Does Electric Skateboard Burn Calories? Is it a Good Exercise: Comprehensive Analysis

Electric skateboards have become an essential part of our everyday transportation needs, whether we are going to the office, out for fun rides or traveling short distances – their enhanced battery capacity, motor power and extended range meet all these criteria perfectly.

But can electric skateboards really provide effective exercise? Do they burn calories and help with weight loss?

does electric skateboarding burn calories

These questions are vital since electric skateboarding does not require as much physical power than its non-electric counterpart, yet you will be pleased to know that an e-skateboard remains an effective form of exercise, helping burn calories and shed unwanted weight.

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Does Electric Skateboard Burn Calories?

Electric skateboards have quickly become one of the most sought-after modes of commuting today, as it offers both fun and time savings while being eco-friendly as they don’t emit harmful emissions.

But just how effective are electric skateboards as exercise tools? Can these boards really help people shed excess weight?

Experts estimate that riding an electric skateboard for an hour can burn between 50 to 125 calories, depending on its speed, maneuverability, body weight and height. Usually, the harder you ride it will result in greater calorie burn.

Furthermore, you may wonder the effectiveness of riding an e-board compared to its traditional counterpart. At moderate speed on an a non-electric board, riding it can quickly burn 300-400 calories an hour; and as soon as you ramp it up harder you could even surpass 600!

Electric skateboards may not be as efficient at burning calories than their conventional counterparts, yet still offer greater convenience with optimal calorie-burning capacity through daily commuting – which may happen for reasons stated below.

  1. As you ride an e-skateboard, it is crucial that you manage its center of gravity in order to maintain the balance of your body.
  2. Your brain also takes part in watching the streets, constantly monitoring traffic flow and sending hand, foot and leg signals that help control your e-board.
  3. Hand-eye coordination and controlling the e-board with your feet and legs require consistent movement, along with engaging your muscles to ride safely and maneuver with ease.

All these physical and mental activities contribute to calorie burn; however, don’t expect a dramatic reduction of belly fat.

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How To Keep Track Of Calorie Burn Using Electric Skateboard

How can you calculate how many calories were burned while riding an electric skateboard? A smart watch equipped with heartbeat, calorie and other trackers may help.

Start riding your electric skateboard, turn on its calorie-burning calculator, and enjoy an hour-long session before reviewing its results – this way you’ll easily be able to track how many calories are being burned.

My Fit bit Sense smart watch with an easy calorie tracker enabled me to track how I lost 85 calories on a 50-minute ride with an electric skateboard at medium speed to my favorite fishing location in California, proving that even casual e-skating sessions could help burn 85 calories! It felt good knowing I could reach my target without exertion!

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Electric Skateboarding Vs. Other Forms of Exercises For Burning Calories:

An electric skateboard won’t help you burn as many calories as playing soccer or volleyball would, but can using one as an exercise method stand up?

Forms Of Exercise

Calories Burn Per 1 Hour



Weight lifting




Moderate bicycling








All these statistics relate to an individual weighing 155 pounds, and demonstrate how running and jogging are among the most efficient exercises for burning calories and aiding weight loss.

Electric skateboards offer an effective daily commute and workout combination, but more vigorous exercises such as running, jogging and biking provide greater workout benefits. Electric skateboards should only be used sporadically as fitness freaks aren’t their target audience.

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Is Electric Skateboarding A Good Exercise?

Riding an electric skateboard daily will certainly be sufficient exercise. Your individual results will depend on how intensely you ride yours.

Your feet and legs must be adjusted regularly when using an electric skateboard in order to maintain control over its deck, providing your lower leg muscles with a great workout and contributing towards physical activity.

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Is Electric Skateboarding A Good Exercise

Your brain must also remain vigilant of its surroundings – such as traffics, signals, pedestrians and roadblocks.

While using an electric skateboard, your mind must remain vigilant; putting your brain to work is indeed the ultimate form of exercise! Additionally, it improves body balance, movement and maneuvering which adds intensity to exercises.

  1. No need for extra exercise: Riding an e-skateboard as part of daily commute will still help you shed weight, fat and calories.
  2. Riding an electric skateboard as part of your workout can be quite enjoyable; no need to be as cautious with weight lifting or aerobics exercises.
  3. An e-board can help people breathe fresh air in wide open areas, unlike gyms and training centers which tend to be cramped environments. Furthermore, its use may provide benefits in the aftermath of pandemic outbreak.
  4. As opposed to joining any fitness club and paying a large monthly subscription fee – almost equivalent to that of budget electric skateboards – using an electric skateboard is completely cost free.
  5. Riding an electric skateboard also enables you to perform simple exercises. Not everyone needs intense gym workouts.

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Health Benefits of Electric Skateboards

Caleb Adam Kelsay found that riding an electric skateboard was an effective way to both gain moderate exercise and improve mental wellbeing in his research article published at California Polytechnic State University.

Health benefits of electric skateboarding
  • Skateboarding helps to build leg muscles. Continuously adjusting your body on a skateboard improves quadriceps and hamstring, making this a terrific workout for lower limbs and feet.
  • Riding an electric skateboard helps coordinate various body parts to improve balance, as well as being beneficial to overall health when practiced regularly – similar to playing balance games at the gym.
  • Many electric skateboards allow you to ride manually by deactivating the battery and motor. It increases the intensity of exercise. As a result, you can burn some more calories.
  • One of the best health benefits of riding an electric skateboard is that it clarifies your thought process. With it, your brain observes the traffics and balances your body simultaneously.
  • Finally, riding an electric skateboard daily will reduce stress levels, helping your body and mind to get more relaxed.

E-skateboards must be ridden with precision. You must maintain body balance while carefully controlling speed and brakes; additionally, for your own safety, avoid riding too fast on busy streets.

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Frequently Asked questions

Riding a traditional skateboard is great for burning calories and losing weight. It improves your cardio and aids weight loss through moderate exercise.

An electric skateboard will help to reduce belly fat. Do not expect your e-board to transform you into CR7 or Dwayne Rock; rather it simply provides optimal exercise.

Sports scientists consider skateboarding to be an efficient form of exercise. Riding an e-board offers a convenient way to work out without going to a gym.


In conclusion, electric skateboarding can be a good form of exercise, especially for those who want to incorporate some physical activity into their daily routine in a fun and convenient way.

While it may not be as strenuous as traditional forms of exercise like running or weightlifting, electric skateboarding can still provide benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, increased balance and coordination, and a low-impact workout.

However, it is important to wear appropriate safety gear, follow traffic laws and regulations, and gradually increase the intensity and duration of your electric skateboarding sessions to avoid injuries.

Ultimately, e-boarding can be a great way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors, but it should not be relied on as the sole form of exercise for achieving overall fitness and health goals.

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