How To Charge An Electric Scooter Battery Without Charger

Electric scooters are gaining popularity in so many countries. You’ll probably see a few when you go outside in the streets of your city.

These run on batteries, and thus, they are super environment friendly. But batteries require charging.

how to charge a scooter battery without charger

There are several methods of charging an electric scooter without a charger that you can use. You’ll find many online tutorials on how to charge a scooter battery without a charger that are pretty effective. Let’s go over a few of them down below that you can use easily for that.

So, How to charge electric scooter without charger?

As people have a common misconception that scooter batteries can only charge with the charger that’s provided by the manufacturer company, that’s a myth. You can charge your scooter without the help of these chargers.

But surely, you are going to need some equipment for this. You’ll be able to make a portable home charger yourself. This gadget provides an adjustable voltage current to charge your scooter battery with ease.

Let’s go over the steps of making one by yourself.

A Step By Step Guide on How to Charge a Scooter Battery without a Charger – Build Your own Battery Charger Easily

It doesn’t matter if the scooter is from stores or BabyGearsLab, you’ll need a charger to charge the battery. Making your scooter battery charger isn’t as complicated as you might think.

But as you can probably guess, this method runs a risk of damaging the battery in the long run. To avoid that, make sure to go through the following steps.

You are going to need a few pieces of equipment to make a portable charger for your scooter battery.

You are going to need some deionized water or electrolyte. You can easily find that on any hardware store. Then you’ll need some electric cables for the connections.

Also, you’d have to purchase a voltmeter and a hydrometer to see what’s going on and inspect the charging properly.

Gloves and goggles are the most important thing that you have to get to ensure maximum safety. After you have everything, you’ll need a cool and dry place to work on.

To start the process, first, wear safety gear. That is the most important thing to do in the beginning. Working with batteries is not safe. Thus, it’s important to have good protection.

Once you have your gloves and the goggles on, detach the battery from the scooter and place it in a dry place. Now, remove the chamber caps as well.

All you have to do now is full up the chambers with deionized water. Make sure to pour it slowly. You don’t want to spill the water everywhere. Once you are done, you can put the cables accordingly to the negative and positive terminals and put the power on.

Now, you must check before proceeding any further. Use a voltmeter to see if the battery is fully charged or not. If it’s done, you can power it off and put the chamber caps back on.

Make sure that the battery is fixed properly to its place. That will do the job perfectly and charge up your battery.

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This method is one of the easiest methods to use. But there is some risk involved as the battery might overheat. It’s crucial to set the voltage and the current correctly for the best results in charging your scooter battery.

How to Charge Scooter Battery without Charger

Now that you know the basic method that you can use, you should know that there are other techniques as well. You might not want to invest in a variable power supply. In that case, those other methods might come in handy.

You might have everything you need already. Thus, it will save you both your money and time.

Common Steps

As there are a lot of methods on how to charge scooter battery without charger, all of them do not work equally and effectively.

Some of the methods are effective, practical, and easy. Those are the ones that you should follow. You must prioritize safety over everything while charging a scooter battery without charger.

Let’s have a look at the most effective methods of charging your scooter battery without a charger. The best thing about those is, you’ll not need to purchase anything extra to do this job. You probably have all the necessary items near you already.

But for every method, you’ll need to follow some common steps.

First of all, you’ll need to remove the battery from your scooter. It’s not safe to charge it while it’s in the scooter, as this will cause excessive heat buildup.

There might be some screws that hold the battery in the spot. Remove the screws and take the plate out to get the battery out.

After you get the battery out, it’s time to disconnect it. It’s a crucial step for you before you do anything with the battery. You need to remove the wires and connectors to avoid any kind of issues.

After dealing with all the steps, you should position the battery into a dry place where it’s easier to work with.

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Using a portable car jumper to charge the scooter battery

It’s one of the best methods you can use to charge your scooter battery. It’s a pretty convenient method that most people use nowadays. As most people have cars, it’s very easy to use this method almost anywhere.

Go through the following process to charge your scooter battery without a charger.

how to charge a mobility scooter battery without charger

Connect the Jumper to the Battery

The first thing you need to do is connect your jumper to the battery. As you probably know, which wire connects to which. Make sure to connect the wires accordingly which is the black wire to the negative and the red wire to the positive.

You should check for any leaks and brakes in the battery. It might be dangerous for you to use a car jumper on such batteries.

Turning the Jumper on

After the wires are connected to the port, it’s time to start the jumper. Switch it on, and that should charge up your scooter battery.

It will take anywhere from 20 minutes or more to charge it fully. Make sure you don’t disconnect it while you are charging. It requires caution as it has a risk of damaging the battery in the long term.

Disconnecting the Jumper

When the battery is full, it’s time to disconnect the jumper. You have to be very careful to avoid getting shocked while doing it.

First of all, you need to unplug the negative port from the car jumper. Then it’s much safer to unplug the positive port. After you are done with all these, your electric scooter battery is fully charged and ready to go.

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Using a Universal Power Adapter To Charge The Scooter Battery

Those are devices that you can find at any hardware store. It’s great if you are looking for how to charge a scooter battery without a charger. Besides, a universal power adapter is a pretty handy device that you might need for a lot of things.

But like every other method, it involves some risk. To charge your battery using a universal power adapter safely, you need to follow the rules given below.

how to charge a scooter battery without charger

Connecting the Variable Power Supply

Start by connecting the connectors. You probably know that the red one connects to the positive, and the black one connects to the negative electrode. Place them in the spot properly.

Setting the Voltage

This part is very important for the safety of your battery. You should look at the owner’s manual for getting an idea of how much voltage is supported in the scooter battery. Contacting the manufacturers will be a great idea in that case.

But typically, setting the voltage 4.30/cell would be enough. It’s preferred for you to set it right in this range.

Setting the Current

You also need to be careful about the current. Too much of it will overheat the battery, and you don’t want this to happen.

It’s recommended to set the current at 20% of the capacity of your scooter battery.

Waiting for Charge

Now that you are done with the steps shown above, it’s time to wait for a bit. The battery will be charged as the supplied current will drop. When the current falls at 3% or below, it’s time to disconnect it and put the battery back in the scooter.

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Charging the Different type Of Batteries

Unlike any regular scooter such as the Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter – Red, having batteries allow you to ride your scooter without any effort. There are several types of batteries that are getting common for electric scooters.

When it comes to charging batteries, different batteries require different methods to charge up effectively while ensuring safety. Let’s go over them down below.

Lead Acid Scooter Batteries

First of all, you need to measure the voltage before you even start to charge a lead-acid battery. The number of cells typically determines that in a battery.

After you get the correct calculation, you just need to use an adjustable power supply to charge it up. You’ll need to set the voltage and the current limits in which you want to charge the battery.

how to charge a moped battery without charger

For instance, the average lead-acid has 2 volts per cell. That means, for a 12-volt battery of that type, you’ll need to set the voltage to 12 volts.

Also, you must select the charging current accordingly with the size of the battery. It’s better to adjust the current between 10-30 percent of the rated capacity for an average-sized lead-acid battery.

As an example, a battery that’s 10Ah charges at around 3-Amps at 30 percent capacity. That can be a bit higher or lower. Thus, a battery with 80Amps will require an 8A current charge normally.

If you take a look at the battery charger info, you’ll see that it’s risky to use a variable power supply to charge a battery. You must stay present at the moment to avoid any risk. If you are asking, “Is it bad to use your phone while charging?”, the answer would be a yes.

You should stay alert and monitor the temperature, voltage, and current flow as the battery is charging. Make sure to only charge it in a well-ventilated room with a normal temperature. You should always remove the charger when the battery is charged.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that you should keep the voltage level slightly high. That keeps you from damaging the battery in the long term.

You might find methods like charging a deep cycle battery from cigarette lighter socket. But it’s better not to use those methods to ensure the safety of your scooter battery. Also, it doesn’t matter even if you use the best way to charge trolling motor batteries; the battery drain is a common issue.

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Charging a Lithium-Ion Battery

It’s the most used battery in the electric scooters nowadays. If you know how to charge a motorcycle battery without a charger, then you know you can charge the battery using a power supply. But the measures are not as simple as the lead-acid batteries.

It’s recommended to ensure that the full charge is mostly 4.20 volts per cell. Now, you just have to set the voltage and the current flow by that. Make sure that you inspect the monitor thoroughly and see if the cells connected are exceeding the voltage flow.

Ultimate guide to electric scooters

Again, just like the lead-acid battery, you need to disconnect the charger when it’s fully charged. The charge will reach 4.20 volts per cell voltage, and the current will drop at 3 percent. That’s when you know that you need to disconnect the charger.

Charging NiCd and NiMH Batteries

These batteries require more precautions on your side to charge without a charger. You’ll be able to charge it with an adjustable power supply. But the full-charge detection varies with charge current making it pretty challenging for you.

You should always keep an eye on the estimated level of remaining charge, and the temperature rises. It’ll be wise to calculate the charge time as well. A standard 2Ah NiMH battery takes 3 hours to charge at around 750-1000mA fully.

how to charge a razor sdcooter without charger

As you probably know, battery draining can be an issue sometimes. That’s why it’s important to get a good quality battery charger in the first hand. You might ask, “What’s the difference between a discount store battery charger and an industrially rated unit? It’s better for battery life in general.

However, you should use a voltmeter on the NiCd and NiMH batteries. They should have a reading of 13.7-13.9 volts. It’s a preferable voltage. But anything less than a 12 bolt tells that it’s a depleted battery.

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Tips for a Better Battery Life of the Scooter

An electric scooter is nothing like a wagon for two plus willow green. You have to take care of its battery. It doesn’t require a lot from your side. But you should follow the steps down below to better the battery life of your scooter.

1. Avoid Overloading at All Costs

An e-scooter is not a John Deere Bicycle Ride on Toy, Green, 16 Inches that is for certain. That means it can overload sometimes due to some issues.

There is a certain weight capacity that is optimal for your scooter. You should never put excessive weight on your electric scooter. That risks overloading the mechanism of your scooter, which puts pressure on the battery.

So, measure the payload capacity and don’t put too much weight on your scooter to have better battery life.

2. Don’t Change the Speed Often.

Often changing the speed also is not the best thing you can do to have better battery life. It’s not good for a scooter battery if you crank it to top speed all of a sudden.

3 .Starting the Scooter Gradually

It’s better to take your time starting up your scooter. That takes the load off of its battery. Thus, making it last longer for an extended period. So, it doesn’t matter if your scooter is top-ranked by Route Vibes, take your time in the acceleration to maintain the longevity of the scooter battery.

4. Maintaining Proper Pressure in Tires

This is another thing that you need to consider. The pressure on the tire makes your e-scooter go much smoother. That also takes off so much load from the battery. Make sure to check if the tires have a decent amount of pressure or not from time to time.

5. Saving the Energy

You are turning your scooter off while not riding a good habit to develop. It will save so much power. Also, that makes the battery more durable. And be sure to charge it properly after using it.

To Wrap Up

There you have it. Those were a few methods on how to charge a scooter battery without a charger that you can use almost anywhere. As you saw, these are simple to use methods to use on a battery.

But it’s always better to use the industrially rated charger. But if you can’t get one, either of these techniques will get your job done pretty well. Just be a little cautious while using any of those methods as there is a slight risk involved.

However, these are quick and easy ways to charge up your batteries in any scenario you might not have a charger. Use the one which feels most convenient to you.

Now you know a lot on how to charge electric scooter without charger that you can use in real life. Hopefully, that will help you in case of emergencies.

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