How Does An Electric Scooter Work [Mechanism Explained]

Electric rides are getting pretty popular in city streets these days. They don’t make a lot of noise and are environment friendly as they do not produce gas fumes. Also, they are quite easy to operate. Thus, it’s very suitable for day to day life.

But the concept of a scooter running on electric energy is still not clear to a lot of people. From the parts to the operation, it might be a bit confusing. So, now you are probably wondering how does an electric scooter work?

The mechanism can’t be explained within a few words. Let’s discuss the topic in greater detail down below.

how does an electric scooter work 2 How Does an Electric Scooter Work [Ultimate Guide]

Electric Scooters: Everything You Need To Know about how it works.........

As a small ride, it runs on a couple of basic mechanisms. Let’s go over the ultimate guide to electric kick scooters and discuss all the mechanisms, parts and functions of an e-scooter down below.

Types of Electric Scooters

Before going over how does electric scooters work, you should get clear on the types of scooters that are available. There are 3 main types of e-scooters available out there. One is designed for kids, one’s for adults and college students, another one is 3 wheel seated electric scooters. Scooters designed for kids are much smaller compared to the designs that are for adults. Also, these tend to go for a single motor in them. It’s mainly because a kid doesn’t weigh too much, and thus, the motor doesn’t get too much pressure. You’ll easily find these scooters under 200 bucks in the market.

But electric scooters that are designed for adults are a bit more powerful. As they have to carry more weight, they usually come with 2 motors. Usually, it will cost you more than 500 dollars to get an electric scooter that’s designed for heavy adults.

Finally, the 3 wheel seated scooters are designed for adults. If you are asking, “Can I take it for a long drive?”, then it’s the right type of scooter for you. The seat allows for maximum comfort if you choose to drive for an extended period. But take note that you won’t be able to fold a seated electric scooter like the other ones.

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Electric scooter parts

The anatomy of an electric scooter will help you understand the whole thing better. All the parts in the scooter have different purposes. Let’s explain some of the basic parts of an electric scooter.

1. E-scooter Battery

As an electric scooter runs on battery, it’s certainly the most important part of it. Most of the scooters use lithium ion batteries. You might recognize these types of batteries. They are commonly used on mobile phones or even laptops all over the world.

Ultimate guide to electric scooters

An electric scooter’s rechargeable batteries usually has 40-45 minutes of a lifetime. That is enough for a ride of 10 to 25 miles on a single charge. That vastly depends on the electric motor of your e-scooter.

A good battery like a levy electric battery will last longer. But as the battery gets older, the charge will tend to drop very quickly. That’s why you might need to replace the lithium ion battery to get more durability in battery life.

2. The motors

Electric kick scooters mostly use brushless DC motors to run them. Those brushless motor uses direct current technology that is attached to the wheels. These types of motors are also known as HUB motors.

how do electric scooters work

Most of the scooters out there come with a single brushless DC motor. But some of the more powerful models out there use two brushless motors. An adult electric scooter will have motors on both wheels at times for more power.

The power of these motors is measured with wattage. A basic electric scooter comes with a motor that’s around 250 watts. A bit better adult scooters will have a dual 500 watts motor, making it more powerful. But some of the extreme performance electric scooters actually come with dual 1200 watts motors.

You definitely don’t need to get that high power motor. Those are very expensive, and typically, you’ll not need that type of motor in your scooter. Going with an average motor is going to be just enough for your day to day life.

3.The Speed Controller

The electric scooter controller uses accelerator input to send power to the motor. That helps you to have control over your speed.

No matter what you are riding, speed is an important thing to consider. You can’t just go reckless as it risks lives. Accidents can take place in just a matter of seconds. You must ride your electric scooter at a reasonable speed at all times. Know that electric scooter powertrain also splits power.

The speed controller deals with this issue. That mechanism is used to monitor and control the speed you are going through. It is a critical part of an e-scooter that distributes the power to the motor, which allows you to go with a speed that you like.

The controllers are rated based on the voltage, just like the motors. The more powerful scooters typically have controllers with higher max voltage ratings. The max current rating is also higher for those models.

You should always go with the high-end models as they have the most secure controllers. The cheaper ones have controls that are more likely to malfunction, which you really want to avoid. That would be a real pain to take it for repairs constantly.

4.The Deck of Scooter

The deck is the part where you stand on. For an electric scooter, the deck is pretty important. Some of the more premium scooter company uses rubberized decks for a better hold.

The grip is really crucial as it allows you to have better center of gravity to prevent you from falling off the deck as you ride. Slippery decks are never a preferable choice for anyone. Also, too short decks are not recommended as they will bug you. An average of 14 inches by 5 inches is enough. But feel free to go for more as it’ll help to give you more space and freedom.

Are Electric Scooters the Future? How Do They Actually Work?

5.The Stem

This is the part that connects the handlebars with the front wheel. A good stem helps to give the rider the most stability and control over the scooter.

Most of the scooters out there actually have a folding mechanism. But that can cause frustration due to some of its instability issues. That’s why you should always go for a premium electric scooter that has a stable and durable stem.

6.Brakes and The Tires

Brake controls is the most important aspect of driving a ride, whether small or big. A good braking system ensures maximum safety while riding the scooter.

You’ll find scooters with three different braking systems, mechanical, electronic and disc brakes.

Mechanical braking systems offer a much more strong break than the electric brakes. But it requires adjustments and maintenance from time to time. The electronic brakes are pretty easy to operate.

Whether it’s a mechanical or electronic brake, you should always go for a good braking system to make sure that you have the most safety and control.

As for the tires, it’s equally as important as the brakes. A good tire allows for better friction with the surface for more control and effective braking.

You’ll find pneumatic tires and solid tires in the market. These are the two types of tires available. One is air-filled, and the other one is airless. The pneumatic tires are better than the airless solid tires. They are better in adverse road conditions. Thus, you’ll get better and comfortable ride quality.

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7. Lights

Lights are really an optional thing that you can go for. Nowadays, an electric scooter comes with a light built-in. But not all are powerful and bright enough.

parts of an electric scooter

If you ride at night, lights are crucial for you. It helps you to ride with better safety. So, going for an electric scooter with good-quality lights is preferable.

8. Suspension

High-performance electric scooters feature amazing suspension that helps to add another dimension to your rides. It basically helps to reduce the effects of bumps.

how electric scooter works

You’ll probably not see this feature in most of the basic scooters. But as you go through more premium electric scooters, you’ll definitely find that they have featured any kind suspension.

Frequently asked Questions About How Electric Scooter Works

Let’s go over some of the most frequently asked questions down below.

1. How can I charge my electric scooter?

Most of the electric scooters are powered by batteries. The Li-Ion batteries are the most commonly used batteries in these scooters. You may recognize those as some of the laptops or even smartphones use Li-ion batteries as a power source.

But as the charge gets low on your scooter, you’ll see a great decrease in the speed. And if you keep riding it without charging, the wheels will get locked in place.

The process of charging is really simple. You just need to plug the cable into a power socket. That will get the job done perfectly. It’s recommended to charge until the battery percentage is at 100%.

Also, make sure to try to charge the batteries before they get too low. It helps to increase the longevity of the battery of your scooter.

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2. Does an electric scooter have a motor?

Yes, the electric scooters do have a motor. Most of the scooter designed for adults have hub motors built into both wheels, or even just one. One motor is found on the basic electric scooters, and you’ll find two motors in more powerful scooters.

These types of motors function with brushless direct current. Those are rated with wattage. The more powerful the motor, the more watts it will have. 500 watts is a pretty good number for an average electric scooter. But you’ll certainly find some models with dual 1200 watts motors too. But the most basic ones will have motors around 250 watts.

3. What type of motor is used in electric scooter?

The electronic scooter runs on brushless DC motors. They are also known as HUB motors. They are directly connected to the wheels. There is no exterior gear system as it’s not required for these types of motors.

Those motors are great for scooters. The design of the motor makes it less bulky so that it can fit perfectly in a scooter. As it takes less space, it suits the purpose of a scooter.

Most of the electric scooters use just one BLDC motor. But you’ll even see 2 motors used in some of the more powerful scooters out there.

4. Can you use an electric scooter as a normal scooter?

Well, yes. You can use an electric scooter as a normal scooter.

Most of the electric scooters are not able to run for more than 40 minutes or so. That means you might have to use it manually every once in a while.

For the dual scooters, it’s pretty obvious. They are designed for both electronic and manual use. So you can just hop on and use it whenever the battery is down. Make sure that you have consumed the battery before going manual. Also, be sure to charge it back up as soon as you can.

But if you own a scooter that doesn’t support dual mode, you might have to get off of it and push it to wherever you want to go. That’s far better than folding the scooter and carrying it around.

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5. How do brakes in electric scooter works?

There’re multiple brakes in e-scooter that work differently. For instance, the foot brake consists of a fender covering the rear wheel. When you push the rear fender, it slows down the rear wheel with added friction. Next is the regenerative brake, which has a brake lever. When you pull it, the brake pads will tighten up the scooter rotor and causes friction to stop the e-scooter while returning some of its energy as kinetic energy for speeding up the scooter.

For proper braking, slightly lean back on the deck and apply the hand brake for an effective stoppage and safe rides.

6. How do controllers in electric scooters work?

The controller of the e-scooter is used to regulate power flow from the battery to the motor. It is nothing except an Electronic Circuit (EC) to control the scooter speed. When you trigger the throttle, it receives a signal input ad then controls the power flow from the battery by regulating its current capacity.

As it regulates the current flow and power, it also controls the e-scooter speed. Plus, it also helps in regenerative braking capacity. Its capacity is measured with voltage and current output starting from 36V and 10A to going up by 100V and 400A.

For regenerative braking, it converts the heat energy of the wheel into kinetic energy for extra mileage without losing the battery capacity.

7. How does suspension in electric scooters work?

A good suspension can make daylight of difference in your riding comfort on an e-scooter. A standard suspension consists of preload, coil, shock, and limiter straps. These components combine to reduce the impacts while driving an electric scooter on roads.

The preload is designed to raise the suspension level of the scooter. Next, there is the coil or spring of the commuter. It goes through up and down movement to absorb the impact of shocks. The spring is controlled by the shock to keep the scooter wheels on the ground. Finally, the limiter strap works to reduce the shock impact. The entire combination of the suspension offers a smooth and comfy ride with continuous movements to match your riding style.

8. How to perform electric scooter maintenance?

For regular maintenance, check the tires’ pressure and make sure it is between 80-130PSI. Also, at least once a month, check the brake pads to help them function properly. On top of it, you may need to change the brake pads once in a year as it wears out due to external elements.

Next, you need to care for the e-scooter battery. Ideally, you should charge it whenever it reaches 30% of its capacity and never completely drain it. Plus, never store the battery at freezing temperature and let water enter the battery casing. Last but not least, once every month, clean the e-scooter wheels, tires, and deck for improved performance and longevity.

9. Do electric scooters have gears?

Technically speaking, e-scooters don’t have conventional gears. Instead, it uses the latest single-speed transmission mechanism to control its speed settings and riding modes. It is equipped with a unique motherboard inside, which controls its speed settings. When you press the throttle to choose from various riding modes of the e-scooter, it sends a signal to the battery to release the required energy to the motor.

The transmission of power from the battery to the motor is performed through wiring. The entire process is known as single-speed transmission. Also, if your scooter has cruise control, you can quickly activate it by pressing the acceleration button or throttle for 5 seconds. And you can press any brakes to switch it off promptly.

10. How long can an electric scooter last in one charge?

It’s subjective for every scooter. Most of the scooters out there will last 40-45 minutes on a single battery charge . Thus, you’ll be able to do 10 to 80 miles depending on your motor and the battery of your scooter.

The battery plays a huge role in determining how long the scooter can go per battery charge. Premium scooters undoubtedly have more powerful batteries that allow for more longevity. You should take note that as the battery gets older, the battery life will also drain much faster.

Finally, the number of motors also has an impact on how long your scooter can go on one battery charge.

Final Thoughts On How Does An E-Scooter Work

Now you know everything about how does an electric scooter work. You might be able to see that it’s not as complicated as it seems. And there is a lot of potential in the future for the electric scooters. This vehicle also has its pros and cons.

E-scooters are super functional. Those are pretty useful for riding a short destination in your day to day life. It doesn’t cost too much to get a scooter as well. Also, it doesn’t increase any type of pollution. That’s what makes it great.

Hopefully, after going through the information shared above, you have a better understanding of the mechanism of an e-scooter by now.

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