Pros And Cons Of Electric Scooters: Should You Purchase One?

Electric scooter, an eco-friendly two-wheeler, has revolutionized the modern-day concept of daily commuting. It is lightweight, stylish , and easy to carry. Henceforth, in many parts of the world, this vehicle has slowly become a part of mainstream commuting.

However, it also has its drawbacks, that includes limited speed, questionable battery performance, street legality, and lack of charging stations. That’s why, you must know the pros and cons of electric scooters before buying one.

Knowledge is power; understanding both their benefits and drawbacks allows you to use and maintain them effectively for optimal riding comfort and durability.

pros and cons of electric scooter

Therefore, we have prepared this detailed post that covers all of the advantages and disadvantages associated with an e-scooter to provide you with a well-informed perspective about this form of transportation.

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A Brief History of Electric Scooter

An electric scooter, also referred to as a motorized scooter, runs off battery power. A spacious deck at its center enables its user to stand securely while riding without worry or uncertainty.

Although e-scooters have only recently become popular, their history is brief. Autoped produced the first motorized vehicle back in 1915 – only four decades before automobiles first made an appearance on the market during World War I. Once introduced on to the market however, its future became uncertain due to widespread sales decline over subsequent decades.

E-scooters first entered mainstream commuting until 1986. Go-Ped made history when it released Roadster and Sport models – being first stand-up e-scooters equipped with complete suspension that offered riding smoothness – becoming instant hits among children.

In 2001, they also introduced the Hoverboard to market.

Since 2010, manufacturers have started transitioning away from heavier cadmium-ion batteries towards lithium-ion ones, leading to significant weight reduction while making smartphone apps available that allow control of these vehicles from a distance and help protect against theft.

Are electric scooters reliable

Thus, e-scooter has risen to incredible popularity. So, many people are opting for it as their daily commuting medium.

But are electric scooters reliable?

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Pros And Cons Of Electric Scooter: Can You Depend On An E-scooter?

Due to criticism surrounding the performance and dependability of e-scooters, and their alleged environmental friendliness. We therefore examined their benefits and drawbacks in order to help you make your purchase decision.

Advantages of Electric Scooters

Owning an electric scooter offers several practical advantages. Notably, urban people can use this mode of transport to avoid traffic jams over short distances. Furthermore, you can easily travel between offices or nearby destinations using it without incurring inconvenience.

Convenient medium of commuting

The most significant advantage of having an e-scooter is its convenience. These vehicles are designed to be small, portable and light. This means that, unlike motorcycles, they do not rely on muscle power alone to control on the road.

Learning to ride an e-scooter is quick and simple – you’ll master its techniques within only a few sessions! At any moment you can hop on and head directly towards your destination within minutes. And once there, its quick folding feature allows for easy storage or parking.

Its simple controls make it suitable for people of all ages and will completely transform your riding experience into one you won’t soon forget!

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Easy to ride

Driving a motorized scooter is just as intuitive and simple as riding your bicycle; within minutes you will master its riding technique and will appreciate its convenience and simplicity.

There are only a few buttons on this vehicle, enabling riders to switch between riding modes by simply pressing a switch and monitor everything on a LED or LCD display screen. With such features at their disposal, teenagers and young adults will likely find this vehicle appealing.

advantages of electric scooters

Students often use it as an economical mode of transport for short trips. Additionally, it can come in handy when going for urgent grocery shopping.

Doesn’t emit any harmful gas

Electric scooters utilize zero emission technology. Since these vehicles run solely on electricity, no emissions such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides or any other harmful pollutants will be released into the atmosphere as opposed to fossil fuel-powered vehicles which release harmful particles into our atmosphere.

An electric scooter is unaffected by these issues due to its electric motor and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and therefore does not impact the environment, benefitting both health and environment.


Electric scooters are widely considered environmental-friendly because they do not release any toxic gases into the atmosphere, thus significantly reducing greenhouse effects and global warming. E-scooters also help improve air quality in urban areas thanks to their zero emission capability.

Experts often emphasize that more nations should take proactive steps to promote use of electric scooters among their citizens.

No use of fossil fuel

Electric scooters do not directly consume fossil fuels. Electricity may be needed to recharge the lithium-ion battery that powers its motor. But, in most modern countries electricity generation comes from sources other than fossil fuels – like nuclear or renewable energy.

Fossil fuel use poses an extreme cost to individuals who drive cars powered by it, as well as third-world countries that rely heavily on it as their main energy source. While its use remains controversial, fossil fuel remains the primary energy source in most nations around the globe; unfortunately its resources are limited, while demand continues to outstrip supply.

So, widespread adoption of e-scooter will assist in saving petrol, diesel and natural gas more conveniently.

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Economical riding option

An electric car is far more cost-effective than its conventional counterpart. Vehicles powered by fossil fuels such as petrol or diesel, are much more costly; according to Gas Price data from March 2022 AAA quality gas cost an average of $4.005 per galon across the US.

At the same time, per-unit electricity prices in America have decreased by 15% by 2021 – saving significant energy with an e-scooter.

Motorized scooters typically cost between 9 and 10 cents per mile while automobiles average 15-20 cents, making the scooter over 50% less costly than cars and other forms of transport such as SUVs or other vehicles.

As a result, many youngsters and young adults choose this form of transportation when attending school, college classes, part-time jobs or traveling between destinations – and many adults find this mode more cost-effective for daily commuting needs.

Ridesharing facility

Though still relatively new, numerous companies have developed smart phone applications enabling e-scooter riders to share their vehicles – an innovative concept which even those on tight budgets can afford.

Furthermore, using an e-scooter is much more cost-effective than car ridesharing apps and allows those from even lower socioeconomic classes to reach their destination faster without spending their hard-earned cash on expensive SUVs or cars. It may even be less costly than taking public transit like buses!

No need for license

Driving an automobile requires a license; many people, particularly teenagers, find this burdensome. By contrast, an e-scooter does not require such paperwork.

So lace up your shoes, place your feet on a scooter, and press the power button for an enjoyable journey without damaging the environment – something which offers riders great convenience in real life.

What are the benefits of an electric scooter

Skip the traffic jam

With an electric scooter, it is easier than ever to avoid traffic jams in urban areas and reach your destination faster than using automobiles. Many cities now allow e-scooter riders to ride in dedicated bicycle lanes.

Also, due to their small size and compact nature, these vehicles can easily navigate even tight spaces on the road without issue – an invaluable feature during office hours when most traffic points become jam-packed with cars, SUVs and motorcycles alike.

Reduces air and sound pollution

As mentioned many times before, an e-scooter does not release any harmful gases and contaminants into the air, while operating relatively quietly – most models producing light to no noise under 30dB; which falls well under traffic noise limits in most cities.

E-scooter use is one way of combating climate change in urban areas and can provide healthy living by alleviating unpleasant sound and air pollution issues.

Easy and low maintenance facility

One of the greatest advantages of electric scooters is that they require minimal upkeep. Their mechanism is straightforward yet robust and reliable; furthermore, their build quality guarantees their dependability.

Tires on e-scooters are specifically engineered for intense riding and don’t require high-end wheels or rims like those found on motorcycles. As long as its motor and battery remain properly serviced, your riding experience should remain hassle free over many years.

Maintaining your e-scooter on a regular basis to make it work more effectively is relatively straightforward: simply inspect its tires for adequate pressure, brakes and battery as well as giving the entire scooter an occasional cleaning to maintain a neat appearance and ensure its long term viability. That should suffice! An e-scooter only needs proper maintenance in order to remain useful over its lifecycle.

Improved battery performance and range

Prior to using lithium-ion batteries, most electric scooters used a standard battery. But thanks to recent technological advancements, motorized scooters can now typically cover 15-20 miles on a single charge.

Apollo Pro 52V and Ninebot Max, for instance, both provide 56 mile and 39.4 mile ranges respectively. Their increased battery capacity mean more power is generated for their motor.

As a result, the speed has increased considerably; these vehicles can now reach well over 30 MPH in top gear! Unfortunately, most manufacturers limit its top speed at 20 MPH; you can increase it further by uninstalling its speed limiter.

Easy and affordable fix

Even if your electric scooter starts malfunctioning, don’t fret: fixing its problem won’t require breaking your bank account due to its simple structure and mechanism.

E-scooters tend to malfunction due to damaged batteries, motors or LED panels which you can repair at reasonable pricing. Furthermore, their brake systems are reliable so there won’t be an astronomic bill associated with their replacement either.

Disadvantages of Electric Scooter

As we’ve covered the benefits of electric scooters, you may be inclined to purchase one immediately; however, would it not be wiser to weigh both pros and cons before making your final decision?

So, let’s jump into finding the disadvantages.

Why are electric scooters better

Increased the risk of accidents

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that electric scooter accident cases have spiked threefold within four years.

Reports indicate an increase from 7700 cases in 2017 to over 27000 by 2023. Experts speculate that many e-scooter riders fail to abide by traffic rules, become inattentive, or don’t wear helmets which leads to an increasing number of accidents and injuries. Therefore, you should always follow traffic rules while riding an e-scooter to avoid potential risks and accidents.

Problems with vehicle insurance

E-scooters have yet to gain acceptance in many countries, making obtaining proper insurance difficult. Most companies have not finalized any rules for these vehicles and many don’t know which category it falls into.

Thus, this process is complex, so we hope vehicle insurance providers take prompt care in managing this process.


Complexity in road permit

E-scooter development faces several obstacles when it comes to road legality issues, with most European and American countries yet to legalise e-scooters as street vehicles; therefore, you may only be able to ride them within private properties or parks in various regions.

As is the case in many European nations, e-scooters remain illegal under UK and EU legislation; similarly many American states have yet to establish regulations pertaining to using electric scooters on public streets – further compounding the problem.

Quick price depreciation

Purchase of an electric scooter may be beneficial in meeting daily transportation needs; however, its depreciation rate and resale value may disappoint you.

Over time, your electric scooter’s price may decrease by as much as 50 percent; its resale value will make you reconsider buying one.

Problems with battery

Even though e-scooter batteries have progressed significantly, more work needs to be done on them. For instance, their average range is only 30-35 miles – enough for short trips but won’t allow you to travel far distances.

As many people opt for overnight charging, overheating of the battery could become an issue. Furthermore, an e-scooter’s battery could quickly run out and reduce performance significantly.

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Speed limit

Unfortunately, most e-scooters come equipped with a speed limiter. While you can remove it to increase its speed, doing so requires some technical expertise and may violate traffic rules establishing 20 MPH as the speed limit for electric scooters.

As such, electric scooters don’t allow users to enjoy them to their full capacity; this is one major drawback of owning one that dissuades many from purchasing them.

Might encourage obesity

E-scooter owners tend to favor this mode of transportation over walking when running daily errands and exploring their neighborhood, which could result in reduced exercise, lessened walking distance, obesity and laziness among users – leading some experts to believe e-scooters can be detrimental to one’s long-term health.

Final Thoughts On the Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Scooters

Examining all the pros and cons of electric scooters, their benefits undeniably outweigh their drawbacks, making them the perfect companion for short distance riding.

An electric scooter provides you with a fast and efficient means of reaching work, the office, grocery stores or other destinations in your neighborhood without getting bogged down in traffic.

However, for your own safety when riding one we strongly advise using proper safety features; including helmets with knee and elbow protectors as well as making sure brakes and suspension work optimally as doing so could save lives!

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