the necessary power to generate such high speeds. It provides the fastest acceleration, which will appeal to young people. The motors are powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5.2Ah.

A complete charge of the battery takes 3 to 5 hours. Its metal ESC housing also allows for maximum heat dissipation. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the battery overheating or being overcharged. It assures that the skateboard will last a long time.

The deck is made of 7-ply maple wood. As a result, the deck is extremely durable and can easily support a weight of 260 pounds. Skateboarders will also love the all-black board’s construction, which gives it a distinctive appearance.

According to several experts, it closely resembles the classic design of the popular Boosted Mini skateboard. As a result, it is a terrific option for skateboarders because it is also much less expensive. As a result, you won’t have to empty your wallet to acquire the famous bold look on your e-board.

We discovered that the skateboard is an all-around skateboard thanks to its lightweight frame and twin kicktail feature. It’s less expensive, more durable, and more stylish. Vestar Mini has several characteristics that will keep you interested if you are looking for a portable and budget-friendly skateboard. At such a low price, we hope you will like its extended range, high speed, and controls.

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12. Onlyone O-3, Best Affordable Longboard Under $500 Budget


  • Skateboard’s weight: 17.8 lbs
  • Deck material: 8 layers of canadian maple wood
  • Deck length: 38 inches
  • Max load capacity: 330 lbs
  • Maximum speed: Upto 24 miles per hour
  • Max range: 17-20 miles on a single charge
  • Battery charge  time: 2 hours to fully charge
  • Motor: (250*2)500W dual brushless motors
  • Battery: 6Ah 216W/8AH 288W Li-Ion Rechargeable battery
  • Wheels: 90mm PU wheels
  • Riding modes: 3 speed modes(slow: 11mph, medium: 18 mph, fast : 24 mph)
  • Remote: Ergonomically designed .
  • Max climbing angle: Up-to 25-30 degrees


After evaluating a variety of parameters, we determined that the O-3 longboard is a good choice for passionate and enthusiast riders.

We couldn’t find any flaws in this amazing longboard that costs around $500, from user-friendliness to affordability, from long range to enhanced top speed and a sturdy deck. Its outstanding model will exceed the majority of skateboards in its class by a long shot, both physically and practically.

The deck’s 8-ply 38″ Canadian maple wood structure is the most durable you’ll ever find. As soon as you see it, it makes a pleasant effect on you. Once you’ve started riding, the deck’s anti-skid feature will keep you stable and comfortable throughout your journey.

Its cruising and rolling capabilities will also appeal to riders. It can incline up to 30 degrees for uphill rides. It’s also one of its more impressive aspect, which we adored. With such a sturdy deck and wheel construction, you may even take it off-trail.

The longboard, which is powered by two 250W hub motor and a lithium-ion battery, has a range of about 30 kilometers and three speed levels. Slow, medium, and fast settings are included to fit your riding needs in various conditions.

You can, however, select from two different battery alternatives. As a result, when you buy the skateboard, you can manage its top speed and range.

The skateboard also comes with a handheld remote controller. The remote control is more convenient and faster to operate. When driving in heavy city traffic, such add-on capabilities improve dependability. You may also increase your e-board riding enjoyment by using the sophisticated remote control.

The beast is equipped with PU wheels for a thrilling ride. To fit your daily commute demands, you can choose from two different wheel sizes.

Overall, this inexpensive longboard will be a fantastic choice for both novices and experienced riders looking for a unique and thrilling experience. Last but not least, this e-longboard is ready to give an unparalleled performance in your daily life, thanks to its water-resistant deck, wheel, and motor.

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Things To Consider Before Buying An Affordable Electric Skateboard Under $500

To better understand which budget electric skateboard is right for you, we have compiled a buying guide for you, given your circumstances and needs. Here, you can get all the necessary points that you must remember while you are looking for your first electric board.

1. Price

This is a really important factor that everyone must look into as the first condition. Different boards come with various features depending on how much you are willing to pay. 

Once you have your budget set, you can eliminate many potential boards that go over it. The best thing to do would be to make a list of the products that you can afford.

For less than half a thousand bucks, you can get a decent electric skateboard. We have also listed the best electric skateboards under $500 that are cheap and satisfactory as a well-built skateboard.

Checkout Our Detail Article on How Much Is An Electric Skateboard?

2. Battery power/Capacity

Battery capacity is an important factor for those that will be using the electric skateboard for longer periods and that too on a daily basis.

Consider how much variety you need before making a purchase. Perhaps you’d like to take a board into and out of work.

To be safe, calculate the distance you need to cover (backward and forwards) and get something with an upper range of 20% more.

The battery is normally the most costly part of your vehicle, and is where the less expensive models cut corners. The battery power is measured in Wh (watt-hours), and it can be determined using the voltage and amp-hours of the battery. All you have to do is just multiply those two numbers.

Even though the weight of the rider and the pace at which you’re moving can impact this figure, it gives you a better understanding of the unit’s overall capacity.

3. Acceleration and braking

How much your skateboard will speed up depends on the motor type and the braking mechanism that is integrated into the device.

The ability of the user to control the device is also very important. We would recommend you to either go for low acceleration longboards or ride on the easy mode if you are a complete beginner to skateboarding. This will keep you safe from crashing into other vehicles.

Most budget electric skateboards come with a regenerative braking system nowadays. When you are applying brakes to stop or halt your skateboards in this system, the board automatically starts charging. This is a great feature to look for if you are someone who is always on the run.

4. Top speed and range

Electric longboards, in particular, are the vehicles that take the most brutality over the course of their lives. This is particularly true when it comes to off-road vehicles that must navigate rough terrains such as dirt and grit. It should be in your economic interest to locate a board that can withstand such violence.

The top speed that your skateboard can generate depends on the motor power that the board is built with. There are two types of motors you’ll find in general- hub motors and belt-driven motors.

If you are a beginner, don’t go for higher speed ones as that might result in horrendous accidents. The range should be considered too, as it depends on how often or quickly you can charge your longboard.

5. Drive terrain and motor type

If you plan to commute or cruise with your electric skateboard, please consider the pathway you’ll be traveling by every day. Not all skateboards are made for rough and rocky roads. So, motor type is also a good point to consider before confirming your purchase.

The two types of motors are briefly explained below for your understanding:

Hub motors are far less expensive, quieter, and need less servicing. In most cases, they’re also lightweight and much more energy-efficient. As a consequence, you will see this sort the most.

Belt drive motor – As the name implies, belt drive motors use connecting belts to spin the wheels. This solution is much noisier and more difficult to keep running, but it achieves great torque.

It is also a more power-efficient choice because you get more bang for your buck for a similar amount of power.

6. Customer Service

Most people try to avoid this and end up not considering it at all. But when you are spending such a hefty amount of your hard-earned money, you should obviously get full facilities.

A bad customer service team will not help you with the difficulties you face and guide you through the whole procedure of their build. Good customer service, on the other hand, will be a friend in need alongside their improvement in building customer loyalty.

When these issues arise, it is beneficial to have the company’s strong and comprehensive support from the customer service team. A good reputation for outstanding customer service will help you get the details and parts you will need to maintain your board in the long run.

7. Deck quality (material)

To avoid catastrophe, most reputable goods have a temperature seal near their motor and other fragile components. Every product is typically given an IP-rating to describe its resistance to moisture.

Most road electric skateboards are built with maple wood. We consider maple woods to be the strongest and most sturdy ones that are built to last. Two layers of bamboo surround the maple base in some of the higher-end versions, making the deck more versatile and compensating for the maple’s stiffness.

Another one is the carbon material that has a high degree of toughness and is light in weight, making it a great option for electric skateboarding.

The positive aspect of the material is that its features can be drastically altered by changing its base, giving designers more leeway. But one big drawback is that carbon is much more expensive than maple.

FAQ On Affordable electric Skateboards under 500 Dollars

The answer to this question really depends on what kind of electric skateboard you are using. Some of the models allow users to change their batteries, while some come with either a fixed non-removable battery, or the process is a very complex one for the riders to follow.

Although many people won’t agree, professionals can also use mid-range electric skateboards. These skateboards have come a long way from what they were initially. Even at a mid-range budget, you can expect enhanced battery power, top speed, and range worth the investment.

Plus, the mid-range skateboards have multiple layers of constriction, and many models support remote control. So, professionals will find them a great option for daily commuting and practice and may even show a few tricks of their sleeves with these e-skateboards.

Again, this depends on which longboard you are using. On our list of the top ten electric skateboards under 500, there are a few products where the motors are completely sealed and are totally waterproof. You can ride the waterproof certified electric skateboards in the rain

Electric skateboards are pretty easy to ride once you get to balance the center of gravity. In fact, some people say electric skateboards are somewhat easier to ride than a traditional skateboard .

This is because of the technology that is used on the skateboards; it can easily detect any kind of movement that you do standing on top of the skateboard.

Yes, electric skateboards with improved controls and sturdier frames can be great fun and safe for kids. Make sure you get a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-control skateboard for kids without many high-end features.

It will help kids engaged in outdoor activities and learn to control their body movement. Plus, remote control features ensure children can ride the skateboards safely. You can give beginners level e-skateboards and supervise the first few rides until they unfold their controls and adjustments. After that, kids are completely safe on the e-skateboards.

Yes, electric skateboards are totally worth it if you are a tech-savvy as well as a sports enthusiast. Some might think that electric skateboards are a bit too much of an investment, but if you can select a good product, it will provide you the service it is meant to give.

However, some bus or subway stations might not allow such activity. Therefore, it’s best to ask around and find out about the proper station rules and etiquettes.

Lightweight skateboards (motorized) are definitely a good option for beginners as it can take years to learn the normal skateboards. To learn electric skateboard’s mechanism, one must learn how to stand still on a moving board. This will let you have a good grip when you are riding your e-board.

Electric skateboards are pretty safe only when you know how to ride them. Those who already know how to skate prefer boards that can speed up a lot.

So usually, electric boards speed up a lot more than normal ones; for that reason, it can be difficult for the newbies when they don’t know how to control the acceleration, resulting in accidents.

The average riding range of electric skateboards varies from 10 miles to 30 miles. Also, your speed determines how long the battery can go. Nonetheless, with affordable and mid-range electric boards, you can also expect to get a mid-range lithium-ion battery.

So, don’t expect to get the longest range. You may get 8-12 miles range for each full charge of the battery on affordable electric skateboards. While this range may not seem substantial, it still is enough for daily commuting and a few hours of fun rides. The key to an affordable e-skateboard is to meet your budget with the daily commuting requirements.

Given our whole article, we would recommend that a budget of 500 dollars is good enough for electric skateboards.

But the more you spend, the more features you’ll be getting. So, anything within the range of 500-1000 dollars will let you have a good electric skateboard lasting you for at least five years.

Absolutely! Whether you are riding an e-board or a manual one, wearing safety gears is an absolute must. You will be able to find an endless array of safety equipment in the market, ranging from goggles to knee pads and helmets.

Alongside safety gears, we would highly recommend you to wear colorful clothing as this will help you stand out more in crowded places, thus making it easier for other drivers to spot you.

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Final Thoughts On Best Electric Skateboard/Longboard under $500

Coming to our final thoughts about skateboards, we hope by now you have all the information you need to buy the best electric skateboards under $500.

Riding an electric skateboard is super fun, and you don’t need any prior skateboarding experience to get going. It’s actually a lot easier to ride this way because you don’t have to drive the board to pick up speed constantly. You just have to think about spinning, which you will master in no time.

We believe it is our responsibility to help you select the right boards for yourself and others by giving clear and useful information about the items that fit into your budget. Happy skating!

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