How Much Do Electric Skateboards Cost? Comprehensive Guide-2021

how much is an electric skateboard

Electric skateboards have only been on the market for a short time, but they have already taken the industry by storm. People are starting to use it as a mode of short-distance transportation or just for a fun ride, so you’ll see it a lot out there.

Electric skateboards are similar to ordinary skateboards, with the exception that they are powered by a motor and can be controlled with a handheld remote or throttle.

However, this raises the question of how much an electric skateboard costs and how much you should spend on one. Let’s go through all you need to know about it below.

Why are electric skateboards so expensive?

The majority of people are taken aback when they find how much an electric skateboard costs. However, it is clearly reasonable, as it contains high-priced components.

If you go out and buy those parts one by one, you’ll discover that they’re not cheap. Even the motor is a one-hundred-dollar investment. There are also a lot of distinct components that make it up.

When you do the math this way, you can see that it isn’t that expensive. When you consider how much an electric skateboard costs, you can see that it is within your price range and is not a complete rip-off.

Cost determining factors of boosted boards

As you may be aware, electric skateboards are quite costly; nevertheless, there are a few factors that contribute to this.

In terms of appearance and design, regular skateboards and electric skateboards are very similar. However, they operate in quite different ways, and you should be aware that the electric ones have really intricate mechanics that accelerate and manage the entire trip.

Those batteries, motors, and other cost-determining elements are what make electric skateboards so much more expensive than regular skateboards in the first place. Let’s go over each item individually, as well as the pricing of the pieces, to give you a better understanding.

How much does an electric skateboard's Parts Cost?

The cost of an electric skateboard is determined by a number of factors. Batteries, motors, materials, and a variety of other items are all present.

But, of course, those pieces differ from skateboard to skateboard, and so all of them are priced differently. Let’s look at the price of each component independently to see how much electric skateboards cost.

1. Motor

The motor is the first thing to consider when purchasing an electric skateboard. It is the most important component that propels the machine forward and controls the entire operation.

The skateboard is driven forward by the wheels, which are powered by the battery. When you look at an electric skateboard motor, you’ll notice that it’s made of copper coils.

electric skateboard motor So How Much Is An Electric Skateboard? Cost Determining Facts

If you want to buy a motor for your electric skateboard, it will cost you somewhere between $50 to $300. Of course, this can vary for a variety of reasons that we will discuss in the next sections.

However, the majority of electric skateboards on the market now are powered by two motors. It also gains more power and speed as a result of this. Using dual motors in an electric skateboard is also industry norm.

If you don’t want to spend extra money, you can opt for a single motor. It will lead to significant savings while also providing you with the most basic experience.

However, if you want to get the most out of an electric skateboard, go for the one with two motors. That will provide you with the power and agility you require.

Nevertheless, if you’re wondering how much an electric skateboard costs, you should be aware that the price of the motor will have a significant impact. You must make an clever decision, or you will not get the best value for your money.

Just make sure it has a high power output and provides you with the speed and control you require. As you upgrade to a higher-quality motor, the price will rise as well. As a result, you must be aware of it as well.

2. Battery

One of the most important components of your electric skateboard is the battery. This has an effect on the pricing. A battery for your electric skateboard will cost you anywhere from $150 to $500.

However, this is more dependent on the product’s quality and durability than anything else. It will cost you less if you choose a battery of ordinary grade. Therefore, as you choose a higher-quality alternative, the price will rise as well.

how much does an electric skateboard cost

Another characteristic of an electric skateboard’s battery is its size. This has an effect on the pricing, and you must choose the appropriate size for it.

You will get a longer battery life if you choose a larger battery size. However, it will take up more room on your skateboard and make it look a little less appealing. They’re also difficult to transport, which might be inconvenient for some people.

Smaller batteries, on the other hand, are a lighter alternative for your electric skateboard. These aren’t particularly expensive, but the biggest disadvantage of smaller batteries is that they don’t have a long life expectancy. This will necessitate you charging it on a regular basis, which you may not want to do.

On the other hand, the lighter and higher-quality batteries are somewhat costly. It will set you back more than $500 to buy one for your skateboard. Yet, it will provide you with more space and a longer lifespan, allowing you to enjoy the ride without interruption, which is an excellent feature to have on your electric skateboard.

3. Deck Shape and Materials

After you’ve figured out how much the motor and battery will cost, the next most important aspect of the electric skateboard is the deck shape and materials. It has a substantial impact on the pricing of your electric skateboard.

There are two sorts of decks that you should be aware of: wooden decks and carbon decks. Wooden decks are a cost-effective solution for you. These look fantastic and last for a long time.

how much are electric skateboards

The carbon decks, on the other hand, have a substantially longer lifespan. These have a really elegant look and are also extremely light. However, they are more expensive than wooden decks.

So, if you want to buy a wooden deck, it will cost you anything between 30 to 200 dollars. On the other hand, You’ll need to spend between $200 to $500 for a carbon deck.

Of course, this varies depending on the material and the surface area. To get the most bang for your buck, choose the correct surface area and good material. Remember that if you choose a higher-quality material with a larger deck area, you’ll have to pay more.

So you’re wondering how much electric skateboards, deck size, and materials will affect the overall cost. That is why, in order to get the maximum value for your money, you must carefully balance everything.

4. Additional Parts

The electric skateboard is made up of three major pieces, however there are a few other parts that contribute to the cost. These may appear to be modest additions, but it’s critical that you understand the cost of these components also.

You’re certainly aware that you’ll need trucks, wheels, and bearings to operate and manage an electric skateboard. You’ll also need a speed controller and a remote controller to operate everything.

If you buy a high-quality e-board, even tiny elements might add up to a significant amount of money. The trucks, for example, will set you back anything between $50 and $200.

When it comes to wheels, you’ll need to spend anywhere from $30 to $250 for decent quality wheels for your electric skateboard.

You’ve probably figured out that the remote control is also one of the most critical facets of your electric skateboard. To buy a remote controller for it, you’ll need to spend anything from $20 to $200.

The ESC is another essential component of your boosted board (Electric Speed Controller). In such situation, you’ll need to invest anything from $30 to 280 dollars on a quality electric controller.

Finally, if you want to purchase some high-quality bearings, expect to invest between $30 and $200.

Now, those were the typical estimates for the extra parts that your electric skateboard will require. However, if you choose a higher-end model, it will surely differ. These will usually provide you with superior overall service as well as a longer lifespan.

Current expenses and other costs to consider

You now have a general estimate of how much an electric skateboard will cost. This is everything you need to know about the parts that will affect the pricing of your electric skateboard at the start. However, if you have one, that isn’t all you have to pay for it. In that scenario, you’ll have to pay a lot of additional fees.

The most fundamental cost is the cost of purchasing an electric skateboard at a reasonable price. We went over all of the different pieces and pricing, so you know what goes into the price. However, after you purchase it, you will be paying for additional costs such as maintenance, charging, and a variety of other expenses.

Other Costs After Buying An Electric Skateboard

1. Charging Cost

how much does a boosted board cost

Most of the time, the main amount you’ll have to spend is the charging cost. It’s nothing to be concerned about because the amount is so low.

In the United States, it will cost you one dollar and eighteen cents to fully charge your battery. This is also dependent on the use of electricity in some areas, which you should be aware of before using the service.

In addition, the battery size will vary depending on the pricing range. A common electric skateboard has a battery capacity of 90 to 400 Wh and costs approximately $1.8 in the United States.

Nonetheless, once you leave the United States, prices may vary from country to country, so keep that in mind.

But, you won’t be able to use an electric skateboard unless you have access to electricity, which is why you should be informed of the charging costs in your area. That will make it easier for you to handle everything.

2. Maintenance

The maintenance fee is the next thing you’ll have to deal with on your electric skateboard. You should do frequent maintenance checks to preserve your machine up to date and ready to use.

Cleaning, verifying if everything is working properly, and so forth are examples of such tasks. Having an electric skateboard necessitates this step. It will last you a long time if you maintain it properly, and it will provide you with better service overall.

Most workshops will be able to provide maintenance for your electric skateboard. They are a group of professionals who clean and tune your electric skateboard’s nuts and bolts.

It is also safer to use as a result of this. They can also fix anything that isn’t working or needs to be fixed. However, you will have to pay an additional fee for that as well. However, it is preferable to take care of the parts that cause problems in order to avoid any road accidents.

However, the cost of such maintenance inspections varies depending on the service provider. You may schedule the entire thing to ensure that you do not miss any of the sessions. Regular maintenance checks will help you avoid a slew of problems in the future, and you should make it a top priority as soon as feasible.

3. Replacing Battery

There will come a time when you will need to replace the battery in your electric skateboard. The battery will lose its power and durability as you use it for longer periods of time. As a result, it won’t be able to maintain the charge for much longer.

That can be a significant problem because you’ll have to charge it over and over again. This is really inconvenient, and you won’t be able to utilize your electric skateboard to get anywhere. Also, the battery may run out, rendering the device useless.

how much is an electric longboard

To fix the problem, you’ll need to replace the entire battery, which would set you back between $150 to $500. However, you should be aware that it will be dependent on the quality of the battery you purchase.

A good quality battery should last you between one and three years, after which you should replace it to keep your electric skateboard in prime condition. Because the battery is the most important component of your electric skateboard, you should invest in a high-quality battery. Getting a high-end battery will help the electric skateboard function better because it powers and runs everything.

FAQ about How much is an electric Skateboard/Longboard

1. Will Electric Skateboards get Cheaper?

Electric skateboards are becoming increasingly popular as time passes. That means there’s a significant probability the cost of the product will fall.

As you can see, the price is mostly determined by consumer demand. The cost will decrease as production increase. And if people don’t buy it in large quantities, it won’t be manufactured again. And as a result, the price will rise even further.

Therefore, you can probably understand how the price has a good probability of dropping in the near future.

2. How Much Should I Spend For An Electric Skateboard?

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about electric skateboards, it’s time to talk about how much you’ll need to spend to get a nice one.

If you want a skateboard of medium quality, you need budget at least $300 for it. Going below that point will result in a very low-quality product that will not last very long. You will also be dissatisfied with its service.

However, paying $400 will get you a fantastic mid-range electric skateboard that you will enjoy. It will contain all of the qualities that a fantastic product should have.

That isn’t to say that investing more money will always result in a better one. You must conduct comprehensive study to choose the best one for you.

However, if you want a top-of-the-line product, by all means go for it. That will cost you a lot of money, but you will get a premium product that will provide you with the best service possible.

For example, the Boosted Plus costs $1399 and is one of the best electric skateboards on the market.

3. How To Save Up For An Electric Skateboard

Due to the high expense of electric skateboards, you may need to save up for one over time. We just discussed how much you should expect to pay for a high-quality one for yourself. Let’s pretend you’re going to buy yourself a $400 electric skateboard.

The best course of action here is to set aside money from your daily paycheck so that it does not become a problem in the future. For example, if you save $10 per day, you’ll reach the magic amount of $400 in less than two months.

It’s easy to see why this is one of the most legitimate and practical ways to save money on your electric skateboard.

If you already have an old electric skateboard, there’s something else you can do. You can sell it to make some money, allowing you to easily purchase a new one without having to handle the entire cost.

You will have no trouble purchasing a fresh new electric skateboard if you utilize these two tactics. If you’re trying to save money, don’t go for the cheapest options. Spend the extra time to buy a high-quality one, and it will pay off in the long run.

4. Can I Pay Off An Electric Skateboard Over Time?

Actually, there are numerous shops where you may get an electric skateboard and pay for it over time.

You have the option of making monthly payments, which makes everything much easier. You won’t have to worry about it because it lowers the price for you.

For example, if you want to buy an electric skateboard that costs 1599 dollars, you may pay it off over 24 months for just 74 dollars per month. You’ll just have to pay 174 dollars in interest for this fantastic deal.

Most well-known brands offer 6- to 24-month payment plans so you may buy the electric skateboard you desire without worrying about money. Some of these options can offer you 0% interest if you choose a short duration, which is incredible.

However, in most circumstances, you will have to pay a little amount of interest in order to obtain the item and pay the bill over time.

So, if you get a regular income every month, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on.

5. Find Deals And Discounts

The most effective strategy to save money when buying an electric skateboard is to take advantage of any discounts.

If you’re buying something from an online store, look for a coupon code on Google. You might be able to uncover something straight away that will help you save a lot of money.

If you admire a certain brand, you should sign up for their email newsletters. They frequently provide discounts to anyone who subscribe to their email list. That is a key secret that will enable you to save a significant amount of money.

Also, look forward to purchasing your e-board on special events such as Easter, Black Friday, or other such occasions. You are more likely to receive a great price because all of the stores will be having sales all around the country during that time.

Always keep an eye out for such sales since you’ll get the best value.

Another excellent strategy to try is negotiating while purchasing your electric skateboard. Even though most stores have set prices, you may be able to get a better deal if you simply ask for it. There’s no assurance, but it’s possible that you’ll save money simply by doing so.

Don’t forget to checkout the buying guides in this website. We also have coupon codes and some amazing deals for you.

Final Thoughts on How much is a Boosted Board

Now you know everything there is to know about how much an electric skateboard costs and what factors influence them.

As you can see, you don’t need the most costly electric skateboard to have a good time outside. Spending more money does not always imply higher quality, which is why you should concentrate on the product itself.

Electric skateboards, on the other hand, are undeniably a useful tool for getting away from your phone or laptop for a while and enjoying the outdoors. You should take advantage of this opportunity and purchase a high-quality electric skateboard.

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