Burning Question: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Electric Bikes?

Electric bike or e-bike, whatever the name is, these bike type with their eco-friendly commuting, additional features, easiness in use, and the fun ride has become the new buzz worldwide. These electric vehicles come almost self-sufficient and will occasionally require a bit of help for moving forward.

Nonetheless, these bikes have limited maximum speed and range, which can be a setback for long tours. And with all the benefits and setbacks, we often face a common question from people, “What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric bicycles?”

pros and cons of electric bikes

To be honest, electric bicycles have transformed the commuting world considerably. The fun brings in every ride is unthinkable. Plus, its efficiency is top-class. But, e-bikes are heavyweight and also run the risk of being less safe than the regular bicycle.

But what’s more worth for an e-bike; its pros or cons, which is more prevalent?

Let’s see what our research has found.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Bicycle

When we want to purchase anything, we always look at its pros and cons to find its worthiness. Electrical bikes aren’t any exception to it. Also, it is crucial since electric bikes are often an expensive investment, and you would want them to serve you for the next few years.

So, what are the benefits of electric bikes? Or, what are the setbacks of this type of mode of transformation?

The following points will discuss the top pros and cons of electric bikes for your convenience in making the purchasing decision.

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Electric Bike's Benefits

Electric bikes feature numerous advantages, from health benefits to saving the environment and making your rides fun to saving money. The top benefits of this transportation method include:

Electric bikes are efficient

When you turn on your e-bike, hop it on and roam through the neighborhoods, it’s indeed hard not to appreciate the fun and efficiency e-bikes bring to your life. Since electric bicycle needs less physical activity for moving forward, it is indeed useful for teenagers and senior citizens.

Plus, you can easily go to your nearby shops or offices without wasting too much energy pedaling the bike. So, you will love the efficiency e-bike brings to your life. Plus, advanced technology has helped e-bikes to convert their battery power to momentum with the least wastage.

On top of it, some e-bike models often facilitate regenerative brakes to put back some of their lost energy to the battery through its braking system and wheels. Henceforth, e-bike efficiency doubles up for e-bike riders. It is also eco-friendly, as regenerative brakes ensure the lithium-ion batteries needs less recharge and enjoy maximum mileage.

Excellent commuting option

Electric road bikes aren’t all about fun rides anymore. Its technological advancement, ergonomic control panel, improved battery, and speed suggests that e-bikes have become a regular commuting medium. If you live in a big city and don’t want the hassles of driving your cars, avoid heavy traffic or riding crowded buses, e-bikes will be a true commuting friend of yours.

advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes

These days, many countries and cities are offering dedicated bike lanes for traditional bicycles, so you can happily ride through these bike paths without the worry of cycling in traffic. Plus, you won’t have to worry about parking space since electric bikes need the least space for parking.

Also, going to and from your nearby offices and shops with an commuter e-bike could be faster than riding your cars. You won’t have to get stuck in the traffic and lose your valuable moments anymore. It is useful, especially with short-distance traveling.

No need to spend on fuel

One of the major electric bike advantages is its ability to ride without any fossil fuel. As it runs on electricity and battery charge, you don’t need to spend on fuels for it. Yes, of course, it needs electricity. But electricity consumption of an average bike is much less than the fuel consumption of automobiles.

Studies show that the average fuel cost of a car for each kilometer is 15 cents. Thus, the annual cost goes close to $2000 for an average car driver. On the contrary, a commuter e-bike will need only 5.5 cents of electricity to charge its 417Wah battery fully. It provides around 100 kilometers of mileage.

The comparison shows that e-bikes are almost 10X times less costly than automobiles regarding fuel expense. Plus, you don’t need to stand in the queue to refuel your e-cycle, and so it saves a good chunk of your time daily.

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Time and money-saver commuting

When you ride e-bikes regularly, it saves both your time and money. First off, we have described that e-bike is energy-efficient and needs 10X less cost for riding 100 kilometers. On top of it, you won’t have to get stuck in traffics during busy times.

benefits of e bikes Pros And Cons Of Electric Bikes - Detail Explanation

Hence, you will save both time and money by riding an e-bike for daily commuting. Last but not least, e-bike commuting is easy and convenient, and you don’t need to pay for bike parking, unlike cars which further saves your pocket from stealing.

And hell yes, you don’t need to pay road taxes for e-bikes, as is the case with any automobiles. And believe us, road taxes aren’t any cheap item. So, it further boosts your bank account as you don’t need to pay any automobile and road taxes for this cheap transportation method.

Doesn’t need any license

Likewise, normal bicycles, electric cycles also don’t need any license for driving on streets. Also, you won’t need a driving license either for riding e-bikes through the city streets and highways.

It is a great benefit for hassle-free commuting since licensing for automobiles and drivers isn’t easily gettable. You need to stand in a queue to pass the driving test, take your car for an annual fitness test, pay the taxes in banks, and finally get the license. And then there are occasional checks on streets by traffic polices, which also kills your time.

With your e-bike, you are free of all these hassles and tensions.

Easy to ride and learn

What makes e-bike leap above others is its learning and riding easiness. Even a novice can learn the art of riding an electric bicycle within hours compared to months of learning period for automobiles. Plus, e-bikes are indeed fun and easy to ride on roads.

You can confidently hit the roads and highways with your electric bikes within a couple of days and commute safely, which isn’t possible with an automobile. Plus, the ergonomic controls such as trigger-pressed brakes and user-friendly control unit make riding e-bikes easier than ever before. So, you will truly love the convenience, easiness, and safety while riding the e-bike.

Health benefits of an e-bike

While we often talk about the money-saving, eco-friendly features and easiness of riding e-bikes, we often forget its health benefits. Many people argue that e-bikes aren’t health-safe as you can’t exercise on them.

But recent studies show that it isn’t true. E-bikes also need pedaling and assistance. Plus, when you ride on off-trail roads, you will have great physical exercise. In fact, riding e-bikes regularly offers moderate exercise and boosts your cardiovascular mechanism.

health benefits of electric bikes

Furthermore, riding an e-bike for fun and going on short-distance trips helps release your stress and live a happy life. On top of it, you won’t need to worry about heart diseases, joint pain and obesity with e-bikes, as these bicycles ensure moderate physical exercise and help remove your weight to boost weight loss. So, electric bike health benefits are truly limitless as opposed to our imagination.

Faster than conventional bikes

Compared to regular bicycles, electric bikes are faster, and you will need less physical strength to move forward with them. Thus, electric bicycles ensure comfort and convenience in your riding experience. These days, e-bikes speed varies from 25-45MPH, and that too without too much physical stress. Thus, you can ride longer on an e-bike than the regular bikes.

Riding for a long period on regular bikes will stress you out soon, and you will lose vitality. Thus, for office and weekend tours, an commuter e-bike is a serious option to consider. You can roam through the busy city streets or lazily ride through the countryside for some beautiful moments.

On top of it, electric bike battery capacity has improved considerably. So, you will enjoy the enhanced range of these bikes. What’s more, many manufacturers are introducing replaceable batteries for e-bikes. It means you can detach the drained battery and replace it with a new one for long-distance tours and adventures.

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Quiet and eco-friendly

We are talking about an e-bike and eco-friendliness won’t come, is it possible?

Of course not!

eco friendly commuting e bike Pros And Cons Of Electric Bikes - Detail Explanation

Electric bicycles, with their fossil-fuel-free usage, are a great boost in saving the planet. You may argue that these bikes use electricity which also contributes to environmental degradation. But, many countries are shifting their focus from fossil-fuel-based electricity to renewable electricity. Also, the consumption of electricity by an e-bike is far less than the automobiles.

On top of it, electric bikes don’t produce harmful gases or fumes likewise the cars and SUVs on the roads. So, more e-bike in a city means it will have cleaner air. Electric bikes, therefore, go a long way in reducing air pollution.

Also, e-bikes operate quietly. So, unlike automobiles, electric bicycles don’t cause any sound pollution either.

Thus, the main environmental benefits of e-bikes include:

  • It doesn’t consume any fossil fuel. Thus, you can reduce your carbon footprint on our beautiful planet.
  • Reduces air pollution
  • It doesn’t cause sound pollution

Ideal for senior citizens

Senior citizens may find it difficult to operate traditional bikes since these normal bikes need physical strength and ability. Also, standard bikes are all hand-controlled, and the pedaling isn’t easy either. On the contrary, e-bikes offer an easy-riding experience for older people as the power comes from the electric motor and battery instead of the pedaling capacity.

future scope of electric bicycle Pros And Cons Of Electric Bikes - Detail Explanation

Henceforth, older people will find the e-bike fun and easy to ride. It allows them to roam around their neighborhood with ease. Plus, a moderate exercising facility with e-bikes means they will enjoy a better and healthier life without hitting the gyms.

On top of it, electric bike health benefits truly help in the well-being of older people. These standard bikes are so easy to ride and control that even people with disabilities can use them with a few practice sessions without any big problem.

Puts less pressure on your cars

When you have an electric bike at home, you can visit nearby places without your cars. Thus, your car tires will have a longer lifespan. E-bikes save cars from wear and tear, and so, your car will need less maintenance.

It is indeed a money-saving deal for you. There’s no denying that you will find such cycling experience pretty convenient and user-friendly in daily life.

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The disadvantages of e-bikes

There’s no doubt that the future scope of electric bicycles is limitless. But it doesn’t mean that these bicycles don’t have their disadvantages. In fact, users and experts have found some concerning setbacks of electric bikes that you must know to finalize your decision.

The initial cost of an e-bike is high

Although e-bikes help save money on fossil fuel consumption, their initial cost can be expensive; In fact, e-bikes are generally 2-3 times pricier than regular bikes. So, you need to pay a hefty amount for buying these bikes initially.

Nonetheless, e-bikes are still a cheaper option than motorcycles and automobiles and also need less maintenance and fuel costing.

Stealing chances are higher

Electric bicycles have a great resale value. It makes them vulnerable to stealing, especially in public parking spots. Hence, we recommend you use a smart lock for your e-bike to prevent thefts. Also, a smart lock with a location tracker will help you know your bike’s condition better to help you enjoy peace of mind.

Short battery range

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of an e-bike is its limited battery capacity and range. Despite the continuous effort by the electric bicycle manufacturers, most e-bike battery has a limited range from 20-30 miles per charge at best.

Hence, you can’t depend on the e-bike for long tours and weekend adventure trips to the nearby county or state. Although you may upgrade the battery capacity of e-bikes, the process of replacing or upgrading the e-bike battery isn’t easy either. Hence, your mobility might be limited with the reduced e-bike battery capacity.

Issues with battery and recharging time

On average, an e-bike battery needs 4 to 6 hours for a full recharge. Hence the long recharging time of the battery can be an issue for cyclists, especially when you plan for long tours. Also, in the wild, you may not have access to electricity. In such moments, you will feel a little burdened with the e-bikes.

Is electric bike is good or bad

Next, the battery performance of e-bike tends to reduce over time. It means you will see a performance drop in the battery affecting the e-bike range and speed dramatically. It is a common problem among many e-bike users. But you can avoid the problem by getting a high-end electric mountain bike, ensuring that manufacturers offer a long-term warranty for the battery and electrical components.

Complex repair and maintenance

If you need to replace any parts of your e-bike, it can be both costly and complex. The battery replacement will cost your pocket dearly. On top of it, e-bike maintenance is quite complex and costly as well.

You need to learn how to open the battery of an e-bike to maintain it. Plus, you must take care of the e-bike motors, correct tire pressure, control panel, and display. If you lack knowledge on these points, maintaining your e-bike can be truly complex for you.

Thankfully, many high-quality YouTube videos will guide you through the entire e-bike maintenance and battery replacement for easiness and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pros And Cons Of Electric Bikes

Yes, the future of e-bikes is pretty promising, and they are slowly replacing conventional bikes. You can take the e-bike to the same repair shop and do the tweaks if necessary. Plus, you can ride the e-bike without even its battery. So, electric bicycles are truly replacing conventional ones with their superior benefits.

Generally speaking, the average speed of e-bike isn’t faster than regular bikes. Conventional bicycles will give you around 8 miles of average speed on long routes compared to 7 miles for e-bikes. However, e-bikes help you quickly go to 20MPH for pedaling speed. Thus, for short distances, the e-bike will be faster than conventional bikes.

The price range of e-bikes varies significantly. You can get an e-bike at as low as $600 with an average price range of $800 to $1200 for a moderate e-bike. However, some high-end models will easily go over $5000 or even more.

For example, if you get a 24V battery with the $300 one, the $500 one will provide you with a better option. The same goes for the motor model and performance. A price increase will also get you a better framework with premium quality material.

An average e-bike battery would last around 25-70 miles on a single charge. However, some high-end electric bikes have powerful batteries of 3KW, and they can offer you around 200-250 miles of range in one charge, and it is incredible.

There’re mainly three types of e-bikes you will find depending on their level of assistance. These include pedal only, throttle only, and throttle with pedal-assisted. The pedal-assist bikes are much like conventional bikes with an added motor. Throttle only and pedal assistance with the throttle is the true e-bikes that use battery power and pedal for the highest range and speed on the roads.

Final Words

We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of electric bicycles with step-by-step guidelines here. We hope it helps you in finalizing your purchasing decision for the e-bike. Electric bicycles are eco-friendly, doesn’t spew harmful gases, and are easy to ride for all. Hence, electric bikes have become neo-normal in the daily commuting arena.

When you ride an e-bike, you save money on fuel and help save the planet earth while enjoying some fun rides. The disadvantages of e-bikes aren’t as prominent as its benefits, so going with the e-bike will be a groundbreaking decision for you. You will love how it makes every ride fun and safe while eliminating your stress and anxiousness.

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