Vestar V2 Pro Classic Electric Skateboard Review- 2022

Vestar V2 Pro Classic Review: An Amazing Electric Skateboard At An Affordable Price Vestar is one of the fastest-growing electric skateboard manufacturers and sellers worldwide. Over the past few years, they have offered us some truly amazing electric skateboards. Surely, the V2 Pro classic model is among their top-selling skateboards. …

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Maxfind Max One Electric Skateboard Review: Who Should Choose It?

Maxfind Max One Electric Skateboard Review: Is It Worth Your Money? There are many longboards and skateboards in the market with great design, performance, and longevity. Yet, I felt using them was challenging because of their heavier weight and bigger size. So, I was looking for a lightweight and compact …

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Uscooters GT Sport Electric Scooter Powered By E-Twow-Review

Uscooters GT Sport Electric Scooter Review, Powered By E-Twow: why It Is Gaining So Much Popularity Amongst Commuters? There are times when you want for something to be true, and it turns out to be true. It’s possible you won’t believe it. The same skepticism will be present in your …

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Top 4 Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Reviews

vilano tuono t20 review

Top 4 Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Reviews: Are Vilano Bikes Good? When it comes to finding a high-end road bike on a budget, the word “Vilano” will come first because there are few road bike brands that offer such a wide choice of bikes at such a low price. Vilano …

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Top 5 DYU Electric Bike Reviews-2022

The Top Five DYU Electric Bike Reviews That You Mustn’t Escape in-2022 DYU smart bikes are famous for their rather unusual, unique and compact design. In fact, many people love DYU electric bikes for their stylish appearance. But how do these e-bikes perform in real life? Are they only about …

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4 Best Velowave Electric Bike Review (Ranger, Ghost, Rad3, Prado S)-2022

velowave electric bike review

The Top 4 Velowave Electric Bike Review That You Mustn’t Overlook in-2022 Velowave electric bicycles are the new craze among outdoor enthusiasts and cycling lovers. Velowave e-bikes have neat styling, a comfy seat, great controls, and unmatched performance on different terrains. So, these e-bikes have gained supreme popularity. But which …

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Segway Ninebot Max Electric Kick Scooter-Unbiased review 2022

segeay ninebot max electric scooter review

Segway Ninebot Max Electric KickScooter Review-2022 Everyone appreciates a good quality E-scooter. Kids love to ride it for fun, teenagers even use it for quick errands, but for adults, it can be a practical alternative way to travel. No one likes getting stuck in traffic and admit it, if you …

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Segway Ninebot KickScooter E45 Unbiased Review-2021

segway ninebot e45 review

Segway Ninebot E45 KickScooter Review [Should You Buy It Or Not] We live in a fast-paced world. Sometimes, heavy traffic especially in the metro areas can take up a lot of our time. Time supposedly meant for other important things, thus crippling our productivity. That’s why people turn to alternative …

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