13 Best electric skateboards/Longboards under $300 Budget, Of 2024

best electric skateboard under 300

13 Best Electric Skateboards, Longboards Under $300 Budget – 2024 Skateboarding has evolved immensely throughout the years and e-skateboards have become highly popular nowadays. You can use this transportation device for both daily commutes and for performing stunts. As soon as you hear the word electric, you probably thought that you need to spend a […]

Top 11 Best electric skateboards/Longboards under $500 of 2023

best electric skateboard under $500

Top 11 Best Affordable Electric Skateboard/ Longboard Under $500, Unbiased Buying Guide-2022 With the rise of technology, our vehicles tend to get a lot crazier in new features and operations. So it’s not a surprising thing that most people go head over heels after having their first encounter with an electric skateboard. An electric skateboard […]

12 Best Off Road And All Terrain Electric Skateboards On The Market – 2023

Best off road all-terrain electric skateboard

Top 12 Best Off Road Electric Skateboard/Longboard That Can Handle All Types Of Terrain-2023 Do you want to take your electric skateboarding journey to a new dimension? Then it’s time to get your hands on the best off-road and all terrain electric skateboard. Off-road skating isn’t as easy as it sounds. It comes with tons […]

Best Cheap Electric Skateboard/Longboard under $200, Skate Like a Hero

best electric skateboard under 200

Top 8 Best Cheap Electric Skateboards/Longboards Under $200 Of 2023 As they say, old school never gets old. The skateboard is still one of the coolest ways to get around, skateboarding is now recognized as an Olympic sport, and is more than just some game but a culture. Well, throughout the years you can’t stop […]