How To Make Electric Scooter Faster, Total Guide

Electric scooters are one of the most convenient ways of transportation. These are inexpensive, and perfect for a short distance. Thus, perfect for everyday use.

Electric scooters are gaining popularity very fast. But some people still think that these are toys and consider them to be only made for kids. But of course, that’s not the truth.

As its popularity is spreading across the globe, adults are using it as a way of transportation. That’s no wonder for a considerably inexpensive and mobile vehicle like this. It also has its pros and cons.

how to make an electric scooter faster

But some people out there don’t like the speed it delivers. First of all, these are not designed for racing.
So, How to make electric scooter faster? The speed can be increased by doing some tweaks here and there. Let’s discuss them down below with more essential details.

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How Fast Can Electric Scooters Go

As mentioned earlier, scooters are not designed to provide you extreme speed. But there are a lot of models out there that are pretty fast. You’ll find e-scooters with 90km per hour speed. That is undoubtedly astonishing for such a small vehicle.

But those use powerful dual motors, high-quality battery, and other top-notch materials, making them super expensive to buy.

Budget e-scooters can reach up to 15-20 kilometers per hour. That’s not so bad if you are going for a destination that’s pretty close. The environment-friendly, less noisy electric scooters are very optimal for going into workplaces or even colleges with style.

And many modern, mid-range priced scooters can go 40km per hour which is stunningly fast for such a compact vehicle. That’s typically 2x the speed of a regular bicycle.

Going for more would increase the risk of accidents. It’s a small ride after all. And accidents can take place in a matter of seconds.

So, it would be very wise to take a moment and ask, “How much speed do I need with my electric scooter”? That single question would help you get a clear idea about the speed.

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How to Make Your Electric Scooter Go Faster

Many people are not satisfied with the speed of their electric scooters. Even with scooters that have higher top speed, people want more.

Fortunately, you can boost the speed by making a few tweaks. Some will cost you money, but will significantly improve the speed of your scooter.

The methods described below are of great use.

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1. Remove the Speed Limiter

As you probably know, the speed limiter sets a limit and ensures you stay in that range. Therefore, you are restricted to ride at a higher speed.

Most countries have laws to prohibit the speeding of vehicles. E-scooters are also a vehicle. Every e-scooter manufacturers throw in a speed limiter nowadays. That forces you to ride at a specific speed limit.

how to make your electric scooter faster

But, as it prevents the motor from performing at its full capacity, you need to get rid of the speed limiter to achieve a higher speed.

Removing the speed limiter is not as complicated as it sounds. But you should not start messing with anything if you don’t know what you are doing. Different types of scooters might require a completely different approach.

For example, if it’s a DC motor, you’ll need to look in the driving wheel and look for a sensor on the transmission system.

In that case, tweaking that to stop working is a far better approach. To do so, you can simply put a tuning kit in between the sensor and the processor. Or you can misplace the magnet.

Either way, the sensor will get in the illusion and think that you are moving at a slower speed. No matter how fast you go.

As you can see, it’s very simple. If you do it correctly, the sensor will become confused and start giving false readings. And that will remove all restrictions for you.

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2. Upgrade the firmware

Some of the most advanced scooters come with original firmware.

You will not find scooters out there available that have this feature. Only a few of the models feature original firmware. The Xiaomi 365 and the Ninebot Max are two examples that have original firmware of their own.

Downloading a modified version and using it, increases the constant power flow of your electric scooter.

That can create an issue if you live in a country with a hot climate. As this method increases the constant power, the excessive heat can cause a lot of problems. That’s why you should always monitor the temperature to see if there is something wrong.

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3.Upgrade the Current Battery

The majority of low-cost e-scooters have a 24-volt battery. Scooter batteries are available in voltages ranging from 24-48 volts. Upgrading the battery will help to increase torque and top speed.

Your electric scooter’s speed will automatically rise if the battery power is increased. But as easy as it sounds, several things can go wrong.

Tips to increase the speed of electric scooter

First of all, if you increase the voltage by replacing the old battery with a new one, it might burn the circuits inside the motor.
For example, replacing a 24-volt battery with a 48-volt one might overload the controller and thus, get burnt.
So, what can you do now? You have two options. One option would be to connect the battery to the motor directly to check if anything goes wrong. The second option is to reprogram the controller to supply the motor with more power.
In either case, there is a risk of damaging the scooter. However, you will need some technical knowledge to do it correctly.

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4. Add an Extra Battery

You might have noticed that the speed falls when the battery gets depleted. And it runs faster while it’s fully charged.

But that goes to show if you add an extra battery, you’ll be able to sustain the top speed for an extended period. Some of the models out there in the market even come with an extra slot to add a battery

Also, having two batteries is a much better option. Also, it lets you mess with the firmware that adds more torque.

On an average, an e-scooter can be ridden for up to 40 minutes. When you add an extra battery, you will be able to ride much longer than that.

Another thing worth mentioning, it is a far better and safer option than increasing the voltage of the battery. Because, the voltage remains the same, it’s just an extra battery that provides more energy to the engine.

But adding another battery has some drawbacks as well. An extra battery significantly increases the weight of your e-scooter. Thus, you won’t be able to carry it around as easily as before. Also, it’ll take more time to recharge.

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5. Adding Two Additional Batteries

You might have wondered, it is possible to add more than one extra battery. The good news is, yes, it’s possible.

It’s also as safe as adding only one extra battery. But the benefits are significant as the batteries will last much longer, allow you to ride your scooter without the need of recharging every now and then.

It is a little bit trickier to add two extra batteries. The main issue would be managing the space for the third battery. But if you can manage room to add two extra battery, it’s definitely worth it.

Just be mindful that after adding two extra batteries, your scooter is going to weigh so much. Therefore, it would be difficult for you to carry around. Also, it might build up a bit of a stress on the suspension system.

Another drawback for most of the people would be the longer charging time. So, you should consider whether you need two extra batteries or not.

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6. Changing Sprockets (Only On Chain Driven Scooters)

If you are searching for ways on how to make electric scooter faster, another thing you can do is changing the size of the sprockets.

how to make your electric scooter go faster

You need to install a shorter sprocket at the rear wheel. Also, change the front sprockets to more longer-sized ones.

That simple tweak will help to add more miles per hour in your ride. The cost of the sprockets is very little. It’s certainly not as expensive as a battery. You’ll find sprockets all over the market at a very reasonable price.

But, you will need some technical knowledge to change the sprockets. You should not mess with it unless you know what you are doing.

Taking it to a professional is a way better idea, they will quickly change it up. They have the necessary tools and skills to get the job done quickly. Thus, it may cost a few dollars, but will save you a lot of time.

Also, it will take out the risk of you damaging any parts while you try to change it by yourself.

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7. Rewinding the Motor

Rewinding the motor is another way to speed up your e-scooter.

First of all, rewinding will help with the overheating. You might know that the short circuits are caused by overloading. Rewinding will prevent the short in the coils. Also, increasing the number of windings will make the torque much better.

When the number of windings in the motor’s coils is shortened, the torque is reduced and the RPM is increased. This method is pretty awesome.

But it’s not a simple task. This is something that only a professional can do. Messing up a single thing in the winding might wreck the whole motor.

It will be a wise decision on your side not to mess with it by yourself. The risk is just too much, and it’s not worth trying. Get a professional helping hand and get the job done. It will require some money, but it’s undoubtedly a worthwhile investment.

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8. Upgrade the Motor

Another effective way of improving the speed is to install a more powerful motor. The motor is called the engine of an electric scooter. Therefore, the more powerful the motor, the faster you can go.

make e scooter faster

You’ll find different types of motors in the market with wide ranges of capacity as well. You’ll find motors with 200 watts that are pretty inexpensive. You’ll also find some motors that are up to 8000 watts with enormous power.

Now, it entirely depends on your preference for how much power in a motor you want in your scooter. The motors that come around 2000 watts are pretty optimal for getting good speed while not breaking the bank to purchase one.

However, you must ensure that the motor you buy is compatible with your scooter. That is an important factor to consider before replacing the motor.

For instance, a 24-volt battery will not be enough to power your new 2000-watt motor. For that, you need something more robust such as a 48-volt battery or such.

But it’s also a risky thing to do just like upgrading the battery. If you add an overpowered motor to the scooter, it might burn out circuits.

That’s why you need to be super concerned about the specs and levels of the batteries and the motors. Just make sure that those are at an evenly balanced level before you turn anything on

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9. Increase Aerodynamics

It’s a pretty confusing term for most of the people out there. Not everybody is interested in trying out these types of things to increase the speed of the e-scooter.

You can just stick to the basic methods shown above. Those work perfectly fine. But if you want even more speed, it is a method that will help to do that.

If you don’t like to mess around with the scooter, then you should avoid this method by all means.

You have to disable the controller at first. Plus, you’ll get a few more extra miles per hour by improving the aerodynamics of the e-scooter.

The main idea of this method is to make the scooter as lightweight as possible. That will help the scooter to move much faster with more speed,

Start by inspecting every unit of your scooter and identify if you don’t need any added feature. You just need to find all the unnecessary stuff, such as a luggage rack or a basket. Removing those will make your scooter much lighter and aerodynamic as well.

As you probably know, too much weight on the scooter is terrible for your scooter in general. Thus, it’s an excellent method to implement that will give you the extra boost in speed and also increase your electric scooter’s longevity.

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10. Riding On A Better Terrain

The terrain you ride on is an important thing you need to consider to improve the speed of your scooter.

You should ride over a smooth and straight plat. It will allow the electric scooter to get the most speed possible. You should also avoid terrain with inclines.

This also contributes significantly to the longevity of your e-scooter. As you try to climb hills, you put more strain on your scooter motor. As a result, it may overheat, overload, or even be damaged.

For that, you should go for the bike paths instead of riding on rugged trails. That way, you’ll be able to reach your destination much faster than ever.

Electric scooters with less powerful motors have difficulties climbing up a hill. That’s why you should always go for an alternative way up top. That way, you don’t have to compromise the strength and health of your electric scooter.

It would be an excellent idea to know your area better and memorize all the routes that you ride with your e-scooter.

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Precautions You Need to Follow

It’s always a better option to take it to a professional. Because, all the methods shown above should be done by a professional. They know the way around.

Thus, they will be able to do it much better than you ever can, and there’s no risk of damaging anything in the process as well. You might need to spend a few more dollars. But it will undoubtedly pay off in the future.

And if you are doing something on your own, be sure to go through the instructions a couple of times to understand it clearly. And use good-quality tools only. They are reliable and give you accurate readings.

Always use a multi-meter after replacing something to ensure that the voltage is compatible with your scooter’s current settings. This way, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of issues.

If you mess up anything in the process, don’t panic. Just take it to a repair shop and your e-scooter would be good as new.

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General Factors That Determine How Fast Your Scooter Will Go

Electric scooters have changed the definition of daily commuting. The lightweight, eco-friendly, and safe commuter help riders to explore cities and the countryside with equal performance.

However, these scooters have a few disadvantages compared to their numerous benefits. Often, the speed of an electric scooter is limited from 20MPH to 35MPH.

You should be aware of the factors that impact the speed of your favorite e-scooter. Once you are familiar with them, you will be able to more effectively make it faster.

Rider’s weight

An electric scooter’s battery and motor are designed to work within a specific weight limit. Thus, the weight of the rider directly affects its performance.

The battery and motor can perform at their peak capacity when the rider’s weight is maintained at an appropriate scale. So, naturally, the scooter will run faster. However, when the rider’s and carried elements’ weight crosses the limit, the scooter will significantly lose its efficiency.

For instance, if an electric scooter has 270lbs of the weight limit, it performs the best below these suggested weight loads. But if the load capacity is beyond 270lbs (accumulation of the rider and carried materials weight), the battery and motor will lose their efficiency only to reduce the speed.

It happens because a good chunk of the electric energy is diverted to carry the extra load rather than speeding up the scooter.

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Battery capacity

As a general rule, larger capacity batteries will help the electric scooter run faster. It occurs because a larger battery can store more charge and thus provide more power to the motor.

On the other side, a smaller battery will have less storage. And less storage means the motor will get less power, and naturally, the scooter will have less speed.

Long story short, the battery capacity determines an electric scooter’s speed directly. For instance, a 48V battery will store more charge than a 24V battery.

Hence, adding a secondary battery or upgrading the battery capacity is a good way to speed up your e-scooter.   

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Tire pressure

Incorrect tire pressure also has an effect on speed. The tire pressure for electric scooters should be between 80 and 130 PSI. If the pressure is too low, the wheel will experience additional friction on the streets.

When the friction increases while riding, it eats up the motor’s capability. Hence, we suggest you check the tire pressure to ensure that it is in the right condition.

Also, a tire with less pressure will be softer and fail to withstand the shock and impact caused by the friction. So, be aware of it.

Types of terrain

Electric scooters, in general, are designed for city roads, which are smooth and enable you to ride the scooter at its top speed.

But, when you ride them on the off-trail road, it will have a reduced speed. For instance, when you ride on a rural dirt road or climb up steep hills, the motor will engage its power to keep the scooter moving forward instead of speeding up it.

Also, the bumpy and uneven ground will cause the scooter to lose its speed, as is the case with any automobile. So, you won’t be able to ride the e-scooter at its top speed even with a higher battery and motor capacity

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Frequently Asked Questions

For this, you need to look at the lithium-ion battery capacity to know if it supports any upgrading or not. It is determined by its parallel series strings and battery cell series arrangement.

For instance, an 8S5P battery arrangement suggests that it has 8 parallel strings along with 5 battery cells. You can upgrade it using 8 cell batteries in the series. So, it means you have to look at the overall recommended capacity of the battery and its cell series to know if you can upgrade its capacity.

Yes, you can make your e-scooter go faster. You have to remove the speed limiter. When you remove the speed limiter, the scooter will easily reach its maximum speed, provided that nothing is holding it back.

Additionally, you can expand the battery capacity . To increase the capacity, you can either replace the existing one with a larger battery or install a secondary battery.

Ideally, replacing the older battery with an improved one is easier than removing the speed limiter. So, it is safer. Last but not least, you may also consider upgrading the motor to speed up the e-scooter.

The legality of increasing your scooter’s speed depends on your state laws mostly. There’s no definite restriction on increasing your scooter’s speed. But most states will limit the driving speed on roads.

For instance, you can upgrade your speed if your state traffic laws limit the e-scooter driving speed to 30MPH and your scooter has an average 20MPH speed.

Thus, we suggest you check your state and county laws for permission to upgrade your scooter speed. We hope you will get a ‘Positive’ answer mostly.

An electric scooter for an adult will feature 20MPH of average speed. It largely depends on the scooter’s built quality and performance. A high-performing and powerful e-scooter usually delivers up to 40MPH of speed.

What’s more, there’re a few privately owned exclusive electric scooter models that can deliver even a top speed of 70MPH. For instance, Rion RE90 has a 75MPH of top speed. In the second position is Minimotors Dualtron X2 with 60MPH of a maximum speed limit. But in most cases, these electric scooters aren’t street legal and limited to private shows and properties.

An electric scooter for kids features an average speed of 5 miles per hour (MPH). But you can expect the fastest one for kids to have up to 20MPH of top speed without risking the kid’s safety.

Ideally, an 8 to 10 year old kid should get an e-scooter with 10-15MPH of top speed for comfy and safe riding. If you gift them an electric scooter with a higher speed limit, they can be very dangerous. So, be aware of it.

Final thoughts On How To Make Electric Scooter Faster

By now, You have detailed knowledge of how to make an electric scooter faster. As you can see, most of these methods don’t even cost that much money. 

It is recommended to ride within the speed limit set by manufacturers. But if you are not satisfied with it, feel free to use these methods by all means. Just be careful with it and follow the proper instructions.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use the information that’s been shared to make yours faster.

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