Do You Need Insurance For An Electric Scooter? An In-Depth Discussion

Electric scooters are a popular micro-mobility vehicle and have become a mainstream riding partner for many people. It happened because of its economic benefits and easy riding facilities. Although it truly offers some amazing benefits, it is associated with accidents and theft risks on the roads.

Thus, when you buy an electric scooter, you need to consider a few facts. One of the crucial facts is the insurance policy and its importance. So, do you need insurance for electric scooters? Also, how do you get insurance coverage for e-scooter?

Because electric scooters have increased power, speed, and risk association, you will need a driver’s license and insurance in most countries. It occurs because authorities treat e-scooters as if they are motorcycles (which they are) and therefore, same set of traffic rules are applicable.

Do You Need Insurance For An Electric Scooter

In this article, we will explain the importance and necessity of e-scooter insurance, as well as how to extract the best possible benefits. So, if you don’t want your investment in an electric scooter to be ruined by accidents and thefts, please stick with us and read on.

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Do You Need Insurance For An Electric Scooter?

The requirement of insurance for electric scooters varies from one country to another. Also, it depends on how different government and traffic authorities perceive electric scooters.

The owner of an electric scooter is not required by US, federal, or state law to have an insurance. As e-insurance magazine reports, electric scooter owners will only need their driving license to ride in the streets. They don’t need any insurance for it at all.

But that’s only about federal and state traffic rules. What about the real-world significance of e-scooter insurance?

Companies will not provide you with any insurance policies when you purchase a motorized scooter. When you ride an e-scooter on the roads, its compactness and portability make it highly vulnerable to theft. Also, as per the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s report on e-scooter suggests, accidents linked with electric scooters and e-bikes have seen a sharp rise in the last few years, especially in the 2017-2021 period.

The report showed that injuries due to micro-mobility increased to 57800 in 2020 from only 34000 injuries in 2017. Also, in the three years, around 190000 people had visited the Emergency Room (ED) due to micro-mobility accidents.

This single report demonstrates how the booming use of e-scooters is increasing road risk factors. As a result, you must obtain health insurance at the very least. In addition, many countries provide umbrella insurance to e-scooter owners.

Furthermore, the e-scooter is small and portable. While these advantages make riding the vehicle more convenient and comfortable, they also make the vehicle more vulnerable to theft. You should cover your electric scooter with theft insurance for this reason.

Many household and vehicle insurance companies offer theft insurance for e-scooters. For example, Elvia by Allianz, a Swedish insurance company, provides household insurance for electric scooters that include theft liability.

Do electric scooters need insurance in UK?

We have already mentioned in the previous section that you do not need an insurance policy to legally ride electric scooters in the United States. You just need to follow the traffic rules set by different state authorities for e-scooters.

But, what if you are in the UK? Do you need insurance in the UK?

Insurance is not required in the United Kingdom. It is because the UK government does not even consider electric scooters as a viable alternative to conventional vehicles on the road. Yes, e-scooters are legal in the United Kingdom. The authority does not necessarily prevent you from purchasing and operating an electric scooter.

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Theft insurance for electric scooter

Nonetheless, you are only limited to using it in private properties. At present, you can’t ride an electric scooter on the roads just like you would do with your motorcycles and cars.

Only a very few of insurance providers in the UK provide health or umbrella coverage for e-scooters. Despite its eco-friendly benefits, it is frustrating to see the UK government’s response to electric scooters. We hope they understand its benefits soon and make it a legal vehicle to ride on public roads and streets.

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Type of Scooters and Their Insurance Policy

In recent years, electric scooters have emerged as a popular mode of transportation. As a result, the associated traffic and insurance laws have yet to be fully developed. It has thrown the e-scooters into disarray.

Moreover, different states in the US and also European countries perceive differently for various types of scooters. When you get your first e-scooter, you need to learn about these classifications of scooters since many of them often get overlapped in real life.

Kick scooter:

Kick scooters are usually sold without seats and have two to four wheels. They start with a kick and were previously associated with children’s toys. However, many companies now manufacture electric kick scooters with a motor and battery.

Insurance is not generally required for kick scooters. You are also restricted to riding them on public roads. Check your local traffic laws before hitting the road.

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Electric scooter:

Today’s main topic of discussion is motorized or electric scooters. They are also known as stand-up scooters or electric kick scooters. Manufacturers typically set the speed limit at 20 mph, and you should not need insurance to ride it on public roads.

Nonetheless, it would be beneficial to consider the risk of theft and accidents.


The moped has two wheels and is much like the standard motorcycle. However, it differs from the motorcycle in two important points. Firstly, its engine capacity is below 49cc. Its speed limit is below 30MPH.

Since different governments and authorities have set different rules for mopeds, you should contact your local authorities about their insurance policies. Many insurance companies do offer insurance for mopeds.

Motor scooters:

Motorized scooters are an improved version of mopeds with motor capacity going over 49cc. These vehicles’ insurance and registration policy vary extensively from one model to another. So, it is advised that you check with local insurance companies.

Kick scooters, electric scooters, and mopeds are not required to have insurance in the United States. In fact, only a few states in the USA, like California, have made e-scooter streets legal for people over 16 years old. Yet, the speed limit is set at 25MPH only.

As previously stated, you do not require insurance to ride your electric scooter on public streets. However, this only applies to the government and traffic laws. Consider other factors before deciding whether or not to insure your electric scooter.

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Insurance coverage for e scooters

“Do you need electric scooter insurance in case of an accident?” Is it possible to get one for theft?

Now, we will jump into these facts. Additionally, we’ll go through insurance issues for electric scooters and ways to lower the prices. It will be useful since e-scooters aren’t as expensive as cars, and you might not stack up on its pricing with the high-insurance amount. Also, it will be useful for people with a tight budget.

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Insurance Coverage for E-scooter: What Happens When You Have Accidents?

For electric scooters, the insurance policy has two parts. These include:

  1. Insurance for e-scooter of ridesharing companies
  2. Insurance of personal electric scooters

Usually, ridesharing companies have proper insurance for their vehicles for any accident. As a result, their vehicles are adequately insured in the event of an unanticipated mishap. The rider, however, is responsible for any harm caused to the other vehicle. Although it has become a norm, this e-scooter insurance coverage for ridesharing companies is harsh.

As the Terms and Conditions of e-scooter ridesharing companies clearly state that they can’t be held accountable for any injuries to riders; they are sadly left on their own. Thus, we recommend having at least health insurance for riding shared electric scooters.

Now, let’s look at personal electric scooter insurance policies and coverage. It has different levels of rules and regulations. Most importantly, there is no coverage if the rider is found to be at fault for the accidents.

For example, if you encounter a head injury while riding your electric scooter because you did not wear a helmet, insurance companies will hold you personally responsible. Similarly, you will not receive any insurance benefits for such incidents.

What’s more alarming is that most vehicle and household insurance companies have yet to develop any useful, practical, and authentic electric scooter insurance policies. It happens because of the murky rules of the US federal and state government about motorized vehicles.

Long story short, most insurance companies won’t provide you with many benefits for e-scooter accidents and property damage. More or less, the policy remains the same, more or less, for the personal and rent e-scooters across the US.

For example, all insurance policies specify that if you get involved in an e-scooter accident, you may then be required to pay for the damages and hospital bills out of your own pocket. It stands in stark contrast to the insurance policies provided for vehicles like cars and SUVs. 

Nonetheless, you might claim for property damages and repair expenses of your e-scooter from the other participant on the mishap.

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Types of Insurance For Electric Scooters

It happens because automobile insurance doesn’t apply to vehicles with less than four wheels. Thus, Insurance Journal suggests personal electric scooter riders avoid e-scooter potholes as it fails to cover their safety in most cases. Plus, your premiums will be close or similar to full-fledged cars, such as $10000 to $20000, although e-scooters are gettable under $1000.

If you decide to buy insurance, you should look for methods to lower your insurance prices. We will discuss it in the following section.

Lastly, here is a piece of surprise information that may trick you. Many automobile insurance companies even offer securities for bicycles and e-bikes but don’t cover motorized scooters. It isn’t very clear!

So, we suggest you get theft and health insurance. It will help you get the medical benefits if you experience any injuries and need to visit the Emergency Room (ED).

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Theft insurance for electric scooter

Electric scooters are lightweight and portable. While it improves your riding comfort, it also makes it easier for thieves to steal your e-scooter. For this reason , you should always have your electric scooter locked in a parking lot, a train station, or in front of a bar.

What’s more, at times it might get stolen from your home too. So, what happens when your electric scooter gets theft? Will you get insurance coverage for the theft?

If your e-scooter is stolen from your home and you have property insurance, you can file a claim for compensation. Nonetheless, if your motorized scooter is outside of your home, you cannot file an insurance claim.

As a result, it is unlikely that your electric scooter will have theft coverage. So, even if you have property or household insurance, be aware of it.

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Types of Insurance For Electric Scooters You May Consider

The insurance plans for an electric scooter are not universally available. You could look into the two types of insurance listed below.

Health insurance:

Although health insurance is not directly related to e-scooter’s safety, it may come in handy in the case of an accident. When you purchase health insurance, it will cover your medical expenses. As a result, you will get full or partial coverage for in case of an accident riding e-scooters.

However, keep in mind that if the insurance company finds you to be at fault for the accident, you will most likely be denied coverage.

Umbrella insurance:

Previously, umbrella insurance would cover household properties as well as bicycles, pools, and so on. It now includes coverage for electric scooters. It includes coverage for medical treatments as well as property damage.

If you have an accident while using your e-scooter and need to see a doctor, umbrella insurance should cover the costs. As a result, you’ll be at ease while still receiving adequate coverage.

Additionally, check with your insurance provider to see what kind of coverage is available for motorized scooters. Also, read their terms and conditions to fully understand what facilities you will receive and what will be lacking.

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Reasons Why Should Get An Electric Scooter Insurance:

Yes, we must admit that electric scooter insurance is quite confusing. Furthermore, most companies have yet to develop an appropriate insurance pattern for motorized scooters. However, this should not prevent you from insuring the vehicle.

Here’re a few points that should help you know about the importance of electric scooters.

  • When you ride an e-scooter, you might get injuries due to accidents as you fall from it. Or it might hit the pedestrian or traffics. Thus, you will get coverage for the accident, covering your medical expenses.
  • When you have the right insurance, you can repair the vehicle’s damage from the insurance coverage. It will help you lower your e-scooter maintenance and repair costs.
  • When you have theft insurance for e-scooter, you will have insurance coverage for scooters from stealing. Thus, it will bring peace of mind knowing that you can get a new scooter with insurance coverage even if it gets lost.

Never forget your safety:

Whether or not you have e-scooter insurance, you should never forget to take proper safety precautions before every ride. You must wear protective gear like helmet as well as knee and elbow pads.

Also, you should follow the traffic rules while riding the scooter on public roads. It includes not crossing the speed limit of 25MPH, ensuring good rear and front headlamps, etc.

Moreover, you should always be attentive while riding the e-scooter since different sources suggests that the inattentiveness of the rider is one of the main reasons for e-scooter accidents.

Final Words

Do you need insurance for electric scooters?

There are no government or traffic regulations governing e-scooter insurance. As a result, there is no need for insurance to ride yours on public roads. On the other side, collisions and thefts are common with e-scooters.

Therefore, you should protect your vehicle from accidents and theft by insuring it properly. It will support you in paying for your medical bills if you go through an accident. Also, remember to maintain the proper safety requirements in place to increase your protection. It is even more critical.

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