Vestar V2 Pro Classic: A Classic Electric Skateboard At An Affordable Price

Vestar is one of the fastest-growing electric skateboard manufacturers and sellers worldwide. Over the past few years, they have offered us some truly amazing electric skateboards. Surely, the V2 Pro classic model is among their top-selling skateboards.

And it’s an amazing experience to unbox and test this e-board. During my Vestar V2 Pro classic electric skateboard review, I found its performance, controls, and maneuverability buttery smooth. With a varied battery range of around 12 to 17 miles and high-speed reaching 30MPH, this e-skateboard is outstanding. Also, it comes at an affordable price of around $500, making it a perfect alternative to the more expensive Boosted skateboards.

It equips a dual-belt driven mechanism for the motor, an 9-ply maple and bamboo deck, upgraded ESC, and a good look. Hence, I thought the V2 Pro classic deserves an in-depth review so that you can decide whether or not to purchase the e-skateboard.


  • Skateboard’s weight: 16 pounds 
  • Deck material: Maple and bamboo
  • Deck length: 38″
  • Motor type: Dual Belt driven
  • Motor power: 800w each
  • Maximum rider weight: 260lbs 
  • Max speed: 27 mph
  • Max range: 12-17 miles range when fully charged
  • Riding modes: 3 (Beginner, Fast and Max)
  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Battery: 180WH lithium battery
  • Brakes: Electronic regenerative braking
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Hill climbing grade: Up-to 30 degrees


Vestar P2 Pro Classic Review: Is It Amazing or Over-Hyped?

Vestar marketed its V2 Pro classis as the world’s fastest electric skateboard with a top speed of 27MPH. No doubt, people have gone crazy about skateboarding. However, this e-board isn’t about speed only. I found its updated ESC system, stronger deck, and Hyper-realistic PU wheels truly wonderful. And of course, I can’t help but keep mentioning its most AFFORDABLE PRICE.

Sadly, people are concerned about its speed only. They overlook its other features. So, I’ll go deep with its features.

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A buttery-smooth ride:

Are you fed up with the increased vibration of your skateboards as you increase their speed? Well, it’s time to forget such vibration and inconsistency with skateboard riding. I found the V2 Pro classic super-smooth in all conditions.

I rode the e-board at 25MPH. Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect it to deliver such a buttery smooth performance. It didn’t vibrate rigorously. Also, with bigger wheels, the skateboard could pass through uneven surfaces smoothly.

The board comes with 90mm by 52mm wheels. The bigger wheels improve balance and control superbly. It comes in handy to change the speed and direction of the board without worries. You won’t feel any vibration or shakiness while changing the speed.

I took the skateboard around my neighborhood and groceries. I was satisfied as it let me change the directions easily. I even carried a smaller bag on my shoulder while returning from the groceries. I didn’t lose control even at that time.

Also, with less vibration, it reduces physical stress and fatigue. I could easily ride 10 to 12 miles without any fatigue in the Californian weather. It’s impressive because Californian weather drinks your body juice like hell to feel exhausted sooner.

Hence, I’ve had one of the smoothest performances on the skateboard in a long time. The smoothness and control will boost your confidence if you are a beginner.

Sturdier 9-ply deck design:

One of the first things about V2 Pro classic that attracted me immediately was its sturdier deck design. I found on the manufacturer’s website that they have used 2-ply bamboo and 7-ply Canadian maple wood to construct the deck.

Initially, I was skeptical about the quality. I’ve seen many skateboards with a 7-ply deck that still easily break apart. So, I wanted to test its deck design and strength ASAP after receiving the board. So, I unboxed it and stood on it.

I’m a 170 pounds person (77Kgs), and I jumped on the deck repeatedly. As I looked at the deck, it didn’t show any sign of breaking or wearing. Also, I took it through tough terrains, and the deck could easily hold me.

The deck is slightly curved and the grip tape is also upgraded. It increases control with better foot positioning. Nonetheless, the deck is simple, and there’s nothing fancy about its design. If you want a fancier design, you won’t like it. The deck, however, delivers brilliant longevity, which impressed me.

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Unthinkable speed:

The craziest part of the V2 Pro classic skateboard is its unimaginable speed. The manufacturer claims it can reach a top speed of 27PH (43.5KPH) without loads. Also, people claim that they got 25MPH of top speed while riding. It, therefore, made the skateboard the fastest to date.

Naturally, I couldn’t resist testing its speed. I took it in the Californian streets and rode it. I could reach 23-24MPh of speed. Well, it’s not close to the claimed 27MPH speed. Still, 23MPH to 24MPH speed for an electric skateboard is amazing.

Moreover, the speed is appreciable given that it is a mid-range e-skateboard. You don’t need to spend hugely for a skateboard such as Boosted, EXway X1 Pro, or Evolve GTR skateboard.

Satisfactory battery range:

Many skateboards compromise their battery range for maximum speed. I was expecting the same with the V2 Pro classic as it had a top speed of 25MPh with loads. Thankfully, it proved me wrong.

The average range of the skateboard is 12 miles to 17 miles. It depends on the terrain and riding speed mostly. During my Vestar v2 pro classic electric longboard review, I constantly got 12-14 miles of battery range.


If you don’t know how far you can go with this speed, here’s a suggestion. You can easily travel from Santa Monica sea beach to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art with a fully-charged battery. And from there, you can also travel to Universal Studios; still, there will be 10% to 15% battery left. I tested it multiple times, and I was impressed.

Thereby, you don’t need to worry about its speed and battery range at all. Nonetheless, you must know that the V2 Pro Classic skateboard comes with 180WH and 270WH battery options. I tested with the larger one. So, with the 6Ah battery, you can expect to get 10-12 miles. Still, it should be fine for most people.

Improved acceleration and braking system:

Vestar has integrated the improved Hobbywing ESC as the power system of the skateboard. It is one of the top choices even for automobiles. As a result, you will enjoy brilliant acceleration with the skateboard on different roads. It is important because the ESC is like the brain of the skateboard.

Also, the acceleration is smooth and consistent. You won’t face any shaky feel while increasing its speed. The Hobbywing ESC also makes its braking system super-reliable and responsive. I pressed the brakes many times to test it. In most cases, I could stop in less than 10 feet. Although the Boosted skateboard performed better at braking, V2 Pro Classic is no mug.

Its acceleration and braking capacity is dependable. You don’t need to worry during emergency stops with its brakes.

Three riding modes and easy controls:

V2 Pro Classic comes with simple control. It has three different riding modes: normal, cruise, and high-speed. Also, cruise control is easy and simple. You can easily switch between the three riding modes without vibration and shakiness.

Plus, its forward and reverse tab makes the controls even simpler. The only drawback of the electric longboard is it lacks any app control. It’s disappointing since many cheaper skateboards also offer app control these days.

Wheels and motor design:


Vestar has used the redesigned dual-belt driven motor for their V2 pro Classic skateboard. Also, they have designed the belt case and tensioner in their plants. So, they have full control over the motor and belt system of the skateboard. It made the integration nearly perfect.

On top of it, the skateboard has hyper-realistic PU wheels. These wheels can absorb 10% more shock and impact and offer better longevity. At a 78A hardness rating, the wheels are as durable as you will get in the most expensive e-skateboards. It’s a great relief since, for beginners, it would be tough to replace worn-out wheels soon.

Plus, improved shock absorption and flex deck design improve stability and smoothness. It’s amazing at a mid-range skateboard.

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Affordable Price:

What makes V2 Pro Classic a worthy skateboard? It’s not about controls, speed, or design. Instead, I was most impressed with its pricing. It comes little over $500 and still competes with the top and most expensive electric skateboards in the market.

You can easily compare it with Boosted Board, Exway X1 Pro, or the Evolve GTR. Thus, you will still find its power-packed performance and riding smoothness unbeatable. It is unthinkable at such a price point. It is also a great choice for beginners; even pro-riders will find it palpable.



Frequently Asked Questions

V2 Pro electric skateboard has a basic waterproof rating. It can survive smaller puddles and splashes easily but won’t withstand rain. So, you mustn’t take it out during the rains.

The max load capacity of the V2 Pro Classic e-board is 260lbs. It is more than enough for most riders.

Verdict: Is Vestar V2 Pro Classic Worth Buying?

As I came to the final part of my Vestar V2 Pro Classic review, it’s time to give the verdict. So, should you buy it? The answer is yes; you can grab a V2 Pro electric skateboard and enjoy a smoother performance. It is almost a clone of the expensive Boosted boards with striking similarities. Yet, V2 Pro is almost half the price. At times, it even offers better performance and dependability.

With around 25MPH of top speed, 15 to 17 miles average range, and Hobbywing ESC, V2 Pro classic won’t disappoint you. Plus, its pricing of around 500 bucks makes it a great choice for people with tight budgets and still looking for high-end features in an e-skateboards.