Turboant V8 Dual Battery Electric Scooter, Longer Range At An Affordable price

Personal mobility vehicles, particularly electric scooters, have become the new buzz in commuting. Following it, Turboant introduced the latest V8 model. With standard speed, quick acceleration, dual battery, excellent braking system, and information-rich display, the V8 e-scooter has grabbed the attention of everyone.

Therefore, we decided to test it to see its worthiness. So, what did we find in our Turboant V8 electric scooter review?

The V8 e-scooter has a pair of thicker 9.3 inches tires, a spacious deck, and moderate hill climbing ability. So, you will find it a perfect choice for day to day commute. Its dual braking system is quite efficient as well. On top of it, it has one of the most useful display panel.

If you plan to get a practically beneficial electric scooter, go through the whole article. You will surely appreciate its design, performance, and riding facilities.

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  • Weight: 48lbs
  • Max operating range: Up-to 50 Miles
  • Maximum Speed: Up-to 20 mph
  • Deck size: 19.7/6.9 inches
  • Load Capacity: 275lbs
  • Motor: 450W brushless hub
  • Battery power: 15 AH Li-Ion 
  • Suspension: rear dual spring
  • Brakes: Rear disc and front electronic regenerative drum
  • Tire size: 9.3″ pneumatic tires
  • Hill climbing ability: 25 degrees
  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Lights: LED headlight and taillight
  • Display: Smart LCD display


Standard speed with quick acceleration:

The V8 electric scooter’s top speed is 20 MPH. It is adequate, even though it does not compete in the top standard. You’ll experience that it’s excellent for commuting through city streets. With it, you may get to your office and workplace timely. It is not designed for speeding, though.

The acceleration is also quicker and smoother. When you ramp up its speed and switch between the three-speed modes, you’ll notice how smoothly it operates. To hit the top speed, you must select the sports mode.

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(50 miles range) More than enough for day to day commuting:

The V8 scooter makes up for its lack of speed with longer distance covered. Its dual batteries will give you a range of 50 miles. So you may certainly tour your city from home without having to recharge. Even with pricey scooters, it can compete. 


Quick charging:

Dual batteries are included with the V8 electric scooter. Each one has 7.5Ah capacity, for a total of 15Ah. One of the battery is located on the stem, which is removable while another one is housed inside the deck. It is simple to remove the stem battery. From 0% to 100%, it can be fully charged in less than 4 hours. As a result, you will find the quick charging to be very helpful in emergencies.

Additionally, a charging dock and two adapters are also included inside the package. You can use them to charge both batteries at once.

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Dual braking mechanism:

One of the most serious issues with electric scooters is their ineffective brakes. Turboant has addressed the issue by equipping their V8 with dual brakes to combat it. First and foremost, you will receive standard disc brakes. It also has electronic brakes.

The disc braking system is dependable. The manufacturer claims that it can stop within 5 meters. During our testing, it consistently stopped at a distance of less than 10 feet. As a result, you should never be concerned about collisions in congested areas. The electronic regenerative brake brings extra protection for a smooth stop.

It also appears to offer minor battery charging, that allows to retain 10% to 15% of its charge.

Sturdier and wider deck:

We loved V8’s anti-slip and non-skid deck. It is longer and wider than most other e-scooters, measuring 6.9 inches wide and 19.9 inches long. You will therefore find that it has sufficient legroom. Long rides will be pleasant for you because it makes it simple to change your stance and legs.

Finally, it allows you to go through the rough roads swiftly because because of its 4.1-inch ground clearance. The outcome is that you feel less unstable. The V8 electric scooter is easily maneuverable on grass and gravel.

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Dual-suspension system:

This electric scooter, which costs $799, has a better suspension system than expected. On the rear wheel, it has a dual spring suspension system. It’s outstanding for such a low-cost e-scooter. 

You’ll be able to ride through bumpy pavement, potholes, and hilly terrain with fewer shakes and bumps. Furthermore, with such responsive and adjustable suspension springs, it is a better choice than Turboant’s previous scooters. During our testing, it outperformed the X7 Pro and M10.

Large pneumatic tires:

Because of its higher ground clearance, the V8 is equally comfortable on grass, gravel, pavement, and bumpy terrain, thanks to its 9.3-inch pneumatic tires. The tires also have reinforced inner tubing. As a result, it gains even more puncture-resistant prevention.

Also, the shock absorption capacity of these tires has been significantly increased. When combined with the dual-suspension system, the ride is smoother on all types of terrain. When we tested it, we discovered that the larger tires were immensely beneficial.

Glasses, needles, and other objects that can cause punctures can be found on city streets. This e-scooter will always be protected from such elements by the puncture resistance quality of the rear and front pneumatic tires.

Three-speed modes with cruise control:

Three speed settings, including eco, comfort, and sport, are available on the V8 electric scooter. Its comfortable mode provides the ideal combination of speed and control for daily commuters. You can quickly get where you’re going by switching to sports mode when you’re short on time.

Last but not least, the cruise control mode allows you to drive the V8 scooter at a constant speed. Similar to other Turboant models, it is same. By just pressing the throttle, you can activate the cruise mode.


Quick folding and unfolding:

Do you dislike parking your e-scooter in the lot? If so, the V8 e-scooter is an ideal buy. It takes less than 3 seconds to fold and unfold. You can also carry it in your hand while folded. It will be a fantastic find for adventurers who quite often struggle to transport their electric scooter during picnics and outdoor activities.

You need to press its folding lock to fold it. It weighs only 47.62 pounds. It’s one of the lightest scooters available. As a result, it is both foldable and portable.

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A resourceful display:

The V8 electric scooter’s smart LED display is one of its most impressive features. You will be able to monitor the battery level, speed, riding mode, cruise control, and so on. The display in the middle of the handlebar is top notch, with improved brightness.

As a result, even in direct sunlight, you should have no trouble viewing the display. We tested it under extreme sunlight and found no difficulty reading the displayed numbers.

turboant v8 display panel


Ambient LED light:

The LED lights on the V8 electric scooter improve visibility at night and add to its elegant appearance. It makes your driving safer by alerting other drivers to your presence. Its 3W headlight is also brighter than you might expect. We discovered it reaching 25 feet. As a result, it covers both the main and side roads to ensure your safety.

Competitive pricing:

Despite featuring two 7.5Ah batteries and a 450W brushless motor, the Turboant V8 electric scooter is surprisingly affordable. For e-scooters under $1,000, it is rare to find a dual battery, a reliable suspension system, and brakes.

However, V8 offers you all these distinctive characteristics. It is pretty similar to the Turboant X7 Pro electric scooter. Despite being more expensive, V8 outperforms X7 Pro in every way. V8 has a more powerful motor, longer battery life, and faster charging capability. To protect the battery and motor case from dust and splashes of water, it even has an IP54 rating.




Who Should Buy The Turboant V8 Electric Scooter?

Anyone looking for a dependable, high-performing, and reasonably priced e-scooter should choose the V8. With a top speed of 20 mph and a range of 50 miles, it is excellent for city commuting. It can be used for errands, grocery shopping, and neighborhood exploration.

The V8 can be purchased by college and university students to get around between classes. For them to get to their dorm, it will be a wonderful alternative.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the batteries of X7 Max, X7 Pro, and V8 aren’t interchangeable. These batteries have different designs and capacities. So, you can’t interchange them between these e-scooters.

You can only remove the one, which is placed inside the stem. The battery under the deck isn’t detachable. However, with two adapters, you can charge both batteries simultaneously. It takes less than 4 hours.

You can’t adjust the height of the handlebar. It has a fixed height of 45.5 inches. We found it inconvenient for taller people.

Final Verdict

The Turboant V8 electric scooter review suggests that it is an excellent investment for city commuters. If you’re looking for a high-quality personal mobility vehicle, it’s time to consider the V8. With its moderate speed, longer range, excellent shock absorption capability, and dependable brakes, the V8 is unrivaled.

In comparison to the Ninebot Max, X7 Pro, Xiaomi M365 Pro, and Tarsa 9, this e-scooter is a better deal. You’ll appreciate its solidity and dependability on all terrains.