Does Electric Skateboard Burn Calories? Is it a Good Exercise: Comprehensive Analysis

Electric skateboard has become an integral part of our daily commuting. Whether we go to offices, on fun rides, or to a distant place, electric skateboards with their improved battery capacity, motors, and extended range fit our requirements perfectly.

But are electric skateboards suitable for exercise? Does electric skateboard burn calories? Can you lose weight with an electric skateboard?

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does electric skateboarding burn calories

These are essential questions since you don’t need as much physical power in an electric skateboard as a traditional non-electric one requires. However, you will be glad to know that an e-skateboard is still a good choice for exercise, burning calories, and losing weight.

On average, an electric skateboard will burn 50 to 125 calories in 1 hour. As you ride the skateboard, you use your feet to control and maneuver the vehicle. Also, you use your brain to look around the streets and avoid collisions. 

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Does Electric Skateboard Burn Calories?

Electric skateboards have undoubtedly become one of the most popular and acceptable masses of commuting these days. It is fun to ride and saves time and money. Also, it is eco-friendly as it does not emit any harmful gas..

But how effective is riding an electric skateboard for exercise? Can electric skateboards help you lose weight?

According to experts, riding an electric skateboard for an hour can burn 50 to 125 calories. It depends on the speed of your electric skateboard, maneuvering, body weight, and height. Usually, the harder you ride the e-skateboard, the more calories it will burn.

Moreover, you may wonder about the effectiveness of riding an electric skateboard compared to the traditional one. With medium speed, you can quickly burn 300 to 400 calories on a standard skateboard. It can even go past 600 calories per hour when you ride the skateboard harder.

Electric skateboard isn’t as good as conventional ones for burning calories. Still, it offers greater convenience with optimal calorie-burning capacity through daily commuting. It happens for multiple reasons.

  1. When you ride the e-skateboard, you need to manage the center of gravity. So, your body remains alert of not lose control.
  2. Also, your brain engages in looking at the streets. It constantly observes the traffics and sends your hand, feet, and leg signals to control the skateboard.
  3. You need hand-eye coordination and control of the e-board with your feet and legs. So, these parts of your body go through minimum exercises. Also, your muscles engage with the riding and maneuvering facility.

All these physical and mental activities result in weight loss and calorie burns. However, you shouldn’t expect to lose massive belly fat with these skateboards. 

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Ways To Know Your Calorie Burns In Electric Skateboard:

How do you calculate the amount of calories burned during an electric skateboard ride? You can wear a smart watch with a heartbeat, calorie, and other calculations and trackers.

Turn its calorie-burning calculator on and start riding the electric skateboard. After you have hung the e-skateboard for an hour, look at the results. This way, you can easily track how many calories you are burning with the electric skateboard.

I tested the same with my Fit bit Sense. It is an excellent smart watch with an easy calorie tracker. I found that I’ve lost 85 calories on a 50-minute ride with my electric skateboard. I was going to my favorite fishing place in California with a skateboard at medium speed. So, it was pretty okay for me to lose 85 calories with a non-intense fun ride.

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Electric Skateboarding Vs. Other Forms of Exercises For Burning Calories:

An electric skateboard won’t burn as many calories as playing soccer or volleyball will do. However, how does using an electric skateboard as a form of exercise actually live up?

Forms Of Exercise

Calories Burn Per 1 Hour



Weight lifting




Moderate bicycling








All these calorie-burning facts have been tracked for a 155lbs weighted person. As the table shows, running and jogging work best for burning calories and weight loss. You will still lose weight without investing any extra time in it.

Electric skateboard ensures you commute daily and enjoy suitable exercise. For better exercising, you must choice running, jogging or bicycling. An electric skateboard is only for occasional exercises. It isn’t meant for fitness freak peoples.

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Is Electric Skateboarding A Good Exercise?

Of course, riding an electric skateboard regularly is more than decent exercise. The actual benefits will depend mainly on the intensity of the skateboard riding.
While using the electric skateboard, your feet and legs need to be regularly adjusted. It is critical to keep control of the deck. As a result, your muscles in your lower limbs receive optimal workouts. All of these activities are in charge of exercising.

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Is Electric Skateboarding A Good Exercise

Next up, your brain must observe what is happening around. It looks for traffics, signals, pedestrians, and roadblocks. Therefore, while using the electric skateboard, the brain must be vigilant. And who doesn’t know that working with your brain will be the best form of exercise? On top of it, your brain has to take care of the body’s balancing, movement, and maneuvering. So, it improves the intensity of the exercises.

Thus, you expect to burn 50 150 calories with intense electric skateboard riding.

  1. You don’t need to spend extra time exercising. You can ride the e-skateboard as daily commuting and still lose weight, fat, and calories.
  2. Riding an electric skateboard for exercise is also fun. You don’t need to be as careful as weight lifting or aerobics. So, it becomes even more enjoyable.
  3. You ride an e-board in an open space. So, it helps you breathe fresh air, unlike the tight space inside a gym and fitness center. It is also helpful during the post-pandemic condition.
  4. You can ride the electric skateboard without any additional cost. You must pay a hefty subscription fee when you join any fitness center. It is almost equivalent to many budget-range electric skateboards.
  5. Finally, riding an electric skateboard helps you with easy exercises. Not every person needs intense workouts in gyms. For them, an e-skateboard can be a great option.

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Health Benefits of Electric Skateboards

Riding an electric skateboard helps you develop muscles, trim your belly fat, and mental health. According to a research paper published in the California Polytechnic State University by Caleb Adam Kelsay, an electric skateboard can still be an excellent medium for improving health and benefits for students.

Health benefits of electric skateboarding
  • It improves the muscles in your legs. Adjusting your body continuously on the skateboard enhances the health of quadriceps and hamstrings muscles. So, it is an excellent workout for lower limbs and feet.
  • Riding an electric skateboard ensures you coordinate different body parts for better balance. When you perform such balancing daily, it too is helpful for your health. It is like playing balancing games in gyms.
  • Many electric skateboards let you switch off the battery and motor to ride it manually. It enhances exercise intensity. So, you can burn some extra calories. It will keep your body in better condition.
  • One of the best health benefits of an electric skateboard is that it clarifies your thought process. With it, your brain observes the traffics and balances your body simultaneously. So, it improves the brain’s capacity.
  • Last but not least, riding an electric skateboard daily will relieve your stress. So, your body will become free from toxic elements through secretion. It improves your health superbly.

You must ride the e-skateboard with finesse. You must maintain your body balance while controlling the skateboard’s deck, speed, and brakes. You should also avoid riding the e-board too fast on busy streets for the sake of exercise.

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Frequently Asked questions

Riding a traditional skateboard is great for burning calories and losing weight. It improves your cardio and aids weight loss through moderate exercise.

An electric skateboard will burn minimal belly fat. You shouldn’t expect the e-board to help you become like CR7 or Dwayne Rock. It only provides you with optimal workout benefits.

Skateboarding, according to sports scientists, is a complete form of exercise. Riding an electric skateboard is an effective way to get a regular workout without going to a gym.


Does electric skateboard burn calories? Yes, electric skateboard burns 50 to 125 calories per hour riding. Also, it reduces belly fat and improves the muscles on your legs. You will get better hand-eye coordination, brain engagement, and overall fitness.

Additionally, using a skateboard to commute to work or school and back home will burn calories. Furthermore, electric skateboarding has grown as a mode of exercise and fitness training.

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