Top 12 Best Razor Electric Scooter For Kids And Adults-Buying Guide 2023

Getting stuck in traffic all-day is not fun at all. In busier metropolitan areas, you spend a good chunk of your day on your vehicle or commuting just trying to get around. In some instances, walking towards a destination may not be as convenient for us, so we have to find a better way to get from point A to point B.

That’s where electric scooters come into the picture. These cool modes of transportation in the past decade or so are slowly taking over a good piece of the pie when it comes to the favored means to get to places.

best razor electric scooters

A certain brand does have a significant part of the pie and it’s called Razor. We’ve listed down some of their products to give you the Best Razor electric scooters for kids and adults that you may choose from.

Best Razor Electric Scooter For Kids And Adults-Our Top 3 Picks

1. E100, Best Razor Electric Scooter For Kids aged 8 and above


  • Scooter’s Weight: 26lbs
  • Frame: Steel
  • Max-speed: Up-to 10 miles per hour
  • Maximum rider weight: 120lbs
  • Max Range: 6.5 miles
  • Motor: 100w, chain drive
  • Brake: Hand operated, front caliper
  • Handlebar: Height adjustable handlebar
  • Throttle: Twist grip
  • Battery: 24V, lead-acid
  • Wheels: 8″ pneumatic
  • Age range: 8 years and above

The first entry on our best Razor electric scooters review is aptly an entry-level scooter for kids with amazing specs, the Razor E100 Electric Scooter. As they say, everyone has to start somewhere and this model is a good way to introduce electric-powered transportation to the young ones.

This unit is specially designed for kids 8 years old and up to help them get acclimated with electric scooters and realized that they aren’t just cool but also quite a fun way to get from one place to another.

This should be a pretty neat first-ever motorized ride for the kids and the body itself or its frame is designed for them. It is infused with an intuitive and hand-operated throttle with brake controls with a motor of 100 watts that should give enough firepower for smooth rides.

It is simple to use; all you have to do is hop on, kick the ground to get it going, and then slightly twist the throttle to pick up a little speed.. The Razor E100 Electric Scooter runs at 10 mph or 16 km/h and should go for 40 minutes of continuous use.

The motor is high-torque, chain-driven, and single-speed just enough to give kids a thrilling ride. This unit is just enough to help them build their confidence with a comfortable ride that they will always be in control. Just enough for them to then move on to many powerful scooters once they get a bit older.

It’s got a max weight capacity of 120 pounds, runs on a 24V lead-acid battery, should go for a range of 6.5 miles or 10 kilometers, with 8 inches pneumatic wheels. This unit weighs 26 pounds easy enough for the young to operate.

It is made of an all-steel frame as well as its fork for a reliable and solid body that is sure going to give value for your money. So if you’re looking for a good electric scooter for your child then the Razor E100 should be on top of your list!

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2. T25, Razor Electric Scooter For Adults


  • Scooter’s Weight: 27lbs
  • Frame material: Aluminum
  • Max-speed: Up-to 10 miles per hour
  • Maximum rider weight: 220lbs
  • Max Range: Up-to 18 miles on a single charge
  • Motor: 250w, kick-to-start hub motor
  • Riding modes: 3 different riding modes and cruise control mode
  • Brake: Front electronic regenerative and rear disc brake
  • Throttle: Thumb activated
  • Battery: 36V, lithium-ion battery pack
  • Tires: Honeycomb style polyurethane wheels
  • Display: Digital LCD display which shows battery level current speed etc.

If you are looking for economical transportation, the T25 electric scooter will cater to your needs perfectly. Powered with a 250-watt brushless motor, T25 is a perfect combination of durability and reliability on the road. The electric scooter has a sturdy construction and easily accommodates riders at least 18 years old or above.

The upgraded motor permits you to drive at a top speed of 15.5MPH. It is suitable for daily commuting and recreational riding. Also, brushless motor is more durable than brushed motors. Plus, you can switch between different speeds with its speed variables.

It has cruising, pedestrian, and sports mode for speed. So, you can quickly switch between the speed modes. Also, at 18 miles range, the scooter is a perfect urban commuter. Its acceleration is thumb-controlled and ergonomically placed for quick access. This adds convenience for riders.

You can dash through the urban traffic hassle-free with the scooter. Its ergonomic handle and controls add safety too for riders.

It is crucial since most people focus on the battery capacity and range and forget about the rider’s protection. T25 is a great exception to it. It includes an electronic front and rear brake for superb control. Plus, its reflective decals and taillight come in handy in dark and low-light conditions with increased visibility. It lowers the risk of accidents.

The scooter is lightweight at 27 pounds. So, you can collapse it for comfy storage. It has, in fact, better portability than the Razor E100 scooter. Also, its folding is compact, and you may store it under the office cabinets. 

The electric scooter is truly unmatched with premium design, extra features, reliable control, and rivaled durability on the road, making it the best razor electric scooter for adults.

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3. Razor Power Core E90, Electric Scooter for kids 8+


  • Scooter’s weight: 21.62lbs
  • Frame: steel
  • Grips: Foam
  • Max-speed: Up-to 10 mph
  • Maximum rider weight: 120lbs
  • Max Range: 13 miles
  • Motor: 85w, hub motor
  • Brake: Hand operated front brake (caliper)
  • Throttle: Push button
  • Battery: 12V, lead-acid
  • Wheels: Spoked urethane front, rubber rear
  • Kickstand: Retractable
  • Age range: 8+

If you’re looking for a little bit more range as something your kids can enjoy with then take a look at the Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter. This unit is also designed for kids aged 8 years old and above. It’s got subtle differences in terms of features from our previous model so it’s worth checking out for sure.

The Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter can give your kids a thrilling ride for a decent continuous run for 80 minutes. That’s double the fun compared to our previous model so you or your kid would definitely appreciate it for sure.

It’s got a simple kick to start hub motor to deliver efficient rides with increased torque to make rides not only fun but thrilling enough for everyone. This unit features a rear-wheel-drive system aiming to deliver better traction, control as well as stability.

Your kids will learn how to kick off and gently push the throttle for smooth accelerations to cruise at 10 mph or 16 km/h which is this scooter’s top speed. This unit can handle 120 pounds of weight.

Runs on a 12V lead-acid battery, 85 watts of hub motor with a range of 13 miles or 21 kilometers. It is hand-operated with front brakes. It also weighs 21.22 pounds or 9.5 kilograms.

The Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter is built with an all-steel frame as well as its fork. It also comes with a flat-free and airless rear tire for needed durability. This unit won’t need any alignment, nor chain, nor belt to adjust.

That’s uncompromised quality from a top brand. If you’re a parent go check it out, I’m sure your kids would love a powerful lightweight model like the Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter.

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4. E Prime III, Best Razor Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults


  • Scooter’s weight: 24.2lbs
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Max-speed: Up-to 18mph
  • Fork: Steel 
  • Maximum weight capacity: 220lbs
  • Throttle: Electronic, thumb activated
  • Handlebar: Adjustable-height handlebar
  • Maximum Range: 15 miles on single charge
  • Motor: 250-w motor, hub drive
  • Brake: Dual braking system
  • Battery: 36V li-ion large battery
  • Wheels: 8″ air-filled front tire(pneumatic) and rear 8″ airless tire

That’s enough for introductory grade scooters for now and let’s move on to slightly heavy-duty ones, get to know the Razor E Prime III Electric ScooterNow, this unit is perfect for riders of all ages, especially for teens and adults.

The Razor E Prime III is the lightest amongst its series. It weighs only 24.2 pounds or 11 kilograms. This weight enables users to easily hand-carry them when needed as it also quickly folds into a convenient shape so you can take it with you to step on public transportation. The foldable design also makes it easy to store when at home or living in small apartments. Which is why it is also ideal to keep in dorms when living on campus.

The top speed for the Razor E Prime III budget Electric Scooter reaches 18 mph or 29 km/h. that’s all thanks to its powerful 250 watts kick-start motor. The 36 volts lithium-ion battery installed on it is responsible for its 15 miles or 24-kilometer range for a single charge.

The front tire is an 8-inch or 200mm and air-filled that’s armed for shock absorption and is actually quite ideal for any terrain. This type of tire boasts smoother rides on even the roughest terrain a scooter can get to.

Safety and stability are what the rear-wheel-drive promises. This wheel system helps in putting the weight to the rear and this enhances drive traction and eases steering at the same time. This is truly a scooter designed with its riders in mind.

It does not only look cool but is also equipped with LED headlights. There’s also a tail light that’s brake activated as well as decals that should reflect nicely for added visibility.

The Razor E Prime III Electric Scooter is also safe from theft. It’s got a lock point security design that helps you to lock your scooter to your chain or bicycle lock while you go buy something and leave it for a bit.

And lastly, the Razor E Prime III is crafted without compromising its quality. It is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and with anodized finishes. It also looks pleasing with its modern design. 

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5. E300, Best Razor Electric Motor Scooter for 11 years old


  • Scooter’s weight: 43lbs
  • Frame: Steel
  • Fork: Steel
  • Max-speed: Up-to 15mph
  • Max rider weight: 220lbs
  • Max Range: 10 miles
  • Motor: 250w, chain drive
  • Brake: Hand operated, rear brake
  • Throttle: Twist grip
  • Battery: (two 12V) sealed lead-acid battery
  • Wheels: 9″ pneumatic tires

The Razor E300 Electric Scooter is a popular model. Let’s get to know it better before you decide if it’s your next ride. This cool scooter comes in white/blue and grey matte colorways and should be one of the sleekest units on our list perfect for teens and adults alike.

The Razor E300 Electric Scooter has what you call a super-sized deck as well as frame and as mentioned, meant for teens and adults to get around places. It is armed with a powerful 250 watts motor with a high-torque and electric punch. This motor enables it to have a top speed of 15 mph or 24 km/h. That’s enough to give adventurous teens a thrilling ride with maximum cruise control once you get to top speed.

It is infused with a rechargeable 24 volts batters that’s enough to go for 40 minutes per single charging. This unit is good for teens aged 13 years and up. It can carry a load of 220 pounds, has a range of 10 miles or 16 kilometers, and has a hand-operated rear brake system.

It has 9 inches pneumatic wheels installed and weighs 43 pounds or 19 kilograms. The pneumatic front and rear tires should add stability and comfort should you ride on slightly rougher surfaces while being able to handle older slightly heavier riders.

This unit is also built with an all-steel frame as well as its fork. Of course, the frame and fork are trademarks of the Razor brand and are built to withstand the daily grind of city riding.

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6. E Prime Air, Best Razor Electric Scooter for teenagers and adults


  • Scooter’s weight: 21.78lbs
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Fork: Steel with plastic fender
  • Max-speed: Up-to 15mph
  • Max rider weight: 200lbs
  • Max Range: 10 miles
  • Motor: 250w, brushless hub drive
  • Brake: Hand operated rear brake
  • Throttle: thumb throttle
  • Battery: Li-ion battery
  • Wheels: 8″ airless rear , 8″ pneumatic front tire
  • Kickstand: Retractable

Let’s take our scooter game to a whole new level with the Razor E Prime Air Electric ScooterIf the Razor E Prime III is a bit much then check out its little brother instead and trust us, you’ll like what you’ll find!

When it comes to sleek design the Razor E Prime Air Electric Scooter will definitely be in the conversation. This unit has a cool black colorway with blue highlights that adds to its visual appeal.

This unit is a combination of Razor’s modern design and amazing specs. It’s got an electric hub-motor that’s high-torque that is definitely a trendsetter. After all, Razor scooters are armed with revolutionary features and proprietary tech all the time.

It’s got large 8 inches pneumatic meaning air-filled front tires and 8 inches flat-free or in other words, airless rear tires. This combination is sure to soften even tougher terrains into smooth rides.

The rear-wheel-drive system also boasts better traction and control for the riders. This unit’s top speed is at 15 mph, it’s got a hub-drive 250 watts electric motor, and a range of 10 miles. It can handle weight of 200 pounds and the scooter itself weighs 21.78 pounds.

This one is built with only quality materials. It’s got a 5-stage LED battery display indicator. Not only that it is made of an aluminum frame that’s sure to be durable and last a long time. As well as its one-piece billet and fork.

The Razor E Prime Air Electric Scooter is also infused with the brand’s anti-rattle technology which is sure to make your rides on it even smoother. You can ride it continuously for 40 minutes. And wait, there’s more! It’s got an extra-long and extra-wide extrusion, aluminum deck, as well as soft rubber grips that are prism-shaped. This ensures comfort even if you will utilize this scooter daily.

It will then also have a thumb-activated paddle and electronic throttle so the power of this scooter is literally right at your fingertips and full control not mentioning smoother acceleration.

Truly a design or the ages, so if you have a bit extra cash to spend on a scooter then take a look at this feature-packed model, and you won’t regret it for sure!

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7. EcoSmart Metro, Best Razor Electric Scooter for adults with seat


  • Scooter’s weight: 72.89lbs
  • Frame: Steel
  • Max-speed: Up-to 15.6 mph
  • Max rider weight: 220lbs
  • Range: Up to 12 miles per charge
  • Handlebar: Ergonomic style adjustable-height handlebar
  • Motor: 350w, hub motor
  • Brake: Hand operated rear drum
  • Throttle: twist grip
  • Battery: 36V, lead-acid
  • Wheels: Large 16″ pneumatic

Let’s get a bit innovative with our next best Razor electric scooter. We’re, of course, talking about the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric ScooterThere are a lot of reasons why we think you’d love this model so let’s get to it.

This is by far the most powerful from the Razor scooter that we’ve featured so far. It’s got a quiet motor that’s high-torque and runs at 350 watts of hub-driven power. It’s got a twist-grip throttle and can run at 15.5 mph or 25 km/h top speed with a range of 12 miles or 19 kilometers on a single charging.

The 36 volts rechargeable battery is eco-smart as well as super-efficient which is one great alternative mode of transportation without any need for gasoline.

Also, ride in comfort and style. This is the first scooter we are featuring on our list with a padded seat. It is also infused with a bamboo deck that provides plenty of room for your feet to rest upon.

Thanks to the 16 inches or 406mm pneumatic tube tires that are installed on it, which ensure a smooth ride every time. That’s standard bicycle tires for a scooter! So you won’t have any issues riding on rougher or even uneven terrains at all with the Razor Eco Smart Metro Electric Scooter.

This unit also has a detachable basket that comes with it installed right at the back of your seat. This enables you to conveniently take bag or groceries with you anytime, anywhere.

Sturdy and stable that’s what the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is all about. It is made with a tubular steel frame meant for solid rides. The rear-wheel-drive system then shifts the weight to its rear meant to enhance traction and at the same time ease the steering process.

This ride is meant for teens 16 years older but please do check in with your local law enforcement as to what is allowed. It can carry a max weight of 220 pounds, runs up to 60 minutes, and weighs 72.89 pounds or 33.13 kilograms.

Impressive, right? One of the best from “Razor” for sure!

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Here is a video of Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter,for adults with seat

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8. Power Core E100S, Best Seated razor Electric Scooter For Kids


  • Scooter’s weight: 36.50lbs
  • Frame: Steel
  • Max-speed: Up-to 11 mph
  • Max rider weight: 120lbs
  • Range: Up to 40 minutes
  • Motor: 350w, hub motor
  • Brake: Hand operated front caliper brake
  • Throttle: push button throttle
  • Battery: 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid battery
  • Wheels: 8″ polyurethane wheels

Have you ever asked yourself about the criteria for a superior electric kick scooter for kids? If you have asked it, you will find that you would want dependability, consistency, safety, and durability for kids’ scooters. The Razor E100S has all these plus more features.

The main benefit of E100S is its power core technology. It combines with the scooter design. So, you will get a 500% boost in battery power and 2X riding time compared to the E100. Also, it serves kids 8 years of age or older. The weight limit is 120 pounds, and it is sufficient to carry the kids along with their school bags or sports items without problems.

The wheels are made of polyurethane, while the deck is constructed of alloy steel. The combo ensures maximum durability in urban uses. But don’t consider it for uphill rides. It simply won’t match.

E100S also offers outstanding protection and convenience on and off the road. It has 60 minutes running capacity and offers 11MPH top-speed. It is enough for kids around 8 years to 10 years. And for safety, it features front caliper brakes. Kids can control it with their hands. The handlebar is also ergonomic and so comfortable.

For starting, the scooter equips with a throttle. Riders can use the push-button to press and start the throttled scooter. It isn’t difficult. Lastly, the scooter is exceedingly portable. Its storage is also convenient. Nonetheless, the E100S electric scooter isn’t meant for adult riders with limited load capacity and speed. But it is by far the best Razor electric scooter for kids that you can trust.

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9. E300S, Seated Razor Electric Scooter for kids above 12 years and girls


  • Scooter’s weight: 52lbs
  • Frame: Steel
  • Max-speed: Up-to 15 mph
  • Max rider weight: 220lbs
  • Range: Up to 10 miles
  • Motor: 250w, chain drive
  • Brake: Hand operated, rear
  • Throttle: twist grip throttle
  • Battery: 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid
  • Charge time: Up-to 12 hours
  • Wheels: 10″ pneumatic tires
  • Colors: Comes in variety of colors

Let’s take a gander at the Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter next! You’ll find some similarities with the previous model that we discussed but this unit has got a few different features that you might prefer so it’s worth checking out.

If you think about the Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter then what should come to your mind is comfortable rides even at high speeds. It’s got a larger than usual deck, tires, and frame that should be more than enough to handle teens and adults alike with overflowing energy for thrilling rides.

The electric chain-driven motor should let you cruise at 15 mph or 24 km/h top speed. The two 12 volts lead acid battery should give you 40 minutes of continuous ride time. This unit also has a padded seat that can be removed rather easily should you prefer standing while riding this scooter.

It’s got an all-steel frame as well as its fork for maximum durability. Extra-wide 10 inches pneumatic tires are also installed on this unit and are sure to lessen the bumps on the terrains that you are going to traverse.

It has a twist grip control for acceleration as well as a hand-operated rear brake.. The supersized deck then has a retractable kickstand for added convenience. The product weighs 52 pounds and comes with fun colors that are sure to be appealing to kids and teens alike.

Lots of thanks to the Razor brand for making sure to give us different configurations of electric scooters so we’d find the best model for our needs.

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10. E100 Glow, Best Razor Electric Scooter for 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 years old


  • Scooter’s weight: 26lbs
  • Frame: Steel
  • Max-speed: Up-to 10 mph
  • Max rider weight: 120lbs
  • Range: Up to 6.5 miles of range
  • Motor: 100w, chain drive
  • Throttle: Hand operated twist grip throttle
  • Brake: Hand operated, front
  • Throttle: twist grip
  • Wheels: 8″ pneumatic tires
  • Battery: 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid

Let’s review a few more motorized scooter that’s great for the kids, we’re talking about the Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter this time around. This unit should only have subtle differences with the first-ever Razor scooter we reviewed earlier but it should be nonetheless worth checking out.

The most important thing that a scooter should have especially if it’s marketed towards kids is safety. And that’s what the Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter is all about. The light-up deck with LED is not just meant for a stylish look but also for visibility needed as a safety precaution especially when your kids are riding outside when it’s a bit dark already.

The LEDs installed on the deck light up every time your kid twists the throttle. This scooter is running on a 100-watt motor that’s high-torque, single-speed, and chain driven. Its top speed is at a comfortable 10 mph or 16 km/h just enough to give the kids a thrilling ride but not as fast to still keep them safe.

It is then powered by two 12 volts rechargeable batteries that are of course sealed as these are the lead-acid types and should be enough for 40 minutes of continuous play. The 8 inches or 200mm front tires are the air-filled variety and is good enough to make tougher terrains as smooth as possible.

This unit is once again built with an all-steel frame as well as its fork that’s almost a signature of Razor scooter models. And of course, this unit is meant for rugged use too as a testament of its durable build.

Always ride with confidence! This unit is suited for kids 8 years old and above. Has a 120-pound weight limit, a range of 6.5 miles, and weighs 26 pounds. Razor does not compromise quality above all and this unit is no exception.

Think your kids may like this model then go grab it now!

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11. RX200, Best Razor Off-Road Scooter for both teenagers and adults


  • Scooter’s weight: 46.4lbs
  • Frame: Steel
  • Fork: Steel
  • Max-speed: Up to 12 mph
  • Max rider weight: 154lbs
  • Range: Up to 8 miles
  • Motor: 200w, chain drive
  • Brake: Hand operated, rear disc
  • Throttle: twist grip
  • Battery: 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid
  • Wheels: Heavy duty alloy with 60 PSI on/off road tires

Want some rough road action? Then the Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter might just be the ride that you’ve been looking for rough surfaces.

The Razor RX200 is meant to be ridden where the pavement ends. It is specially designed for tougher terrains armed with off-road tires, new gear ratio, and disc brakes meant for high-torque riding.

While most of the units we’ve listed are meant for city roads, this one begs to differ. Enjoy downhill rides and even go for some drifts for the Razor RX200 is capable of a few off-road tricks.

It’s got a top speed of 12 mph or 19 km/h and can go for 40 minutes. As mentioned, it’s got innovative rear disc brakes and has a twist grip throttle. The rear sprocket drive train armed with freewheel is built for coasting. Add some heavy-duty alloy wheels infused with 60 PSI tires meant for the off-road then you got yourself the ultimate electric scooter to go have thrilling rides on dirt tracks.

It’s got a riser style handlebar, full deck tape, and triple bolt clamp. Convenient retractable stand, a lightweight steel frame as well as its fork, and soft rubber grips to boot. This unit is then powered by two 12 volts lead-acid batteries.

The Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter is truly beefed up to get you on the toughest of the off-road tracks! Comes in sleek army green and black color design, your kids are going to love it for its power, versatility, and reliability.

It doesn’t get more innovative than this and only brought to by Razor.

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12. E200, Razor Electric Scooter for kids


  • Scooter’s weight: 46.4lbs
  • Frame: Steel
  • Fork: Steel
  • Max-speed: Up-to 12 mph
  • Max rider weight: 154lbs
  • Range: Up to 8 miles
  • Motor: 200w, chain drive
  • Brake: Hand operated, rear 
  • Throttle: twist grip acceleration control
  • Battery: 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid
  • Wheels: Front and rear 8″ pneumatic tires

The last entry for our best Razor electric scooter for kids is none other than the budget model Razor E200 Electric ScooterSome people say that this is the perfect scooter for teenagers and we just might agree with that claim!

The Razor E200 Electric Scooter is designed to be bigger and of course, more heavy-duty. It’s got a full-sized deck as well as a frame. This unit is designed for teens 13 years and up. Not only is this unit bigger but its raw power makes up for it and cements its reputation as a ride for teens.

It’s got smooth acceleration and motor power of 200 watts which is just enough juice to make it thrilling for teenagers. The motor is also then high-torque, chain-driven, and single-speed. It can go for 12 mph or 19 km/h top speed and can go for 40 minutes.

Whether your kids prefer to go on his or her solo rides or go cruising with friends this scooter is a perfect choice. It’s got a weight capacity of 154 pounds, runs on a 24V battery(lead-acid) that’s of course, sealed. Has a range of 8 miles or 12 kilometers.

Has a hand-operated rear brake, runs on 8 inches pneumatic wheels and the unit itself weighs 38.17 pounds. How’s that for our last entry? If you’re looking to get your teenager moving and not just getting their faces glued on their smartphones, then this should be a top choice!

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Razor Electric Scooter For Kids & Adults Buying Guide

Here are key aspects of what makes up a good Razor electric scooter. Buying the right model for you and your needs will make sure that your investment won’t go to waste and you’ll get the most out of your chosen electric scooter.

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1. Capacity

Here are the things that you first need to consider when buying an Razor electric scooter – speed and range. These two things determine the capacity of your E-scooter so you know whether a model is for kids, teens, or adults.

The slowest of the E-scooters suitable for kids as young as 8 years old goes at a top speed of 10 mph. The usual top speed would then be 15 mph with some models that can actually be used as daily transport can go as fast as say 18 mph with stronger models even faster.

When you talk about range, you are talking about how far will your E-scooter go. That will then be determined by your scooters’ top speed and its battery power which we are going to discuss next.

Also, the weight capacity of your E-scooter is quite important. Some can only handle 120 pounds of weight while most E-scooter suitable for adults can handle 220 pounds.

2. Battery

The most common batteries used for E-scooters are lithium-ion for more heavy-duty types and lead-acid batteries. There can be one or two batteries installed on an E-scooter with varying voltages from 12 volts to 36 volts.

Some can run for 40 continuous minutes with others capable of running the distance longer than say a couple of hours. This then determines the range of your E-scooter if it can go for 30 miles or 50 miles in one charging.

Charging usually takes as short as 3 hours to as long as 10 hours. Other units might need a day even.

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3. Construction & Brakes

The build quality of an E-scooter determines how comfortable it is to ride. You don’t want to ride on a shaky bone-cruising scooter.

You should also take a look at the material the frame is made of as well as its fork. Does it have plastic parts or an all-steel body? 

The handlebar should also have everything that you need to operate it. The throttle for acceleration and the brakes.

Speaking of brakes, an E-scooter may use electric, disc, or drum brakes, as well as foot brakes.

4. Wheels

Of course, you can’t forget about the wheels. The wheels installed on a Razor electric scooter determines where you can ride it and generally determines how smooth the ride will be.

You can choose between air-filled or solid wheels or even bulked-up wheels for tougher terrains. A good way to smoothen your ride when you always go for bumpy roads is to buy an E-scooter with suspensions.

5. Other Important Features

You may also take a look at an E-scooter that’s got additional features like LED lights or speed modes. Also, some high-end E-scooters have mobile apps that add functionality to it and even make the scooter a lot safer to operate.

You should also take a look at its size, cool factor or design, and the weight of the scooter itself.

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How to safely ride your Razor electric scooter

Yes, electric scooters give kids, teens, and adults alike a cool and easy alternative to get from point A to point B. But of course, the biggest concerns regarding these are pretty much revolving around safety. With the lack of proper lanes and laws enforced on scooters for everyone’s safety, it’s just right to be extra cautious when riding them.

Here are a few tips and tricks that you should observe when you go out and ride your electric scooters!

  • Always wear a helmet! You’ll never know when a helmet can save your life. Whether your kids are just playing outside the house or your teen is taking a ride to a store, you must ALWAYS make sure that they wear the proper headgear or helmet at all times.
  • Do ride solo. As much as we would like to share a ride with a friend or a special someone. Most scooters have a weight limit of mostly only 220 pounds. This means scooters are almost always meant to be ridden solo so refrain from sharing a ride as much as possible.
  • Practice defensive driving. Practice planning your ride. Know your route, the curves, the turns, and rules where you usually go. Know the hand signals when staying on roads if there’s no proper lane for scooters. Be courteous and always respect other vehicles on the road.
  • Make sure to maintain your scooter. As you would for cars or bikes, you need to make sure that your scooter is in top form. Defective scooters might experience some problems along the way and might result in you injuring yourself.
  • Don’t scoot under the influence. Sometimes, it’s tempting to ride you scooter the reckless way especially when we have consumed alcohol. And we tell you right now to never do it! You will not only put yourself in a dangerous situation but might also put other people in harm’s way. Be responsible wherever, whenever.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Razor Electric Scooters

When it comes to e-scooters, one of the most well-known brands in the industry is Razor. If you ask Razor themselves, they always like to say that their brand has always been at the forefront of innovations in mobility and they have been at it since 2000.

And they aren’t entirely wrong. Razor revolutionized the usual kick scooter and helped in making it a global phenomenon and make it a viable means of not just fun but also transport across all ages. Their first electric scooter was launched last 2003. Innovations when it comes to electric scooters have never stopped since then.

Electric scooters work by linking a battery to its motor. On its handlebar is a switch that can help you control the electric scooter’s speed as well as brakes.

E-scooters as it’s called have no specific speed with the slower ones running at 10 mph and the fast ones reaching up to 30 mph. Some models can be ridden downhill or rougher roads but some are strictly for city pavements. They come in different battery capacity, range, and a variety of features too.

So, what’s behind the popularity of these Razor electric scooters? Perhaps it’s because they are these compact and convenient ways of transport. Some are foldable and lightweight that you can just carry them around if needed and ride them virtually anytime, anywhere.

It’s great for quick errands for not so far destinations and you won’t have to get stuck in traffic just to get to an appointment. But perhaps it’s because it’s also cost-effective. You won’t have to worry about petrol or gas and they are also eco-friendly devices. On top of that, cruising on Razor scooters are really relaxing and not mentioning, a cool and stylish way of going to places.

In the year 2000, the well-known brand “Razor” began producing scooters. In the year 2003, they released their first electric scooter, which quickly became quite popular.

For now it’s safe to say that there aren’t that many rules or laws imposed on the use of electric scooters. So, it’s pretty easy to bring them with you anywhere. Also, you won’t need a license to ride one whether it’s just for fun or for usual daily transport. 

Razor is a popular brand, and they cater to the needs of different people with various models. You can expect the Razor electric scooter cost to range from $130 to $500. It will depend on the design, folding capacity, battery range, and speed mostly. So, fix your necessity and prepare the budget accordingly.

Razor offers different e-scooters for all ages of people. Following the trend, they have introduced three electric scooter models for adults. These models are Razor T25, EcoSmart Metro, and Prime. What’s more, they have recently brought a newer version of Razor Prime naming Razor Prime III. These e-scooters are built for 18+ years of people with sufficient load capacity.

It varies from one model to another. For instance, the recommended weight limit for E100 is 120lbs, E200 is 154lbs and E300 is 220lbs. Actually, the load capacity increases with the age limit for Razor electric scooters.

And whatever is their load capacity, all these scooters are sturdy and ready to offer kids a safe and fun ride in all situations. Also, increased load capacity means the scooter can carry some extra load such as school bags.

The difference between various Razor electric scooter models lies in their load capacity, battery range, and speed limit. For instance, E200 has a 12MPH speed with roughly 35-40 minutes of running time. On the contrary, E325 features a 15MPH speed capacity.

Each model also has a different weight limit recommendation. So, check the Razor electric scooters specifications carefully before you get one.

E-Prime Metro is the fastest electric scooter in Razor’s lineup. Its top speed is 18MPH which is suitable for kids over 12 years of age. Plus, the scooter also has a seat.  So, you can sit and ride the scooter comfortably. Plus, its control and smoothness make it a perfect choice for fun and neighborhood exploration.

You may compare its speed with other brands and find it a little below per. But Razor is committed to bringing consistency and safety with their electric scooters, and so, you can count on E-Prime for a superior riding experience.

The main differences between the Razor E90, E100, and E200 lie mainly in their load capacity and front-tier design. Both E100 and E200 scooters feature an 8-inch pneumatic tire on the front wheel.

All three models have an airless rear wheel. But the front wheel of E90 is made with spoke urethane. Also, you will see variations in their load capacity varying from 150lbs to 220lbs.

The average speed of Razor electric scooters is 10MPH or 16 KPH. It offers continuous riding for 40 minutes at the same speed. Its lightweight design will offer you a good riding experience despite having a low-speed.

You can simply connect the charger to the charging port to recharge Razor electric scooters. However, some preparation is required. If you have ridden it for an extended period of time, you must allow the battery and motor to cool down. Finally, make sure the charging space is neat and dry to prevent any accidents.

Final Thoughts On Razor Electric Scooter For Kids & Adults

Here they are—the best Razor electric scooters for both children and adults. Whether you are looking for your kid, teen, or yourself, Razor has got a model waiting for you to enjoy.

Thrilling rides, convenient run to the store, or for an everyday commute? Razor electric scooters have got you covered. Razor products are durable, reliable, comfortable, and of course, powerful. These eco-friendly modes of transportation should be utilized more to help clean the air and fight the negative effects of pollution on our world.

Electric scooters are not only cool or fun they are revolutionary designs to take us wherever we want to be. So, grab a Razor scooter, and ride with style!

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